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  • DirectSense Air Velocity Meters

    Company: GrayWolf Sensing

    Mating GrayWolf's advanced hotwire air velocity sensor technology with the incredible capability of mobile computers, gives you access to the most versatile portable air velocity meter ever available.

  • Ex-MP4 a - Intrinsically Safe Temperature Meter

    Company: Ecom Instruments

    The intrinsically safe, non-contact temperature meter equipment Ex-MP4 a is a robust yet exceedingly handy and easy to use instrument for temperature measuring ex-hazardous areas. Certification No.: EPS 10 ATEX 1242 X


    Company: Axe Technology

    5 digit RS-485 display meter. Readout range form -19999 to 99999 digit. Modbus RTU mode for RS-485 protocal. Wide input range for auxiliary power. Dimension small and High stability

  • H30 Series - DOCSIS Network Meter

    Company: Televés S.A.

    The H30 Series meters are light weight hand-held units, packed with all the features needed to install and troubleshoot DOCSIS3.0 networks and television systems using QAM digital modulation as well as NTSC analog signals.

  • SKIPPER Plus - Non-Destructive Moisture Meter

    Company: Tramex Ltd

    The SKIPPER Plus non-destructive moisture meter provides a complete, safe method for detecting excess moisture in GRP and wooden boats. Three scales of sensitivity allow moisture detection in salt or fresh water.

  • AM350 - Leaf Area Meter

    Company: Opti-Sciences

    Compact and portable leaf area meter suitable for the accurate, non-destructive measurement of leaf area and associated parameters. It allows the scanned image to be saved in memory for future review of data & measuring technique

  • 894 & 895 Series - Bench LCR Meters

    Company: B&K Precision

    The 894 and 895 are high accuracy LCR meters capable of measuring inductance, capacitance, and resistance of components and materials at DC or from 20 Hz to 500 kHz or 1 MHz respectively. These LCR meters provide flexible AC and DC test signal configuration. AC test signal voltage is variable from 5 mVrms to 2 Vrms, the AC current is adjustable up to 66.7 mArms, depending on the AC impedance selected, and a DC bias signal can be added. The vivid 4.3-inch TFT LCD offers a clear view of all measured and setting values along with BIN sorting comparator results and a handy Zoom feature that enlarges the measured values to full screen. With a basic accuracy of 0.05%, auto level control (ALC), open / short / load correction and cable length compensation, these meter are perfect tools for R&D, manufacturing and quality control applications.

  • TM203 - Optical Power Meter

    Company: T&M Tools

    TM203 optical power meter is a new generation, high performance and handheld optical network tester which adopts the latest precision laser exploration and processing technology. It is a compositive optical power meter aimed at opening, maintenance, equipment research and development of optical network. It stays TM203’s design small dimension for easy carrying but have new features for wider power measurement, higher accuracy and have date and time display on the screen. It is calibrated at a large number of wavelengths to enable power measurements on a wide range of Single Mode and Multimode fiber optic cable systems. The TM203 optical power meter defines a new industry standard for Installing testing, maintaining single mode and multimode networks and cables.

  • Primary Meter Sets

    Company: Texas Meter & Device

    TMD is the largest manufacturer of pre-wired primary and secondary metering sets in the southern US and has supplied hundreds of utility meter departments with tens of thousands of correctly wired, correctly spaced, mechanically correct meter sets for overhead and underground applications. TMD utilizes standard color codes, proven custom rack configurations, the highest quality components and workmanship to ensure long life, maintenance free operation and highly accurate metering. In addition, TMD technicians can assist your utility with application design, transformer sizing and can incorporate custom features such as utility specific color codes, wiring harness configuration, mounting options, labeling and socket configuration. All meter sets are rigorously inspected prior to shipment, are shipped with all necessary components for installation and are crated for safe shipment.

  • Portable Energy Meter Tester

    Company: Shanghai POWOO Industry

    Check the errors of three-phase Watt-Hour meter active and reactive power at one time, and also check the errors of main meter and sub-meter at one time;- Display the following electrical parameters: U, I, P, Q, Φ, F etc._ Test CT transformation ratio, showing in waveform.- Test 2~51 harmonic wave of current and voltage.- Judge wrong line connection.- Test communication baud rate of multi-functional meter and read its number.- PT and CT secondary load function.- Calibrate transformer’s errors automatically.- Able to hold upload and download data (FAT32 documentation) in Flash disk and update it.- Supply power by batteries, supply power and charge online with wide voltage range(57.7~480V).- Worst case accuracy: ±0.05%, ±0.1%.

  • KM 2007 - Leakage Current Clamp Meter

    Company: Kusam-meco

    “KUSAM-MECO” Introduces a New 100A Leakage AC Clamp– On Meter Model-KM 2007. It can measure upto 100A AC Current in 4 ranges 40mA, 400mA, 4A, 100A (50-60Hz) with ±1.5% +2 digit accuracy & AC Voltage upto 600V with ±1.5% +5 digit accuracy & the Resistance measuring range is 400W with ±1.2% +3 digit accuracy. It has 3 ¾ digit LCD display with maximum 4000 reading. In this meter over load protection for Current is 1A, 10A, 100A, 500A respectively & for Voltage DC 600V/AC 600V rms. It also has functions like Peak Hold, Continuity Test with buzzer sound. It has low Pass Filter function. The sampling Speed is 2.5 times per second. It meets IEC 1010-1 & IEC 1010-1-32 CAT III 600V Safety Standard. A Special feature of the meter is the Low Pass filter.

