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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Water Level Meter

    BFM - PASI srl

    Water level indicator with flat cable, stainless steel tape with 2 copper wires, coated with transparent antiscratch protective film in transparent LLDPE.Black millimeter graduation over total length, centimeter and decimeter indication in black, meter indication in red.

  • water Quality Meters and Probes

    Sension+ - Hach Lange GmbH

    If you are looking for an all-in-one water quality meter, the Sension+ offers a cost effective option to begin testing a wide range of parameters quickly. The Sension+ offers guided menu navigation that makes electrochemistry testing fast and simple. Sension+ is available in both benchtop and portable versions.

  • Wood- and Material Moisture Meter

    PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Valuable wood and material moisture meter, which is characterized through its ease of use and the universal range of applications.The unit features an LCD display that displays the measured values of moisture and ambient temperature. In addition, it is equipped with an LED display, which allows rapid pass-fail evaluation of the measured values.

  • Load Cell & Microvolt Meter

    Laurel Electronics, Inc

    A high-sensitivity 5-digit meter for use with load cells, strain gauges and microvolt input signals where high accuracy and stability are required. Load cell operation allows 4- or 6-wire hookup and display in engineering units, such as lbs, kg or psi. Built-in excitation for up to four 350-ohm load cells in parallel.


    ST-4000D - Holland Electronics, LLC

    The ST-4000D is newly updated hand-held CATV signal level meter that has been fine tuned to handle an expanded channel range ,sub-band channels T7-T14, as well as the basic needs of maintaining RF distribution systems. Its rugged design and protective carrying case make it a great choice for everyday use.

  • Power Meter & Power Sensor

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight power meters operate with sensors of various types (CW, average and peak and average), covering numerous frequency and power ranges to accurately measure the power of RF and microwave signals. Applications include testing the output power of communication base-station transmitters, cellular telephones, radar system equipment, and much more.

  • Precision RF Meter

    Heath Company

    The HM-1002 Heathkit® Precision RF MeterTM is our first new amateur radio station accessory and our first test equipment product in over 30 years. This is a solder kit, suitable for people with no prior electronics experience. We believe it is a landmark in RF meters, in both technical features and price/performance.

  • RF Milliwatt Meters

    Type NDB-2 and NDB-3 - National RF, Inc

    Type NDB-2 and NDB-3 RF Milliwatt Meters are affordable pieces of test equipment for both the RF laboratory and the home experimenter. Both provide a digital reading of RF power in dB reference 1 milliwatt of power into a 50 ohm load (i.e. 0 dBm). Approx. 15 KHz to 500 MHz

  • Digital Dip Meters

    Mita Musen Kenkyusho, LTD

    Digital dip meter measures LC resonant frequency, generates RF signal in CW or AM and counts weak signal by heterodyne method at quartz accuracy. Also useful to measure unknown L or C by the aid of optional standard 100pF, standard 100?ÊH, or calibrated variable capacitor VC-740

  • Power Reflection Meter

    NRT2 - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    Directional power sensors measure forward and reverse power under operating conditions. These measurements are required when installing, servicing and monitoring transmitters, antennas and RF generators. The R&S®NRT family consists of the R&S®NRT2 power reflection meter and various R&S®NRT-Zxx directional power sensors.

  • Optical Power Meter

    JW3217 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW3217 Optical Power Meter is a multi-channel desktop design Grenville developed high-precision, wide-range optical power testing equipment. Intelligent microprocessor control, with automatic range switching, optical detector PIN tube over the entire range, were linearized points and seven segments, eliminating the PIN diode at the same wavelength, different power, light power error caused by nonlinear response, which greatly improved the accuracy and reliability of the equipment detected.In addition to the functions of a traditional power meter, JW3217 also uses a new data acquisition technology, so that the power meter has a greater signal to noise ratio, greater dynamic range. When small signal, the internal circuit to avoid the use of small resistive screen technology, making JW3217 higher sensitivity, power display value -75 ~ + 3dBm.JW3217 also provides RS232 communication function, use JW3217 the included PC software provides users with a friendly and convenient interface to meet the power monitor, enabling unattended, paperless recorders, automatic data storage requirements.

  • PMR Power Meter

    3030 - LBA Group, Inc

    The PMR Power Meter from LBA Technology is a very versatile instrument covering most of the PMR bands available. The PMR Power Meter is capable of measuring forward and reflected power in the range of a few milliwatts up to 500 Watts. The internal operating system controls measurement, display and the I/Os allowing serial communication to PC, USB to memory stick and USB Serial communication. The I/O options are used to write plots to either memory sticks or to a connected PC, the I/Os can also be used to operate the instrument, giving commands and receiving data. For documentation reference the instrument has a real time clock. Multilayer menus are used to setup and control the operation of parameters. The PMR Power Meter instrument is small, handy and light weight battery operated with more than 5 hours of continuous operation on the internal NiMh cells. Feature with XML data handling and application viewer is included. Accessory kit with soft carrying bag, car charger and coax adapters for standard types.

  • Meter Pulse Splitter

    SY027 - Synectic Electronics

    The SY027 is designed to convert pulses from meters or other turbine devices and transmit the same pulse via two relay outputs to enable two separate instruments to measure the rate simultaneously. It can be used with electricity, gas, or water meters. The SY027 PSO has been designed for applications where a pulse is required to be isolated, re-powered and repeated on two separate outputs. It works with inputs from reed switch signals,Opto coupler, open collector, NAMUR or TTL pulse (up to 25V) with automatic debounce, as well as with high frequency pulses . The speed of pulses can be accommodated from very slow to super-fast.The standard frequency range is up to 1 kHz and a maximum switching voltage of 280V, we also have an extra fast version for a small extra charge we can reproduce pulses up to 5 kHz with a maximum switching voltage of 60V.

  • Magnetoresistive Milligauss Meter

    MR3 - Alpha Lab, Inc.

    The MR3 Magnetoresistive Milligauss Meter measures and displays the three vectorcomponents (X, Y, Z) as well as the magnitude (M) of the static magnetic field. Update is two times per second. The three sensors are in a 25 mm (1") cube at the end of a flexible 100 cm (40") cable. It can be powered by 4 AA batteries (included) or a Worldwide AC adaptor (included). It can collect and store data (X, Y, Z and M) for later download or stream data live via USB connector. Both the instantaneous values of X, Y, Z and M, and their peak values, are displayed on the meter screen. "Peak" values are the highest values seen since the peak reset button was pressed. Maximum error of sensitivity is +/- 0.5 % of the reading, and the maximum error of the offset is +/- 0.50 milligauss. Range is +/- 1999.99 milligauss with resolution 0.01 milligauss (or 1 nT) over the full range, displayed simultaneously for X, Y, Z and M.

  • Digital Power Meter

    66205 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    The 66205 is the 2nd generation of the 66200 series power meter designed specifically for single channel measurement. Its state of art design is capable of providing highly accurate power measurements to meet the requirements of IEC 62301/EN50564 standards. Functionality improvements of the 66205 increase power measurement capabilities to a wider range of applications. The Smart Range function is one of the most important new features added to the 66205 power meter. Smart Range allows the power integration mode to perform active power measurements with the measurement range in auto mode. Chroma’s proprietary design automatically selects the appropriate range, based on changes in sensed voltage and current, ensures the best accuracy when integrating the measurements over time. The 66205 provides 10 selectable current measurement ranges from 5mA up to 30A. External sensor options A662017~A662020 are available to increase the current measurement range. Six selectable voltage ranges are available up to 600V.