Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • Statometer III - Field Intensity Meter

    Company: Haug

    The HAUG field intensity meter Statometer III is a consistent further development of the previous field intensity meter Statometer II. It is intended for the measurement of electrostatic and slow alternating fields. With its new, patented measuring process, electric fields from approx. 0,2 kV/m and low-frequency alternating fields up to approx. 20 Hz can be measured. Due to the use of high-grade, wear-free components, the Statometer III can also be used in continuous operation.

  • PM08 - Fiber Optic Power Meter

    Company: Huihong Fiber

    Fiber optic power meter is a test instrument used for absolute optical fiber power measurement as well as fiber optic loss related measurement .This hand held type fiber optic test equipment features ingenious appearance,wide range of power measurement, high accurate test precision and user automatic self calibration function. Fiber optic power meter is a tool for telecom and CATV network.

  • 7300 ION - Energy & Power Quality Meter

    Company: Power Measurement

    Compact Power & Energy Meter. Used in diverse applications from metering equipment and buildings, through monitoring the status of feeders, the ION 7300 offers unmatched value, functionality, and ease of use. The ION 7300 is an ideal replacement for a complete array of analog meters. It offers over one hundred 3-phase power, energy, demand, and harmonics measurements, an optional Ethernet port, and many space-saving configurations.

  • Wave Scan - Orange Peel / DOI Meter

    Company: Qualitest International

    Paint appearance is described by its brilliance and smoothness, often referred to as DOI (Distinctness of Image) and Orange Peel. Qualitest orange peel and DOI meters have been used at all major car makers and suppliers as the global standard to objectively control and optimize appearance. The Orange Peel / DOI Meter - Wave Dual series offers tailored appearance measurement solutions for every task, from portable units for the painted body or small add-on parts, to a robotic sensor for automatic appearance measurement.

  • GQ-JW3208 - Optical Power Meter

    Company: Shenzhen Guoqin Technology

    GQ-JW3208 handheld optical power meter is a compact and an easy-to-use testing instrument for optical fiber networks, which can be used for absolute optical power measurements as well as for relative loss measurements in optical fibers. It features ingenious appearance, wide range of power measurement, high accuracy and user self-calibration function with high performance-to-price ratio. GQ-JW3208 handheld optical power meter is a compact and an easy-to-use testing

  • Panel Mount Meters

    Company: Coaxial Dynamics

    The Coaxial Dynamics series of High-Power Panel Mount Meters are designed to measure RF power in 50-Ohm 1-5/8 to 6-1/8 inch coaxial transmission lines. Several different models are available with either 5/10/25 scales or 15/30/60 scales. The Panel Meter can be installed up to 200-feet from the Line Section with the permanently attached DC cables (10-foot normally supplied).

  • 7600 - Plus Precision LCR Meter

    Company: IET Labs

    The 7600 Plus LCR Meter performs precision impedance measurements over a frequency range of 10 Hz to 2 MHz. The LCR Meter can measure 14 different impedance parameters with 0.05% accuracy, meeting today’s requirements for component and material testing. The ease of use and user-friendly menu programming makes the 7600 Plus ideal for applications in product development, incoming inspections, or production line testing.

  • Kestrel 3000 - Pocket Wind Meter


    The Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter is the handheld weather-monitoring device that provides a wide range of functions, plus accurate relative humidity measurements. Before the Kestrel 3000 came along, the technology required to gather this information would require masses of equipment – but not anymore. The Kestrel 3000 Weather Meter measures essential environmental parameters like temperature and wind speeds, and has added advantages for professionals that need access to humidity and heat stress readings.

  • PFM-318 - PON Optical Power Meter

    Company: Shanghai Fibretool

    New type handheld PON Optical power meter. · PFM-318 only contain PON module, but the Normal power meter & VFL modules can be option · Test at 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm performed & showed simultaneously, Resolution: 0.01dB · Continuously Operation time (h):90h · 1000 storage test records · 10 different threshold sets · USB port enables data transfer to a PC · Power Supply: 3 * AA 1.5V battery · Please enquire for special options

  • MW3212A - Pon Power Meter

    Company: Changzhou Myway Electronics

    MW3212A PON Optical Power Meter is an upgraded version of MW3212 PON power meter, it aims at the FTTX application and maintenance which not only can be used to test and estimate the signals of the voice, data and video at the same time, but also can be used to test the continues wave light power. The calibrated wavelengths for CW light power measurements includes 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625nm. It is an essential and ideal tester for the construction and maintenance of the PON projects.


    Company: Yokogawa Meters &

    Model 2038 frequency meter uses a transducer to convert a measured frequency to a proportionate DC current, then shows the current as a DC current reading. The transducer, combined with a high sensitivity moving coil type indicator based on YOKOGAWA's proprietary taut-band suspension system, provides a level of performance not possible with conventional frequency meters. In addition to frequency measurements for research labs and schools, the 2038 can be used as a standard for measurement control labs and field tests.

  • PM300 - Portable Optical Power Meter

    Company: UC Instruments

    CARY-PM300 Optical Power Meter is a newly designed fiber optic tester, which aims at the installation, engineering acceptance and maintenance of fiber network. Compared with other usual power meters, the RY-PM300 has more functions, like automatic wavelength identification, auto wavelength switching, intelligent backlight, data saving via USB port. Combined with RY-LS300 handheld optical light source, it offers a quick and accurate testing solution on both SM and MM fibers.

  • EPM 9800 - Power Quality Meter

    Company: GE Digital Energy

    With the socket type mount design EPM 9800 meter is perfect for industrial and utility substation automation applications where both power quality monitoring and revenue accuracy are required. EPM 9800 provides most accurate analysis of electric power and energy. Using advanced DSP technology meter measures instant and stored revenue power data.

  • PM23 and LS20DV - Power meter and LED source

    Company: KD Optics Ltd

    The PM23 and LS20DV power meter and LED source are top of the range units for multimode testing of multimode libre links. The PM23 power meter is also calibrated as standard at 1550nm making it suitable for measuring singlemode links when used in conjunction with a suitable source. The LS23DV has 850nm and 1300nm switchable outputs from 1 port and a visible tracer from the other.

  • FPM200 Series - Precision Optical Power Meter

    Company: Shanghai Tarluz Telecom

    FPM200 Series handheld Optical Power Meter, It could measure insertion loss for single mode or multimode fiber cables with FLS series optical light source precisely. The Optical Power Meter features with good appearance, wide power measurement range, high accuracy, with user self-calibration function and reference power level storage. It is ideally to measure optical power in fiber optic network applications.