  • FS-TV200 - Digital Signal Level Meter

    Company: First Strike Meters

    The Digital signal level meter FS-TV200 provides main functions installers and operators are looking for in a economic signal level meter. Capable of analog and digital measurements of cable TV network, including channel level, C/N, V/A, trunk voltage, digital channel power, BER, MER, at an affordable price. FS-TV200 Digital Signal Level Meter is designed to easily test DVB-C channels. Numeric keypad for direct channel or frequency entry Test both forward and return path Digital measurement capabilities including: Average power, BER, MER Channel/Frequency Tuning: From 5-870 MHz (UHF/ VHF/CABLE) allowing return path signal testing Analog measurement capabilities including Signal Level, A/V ratio, TILT, trunk voltage, and C/N

  • 2282-20 - 260' Laser Distance Meter

    Company: Milwaukee Electric

    Milwaukee's Laser Distance Meter is a heavy duty distance measuring tool for professional, commercial and industrial applications. The 2282-20 can easily measure distance up to 260' with 1/16" accuracy. The simple user interface makes Laser Distance Meter easy to use. Smart Horizontal Mode provides the most accurate measurements by factoring in the angle the unit is being held. The end bracket allows for accurate measuring from corners and edges. Easily add and subtract values and use seven different functions to calculate length, area, volume, indirect measurements, stake out, timer and Smart Horizontal equations. The 2281-20 includes meter case, two (2) AAA batteries, quick reference guide, CD manual and is covered by the Milwaukee 5-Year Warranty.

  • Portable meter test Bench

    Company: Shanghai POWOO Industry

    SP-5505P three phase portable test equipment is designed for energy meter Research and Develop department or energy meter Repair department.Main Technical Specifications2.1Accuracy class: 0.052.2Electrical output2.2.1Voltage and current measurement rangeOutput voltage ranges: 57.7V/63.5V and 220V/240V (480V option)Output current ranges: 0.1A, 1A, 5A, 20A, and 100A2.2.2Output load capacityVoltage loop: Max. 50VACurrent loop: Max 100VA (Measurement range 100A)2.2.3Electrical output adjustment2.2.3.1Voltage adjustmenta)Adjustment range: 0%~125% selected voltage rangeb)Adjustment fineness: four finenesses as 10%, 1%, 0.1%, and 0.01% are availablec)Max. output voltage: 300V2.2.3.2Current adjustmenta)Adjustment range: 0%~120% selected current rangeb)Adjustment fineness: four finenesses as 10%, 1%, 0.1%, and 0.01% are availablec)Max. output current: 120A2.2.3.3Phase adjustmenta)Adjustment fineness: 0°~359.99°b)Adjustment fineness: four finenesses as 10°, 1°, 0.1°, and 0.01° are available2.2.4Voltage and current output distortionThis device’s voltage and current output distortion will not be more than 1% (testing under linear load)2.2.5Output power stabilityThis device’s pre-set output power will not exceed 0.05% compared with the measurement range variation within 180S.2.2.6Symmetry of electrical outputs from three phasesThe difference between any line or phase voltage and its average will not be more than 0.2%; the difference between any phase current and its average will not be more than 0.2%; the phase difference between any phase current and its corresponding phase voltage will not be more than 0.2%.2.2.7Harmonic contenta)Number of harmonic waves: 2~31b)Harmonic content: less than 40% (compared with fundamental wave)c)Harmonic phase: 0°~359.99°2.2.8Monitoring instrumentTo be read directly from the standard meter. 2.2.9Electric pulse output from standard meter: 1) For error calculator to calculate the error of any meter to be tested; 2) For the reference of upper-level measurement examination and determination agency when sending the standard meter to them for testing. Please refer to standard meter’s Table of Constants for pulse constants.2.2.10Power supply Single-phase AC 220V/240V (100V/110V is also applicable), 50/60Hz, max. input power consumption: 500W.2.2.11Standard meter accuracy 0.05 wide range three phase 2.2.12Equipment Structure: Portable three Power source and standard meter with 3 position hanging frame.

  • Energy Meter Test Bench

    Company: Shanghai POWOO Industry

    Three phase energy meter test bench is a new generation, high precision energy meter calibration equipment. It uses the advanced technology and electronic components available in 90 decade. The test bench can be operated from embedded keyboard or operated from PC software.Feature and function:1) Equipped with electronic phantom load power source, assuring high stability, security and large output capacity.2)Automatic adjustment of current measurement range. Fault self-detection in voltage amplifier and current amplifier.3) Equipped with RS-232C interface, can be operated from software.4) Test results can be saved to database, can be inquired from database and can be export to EXCEL file and then printed out.