Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • PCE-PI 1 - Phase Rotation Meter

    Company: PCE Instruments

    The PCE-PI1 phase rotation meter has a solid housing and a big LCD display to determine easily the rotation direction of phases and engines. Additionally, casual problems in any phase are shown on the display. The rotation meter meets the CAT III 600 V and IEC-61010 standards. The PCE-PI 1 phase rotation meter is the ideal tool to determine the rotation of the phase in all the places where three-phase current is used to power both engines and electric systems.

  • H/L Voltage Clamp Meter

    Company: Starmeter Instruments

    Has unique features of automatic plug function, specially designed and manufactured for high voltage current measurement; use the latest CT technology and integrated mask digital technology; composed of special high voltage detector, wireless receiver and high voltage insulation rods. Wireless transmission can receive the measured data by penetrating storey building barriers or 300 meters. If not use insulated rods, it can also used as high-precision low-voltage clamp meter and leakage current meter, can accurately measure the 0.0mA ~1000A current or leakage current.


    Company: TSI

    The VelociCalc® Air Velocity Meter 9545-A is like having multiple meters for the price of one. This meter simultaneously measures and data logs several ventilation parameters using a single probe with multiple sensors. It measures velocity, temperature and relative humidity; and calculates flow, wet bulb and dew point temperature. Ideal for optimizing HVAC system performance, commissioning, plant maintenance, critical environment certification and duct traverses. The 9545 model has an articulated probe.

  • B20 Series - Turbine Flow Meter

    Company: Badger Meter

    Originally developed for the secondary oil recovery market, the B20 turbine flow meter is ideal for liquid flow measurement, both on and off the oil field. The B20 meter is specifically designed for low flow capacity waterflood projects. Engineered to withstand the demands of the most rigorous flow measurement applications, the B20 meter provides dependable operation with low maintenance.

  • TRM104 - Winding Resistance Meter

    Company: Scope T&M Pvt Ltd

    TRM Series precision Winding Resistance Meters are designed for field testing as well as for factory testing of large rotating machines & transformers up to 500 MVA. Winding Resistance values of transformers and rotating machines are directly displayed. These are portable winding resistance meters designed to work in live EHV switchyards up-to 765 kV. A backlit LCD with a user-friendly menu sets up the instrument for the test. These meters are protected against the back-emf offered by large inductive windings.

  • ACD-14-PRO - TRMS Clamp Meter

    Company: Amprobe Test Tools

    This rugged and reliable clamp meter is designed for professional electricians and technicians that need a fast responding, feature packed, go-to clamp meter. The ACD-14-PRO offers a complete range of measuring functions for both HVAC and electrical applications. This modern clamp meter features a large low-light backlit LCD dual display for dimly lit areas and is capable of simultaneously displaying voltage and amperage – making it easier to perform a voltage drop test.

  • Virtual Power & Energy Meters

    Company: Newport

    Virtual Optical Meters are used with laser power or laser energy sensors to measure the power or energy in an optical signal. Typically the sensor is calibrated across multiple wavelengths and the optical power meter uses the calibration data to provide an accurate measurement. Virtual optical meters conncet to a PC via USB allowing for use of the larger PC display and reducing the cost of optical measurement.

  • DE-6000 - Handheld LCR Meter

    Company: IET Labs

    The DE-6000 is a high-performance handheld LCR meter that is full-featured yet cost effective. The 0.2% basic accuracy and optional USB interface for data transfer separates the DE-6000 from other handheld LCR meters. IET offers optional accredited calibration data on the DE-6000.

  • Laser Distance Meters

    Company: Fluke

    Trade your heavy tape measure for the Fluke Laser Distance Meters, which let you simply take measurements with one hand. No matter your job, the laser distance meter will help you measure farther, with greater accuracy and in more situations, saving you time and money. That''s because it lets you:

  • PM Series - "NEOARK" Power Meter

    Company: Neoark

    "NEOARK" Power Meter is calibrated against reference of JQA (Japan Quality Association). There are 2 types of sensor, one is Silicon and other is Thermo Couple. When they read other wavelength than directly detected wavelength on Silicon Type Power Meter, it is necessary to multiply coefficient for compensation or to set up the said coefficient figure.

  • RF Pickups - Flow Meter Sensor

    Company: Spectec Innovative

    SPECTEC RF pickups are excellent for applications that require near zero speed and zero magnetic drag sensing characteristics, such as flow meter sensor applications. SPECTEC RF (modulated carrier) sensors have a long history of use in turbine flow meters and turbine engines in the aerospace, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

  • SL-3101 - Dual Scotopic / Photopic Meter

    Company: Solar Light Company

    The Solar Light SnP-meter TM Model SL-3101 is a portable and innovative meter. It measures spectral response following the CIE scotopic and photopic action spectrum with on board calculations: S/P ratio, Visually effective light level,Perceived brightness. This meter is used by lighting design professionals, researchers, lamp and ballast manufacturers, and energy management consultants.

  • UP416ACV - Digital AC Volt Meter

    Company: D1 International

    The UP416ACV is a precision digital panel meter that can be powered from a single phase 120/220VAC, 50/60Hz, power line. A compact DIN size case, snap-in panel mounting, and terminal blocks for electrical connections make this meter simple and economical to use. It is ideal for monitoring AC power lines and AC generators.

  • EPM 2000 - Digital Power Meter

    Company: GE Digital Energy

    The EPM 2000 meter measures more than 40 electrical power parameters providing a low-cost, multifunction monitoring solution for industrial and power generation applications. EPM 2000 can easily be mounted in a panel for generator monitoring, substation automation and more. Meter can also provide data to RTUs, PLCs and other control devices.


    Company: International Biological

    The unique combination of features offered by this instrument makes it an essential tool for power measurement and diagnostics. This new equipment combines the functionality of a power quality meter, combines the functionality of a power quality meter, oscilloscope and data logger in a single hand-held instrument which has been designed for safety and ease of use.