Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • Pro Noise Meter

    Decibel 10th - SkyPaw Co. Ltd

    "Decibel 10th" is one of very few noise/sound level meter apps on the market having highly reliable and pre-calibrated measurements. It turns your phone/tablet into a professional noise meter, precisely measures the sound pressure level (SPL) all around. This extremely useful and beautiful tool will not only be a great tool for many uses but also bring you a lot of fun. Have you wondered how quiet is your room or how loud is a rock concert or sport event? Musicians want to tune their instruments at right frequency? "Decibel 10th" will help you answer all those right now.

  • Solar Film Transmission Meters

    Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd.

    A series of instruments used to test the solar film, including the triple-band display solar film transmission meter which apply s in the table exhibition,the solar film temperature meter can both test the transmission and the temperature, the split transmission used to test the frond windshield. These instruments can test the IR,UV rejection and VL transmittance of solar film,explosion-proof membrane, building film, window film, insulation glass, thermal insulation coatings and other materials.All of these can display the value directly, show you different insulating capacity and rejection performance with different instruments.

  • Thermistor Power Meter

    N432A and 432A - Keysight Technologies

    The 432A / N432A power meter is an automatic, self-balancing power meter for use with temperature compensated thermistor sensors. High efficiency and good radio frequency (RF) match are characteristics of the 478A and 8478B coaxial and 486 series (now discontinued) waveguide thermistor mounts that cover the frequency range 10 MHz to 40 GHz. Each thermistor mount contains data showing the calibration factor and effective efficiency at six frequencies, directly traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) at those frequencies where NIST provides calibration service.

  • 1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter

    CM84 - Martindale Electric Co. Ltd

    The CM84 is a high specification 1000A clamp meter, packed full of functions for the installation, testing and maintenance of domestic and industrial installations. It is light enough for easy one handed operation but still robust enough for use in harsh environments.

    This compact meter provides accurate measurement of AC voltage to 750V, DC voltage to 1000V and AC current to 1000A. It has the same test functions you would find on a high specification multimeter making this clamp a comprehensive testing solution for electricians, maintenance and service engineers. This has the added benefit of DC current measurement to 1000A and has a useful DC current zero function.

  • Energy Meter Test Bench


    Three phase energy meter test bench is a new generation, high precision energy meter calibration equipment. It uses the advanced technology and electronic components available in 90 decade. The test bench can be operated from embedded keyboard or operated from PC software.Feature and function:1) Equipped with electronic phantom load power source, assuring high stability, security and large output capacity.2)Automatic adjustment of current measurement range. Fault self-detection in voltage amplifier and current amplifier.3) Equipped with RS-232C interface, can be operated from software.4) Test results can be saved to database, can be inquired from database and can be export to EXCEL file and then printed out.

  • Analogue Panel Meters

    Howard Butler Ltd.

    Used throughout the World, these meters can have Moving Iron or Moving Coil movements for A.C. or D.C. use. They are available in 48 x 48mm, 72 x 72mm or96 x 96mm case sizes to fit standard square panel cut-outs

  • Aquadopp Current Meter

    Nortek AS

    The Aquadopp is probably the most versatile single-point ocean current meter on the market. It is cost-effective, robust and has a wide range of applications. The system electronics integrates accurate Doppler velocity, measurements with standard sensors such as temperature, pressure, tilt, and compass. Aquadopp can measure wave height, period, and direction using what is commonly is referred to as PUV processing.

  • Ampere Hour Meter Module

    TE2504 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    This Ampere Hour Meter is specially designed for those clients who have a ready setup or for applications where the current requirements are relatively low. TE2504 is a ready to use stand alone panel which is a step ahead of IM2501, IM2502 and IM2503 which are basically panel mount instruments which need to be fixed in the rectifier or an independent panel.

  • Brightness Color meter

    SKZ102B - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    Brightness Meter is widely applied in paper and cardboard, pulp, cotton and fabric, plastic, ceramic and porcelain enamel, amylum, construction material, chemical industry, salt making and other testing department that need to test whiteness, yellowness, color and chromatism, as well as transparency, opacity, light scattering coefficient and light absorption coefficient of paper.

  • Bench DO2 Meter

    9500 - Jenway

    he 9500 is a research meter designed for use in a number of applications including fish farming/breeding, all forms of aquaculture, environmental analysis, pollution control and effluent management. The 9500 includes powerful data logging capabilities with the ability to store 250 DO2 readings either manually, at timed intervals or on alarmed events.

  • Bench pH Meters

    3505, 3510 and 3520 - Jenway

    General purpose education laboratory pH measurement meter• Intuitive operation via rotary controls• pH, temperature and mV mode for redox and electrode diagnosis• Calibration controls locked during measurement• Manual or automatic temperature compensation• Large display• Battery or mains operated

  • 5-Digit Programmable Meter Display

    Model PMD-50E - tecsis LP

    Programmable meter display, 7-segment, 0.56", 5 digits, Panel mount, 1/8 DIN standard, larger cutout for optional metal case, for pressure/load sensors, 0.5 to 20 mV/V strain gage, optional voltage DC or AC, Current

  • 4-in-1 'Environment' Meter

    NI T8820 - Mors Smitt Group

    The NI T8820 is a complete 4-in-1 Environment Meter for measuring light (Lux), temperature (oC>oF), humidity (RH) and sound level (dB). Despite this variety of functions the instrument is compact and truly handheld. Is can easily be controlled with one hand. The sensor for sound level measurement is integrated in the housing and the sensor for humidity measurement is a disconnectable probe.

  • CO₂ and Oxygen Meters

    Anton Paar GmbH

    Anton Paar‘s product series for measuring dissolved CO2 and O2 in beverages provides the best possible solution for every application, ranging from highly precise stand-alone lab CO2 and oxygen meters to integrated modules for beverage analyzing systems and robust at-line solutions for measurements directly at the production line.

  • Clamp Meter Series

    AMP-200 & 300 - Amprobe Test Tools

    Whatever you do - industrial, HVAC or electrical applications - there's an AMP-200 or AMP-300 TRMS Clamp Meter that can met your needs. Along with offering a third-terminal for motor rotation testing, these multi-feature clamps offer error-free measurements in 600 V and 1000 V (AMP-330 only) environments.