Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • 72-7260 - Sound Level Meter Calibrator

    Company: Tenma

    Specifically intended for Tenma #72-6635 and #72-860 Sound Level Meters, this precision calibrator is compatible with any instrument with a 1/2" diameter mic element housing. Essential for maintaining the accuracy of any portable sound level meter, this unit generates a precise 1KHz tone, at exactly 94dB. Single slide switch provides on/off/battery test functions.

  • ST-8850 - Sound Level Meter

    Company: Standard Instruments

    This digital meter is ideal for general sound level measurements. The device features analog AC/DC outputs for connecting to an analyzer or recorder. Coming with a wide range of 30dB to 130dB, this sound level meter is great for measuring noise in factories and checking acoustics in auditoriums. 1.5dB accuracy. Meets IEC651 type 2 standard. Max. hold and data-hold functions. Built-in calibration check.

  • CENTER 251 - Small-size Clamp Meter

    Company: Center Technology

    In this Hvac filed, the electricians need more than what ordinary clamp meters can do. Equipped with DCμA function for flame rectification or heating sensor test. Capacitance and temperature functions are also designed for fitting the needs in the Hvac applications. 1ms Peak Hold function for fast capture of signals. CENTER 251 is also a True-RMS clamp meter and its safety rated 600V CAT III.

  • SS2450 - Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter

    Company: EDTM

    The Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter is our most technically advanced and accurate transmission meter to date. While it will undoubtedly be used in various labs and manufacturing facilities, it's main application will be as a sales tool. We at EDTM believe in providing sales tools that display an honest, unbiased demonstration of your window or film's performance so the performance can speak for itself, and that's exactly what the SS2450 is designed to do.

  • Soil Moisture Meters

    Company: Extech Instruments

    Soil Moisture Meter has an integrated 8 in. heavy-duty moisture probe which monitors moisture levels in soil from 0 to 50-percent and easy 1-handed operation. Meter features a durable, water-resistant housing with a large LCD display, data hold to freeze the readings on the display, and minimum/maximum function. Comes with replaceable moisture probe (MO750-P), 4 AAA batteries, probe sensor cap, and user manual.


    Company: Solar Light Company

    The Tanning Bed meter is capable of measuring the MED’s in the UV-B spectrum and UVC radiation.The meter shows the intensity of UV-B (also called SUV – Sunburning UV) in Minimal Erythemal Doses per Hour (MED/Hr), the accepted clinical measure for sunburn potential. A UVC detector measures light intensity in the range between 275 nm to 285 nm, displaying UV-C irradiance in milliwatts per square centimeter. These measurements are in accordance with European standards for sun tanning bed outputs.

  • Laser Distance Meter

    Company: Standard Instruments

    This professional laser distance meter is designed to give special users a high accuracy, one-person distance measuring tool to measure remote and hard to reach places. The shortcut keys for addition, subtraction, continuous measurement, min/max distance tracking, area and volume calculation make fast and accurate measuring possible. Made of quality construction, this helpful laser distance meter is sure to service for a long time.

  • LX1330B - LUX METER 200000Lux

    Company: A-SUN TEST LTD

    The LuxMeter is a new high sensitivity digital light meter that gives you the ability to accuratelymeasure high or low levels of light from 1 - 200,000 lux. Its easy to use with a simple slide-locking function switch, has a swivel sensor head and is portable for easier carrying in the field. This advanced light meter precisely measures illumination at levels as low as 1 lux and auto recalculates itself 2 times per second to give you the most accurate data possible

  • Lux/ Light Meter

    Company: Starmeter Instruments

    A device used to measure the amount of light. In photography, a light meter is often used to determine the proper exposure for a photograph. Typically a light meter will include either digital or analog electronic circuit, which allows the photographer to determine which shutter speed and f-number should be selected for an optimum exposure, given a certain lighting situation and film speed.

  • VU Panel Meter

    Company: DER EE Electrical

    Meter Dimension Please indicate meter size■ Internal Resistance 250Ω , 650Ω, 750Ω, 1200Ω■ Sensitivity 200µA , 250µA , 500µA, 1mA■ Pointer Color As your color request■ Scale Plate Custom design according to your drawing■ Lamp Standard type is 12V/55mA transparent. If you request special specs., please indicate the voltage and current■ Install position of the level meter Vertical or horizontal■ Popular spec 500µA/650Ω

  • 3D - UVA and UVB Meter

    Company: Solar Light Company

    The 3D Version 2 meter is capable of measuring the UV-A and UV-B spectrum. The meter shows the intensity of UV-B (also called SUV - Sunburning UV) in Minimal Erythemal Doses per Hour (MED/Hr), the accepted clinical measure for sunburn potential. A UV-A detector measures light intensity in the range between 320 and 400 nm, displaying UV-A irradiance in milliwatts per square centimeter.

  • Kestrel 1000 - Wind Meter Base Model


    The Kestrel 1000 Wind Meter is the base model in our extensive assortment of Kestrel pocket weather meters. Simple and compact, the Kestrel 1000 fits right into the palm of your hand and weighs a mere 65 grams. It's also extremely durable and totally waterproof, allowing you to measure wind speeds in even the harshest weather conditions. It even floats.

  • 360 DSP - Home Certification Meter

    Company: Trilithic

    The 360 DSP is a next generation fulfillment meter specifically tailored for installation and troubleshooting. The 360 DSP is part of a system consisting of the meter, ViewPoint software, and means for acquiring information from the Cable System’s Workforce Management application.Upstream Return Spectrum Analysis (4 to 110 MHz). Level Mode. C/N Measurement. QAM mode (MER/BER/Constellation).

  • Cable Length Meters

    Company: PCE Instruments

    The cable length meters of PCE instruments provide various functions that can be useful in terms of measuring the length of cables or detecting cable breaks. Therefore the cable length meters function according to various measuring principles that will be described below. Using these devices enables determining cable lengths as well as the resistance and caliber of cables that are about to be laid or even already laid. Depending on the device that is being used, you can measure the length of cables to certain extends. Also the measuring ranges differ among the the devices.

  • MPI-520 - Multifunction Electrical Installations Meter

    Company: Sonel S.A.

    The MPI-520 multifunction meter is dedicated to perform diagnosis of electrical installation according to IEC 61557 standards. Digital meter MPI-520 is designed to measure impedance of a short cicuit loop also without triggering RCD, parameters of RCD, insulation resistance, earthing resistance, continuity and also for phase sequence testing. Furthermore to measure and logging of AC voltage and current, frequency and power.