Seismic: earthquaking event with a wave velocity 3-8 km/s.

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  • Seismic Method

    McSEIS-SW - OYO Corp.

    The McSEIS-SW is a 24ch seismic survey instrument and designed for high-accuracy “surface wave survey” and “refraction seismic survey”. It can be used for a wide variety of applications. Through the analysis of its data, the 2D S-wave velocity structure of the ground can be obtained easily. Also, the N-value structure of the ground can be estimated by using data of Swedish sounding test, standard penetration test and so on.

  • Seismic Sensor

    D7S - Omron Electronic Components

    Specifically designed for the growing number of autonomous IoT systems, the Omron D7S provides high precision measurement of spectral intensity, allowing it to reject impulse vibration noise and only respond to genuine seismic activity. Despite its compact size, D7S features its own internal memory and I2C interface, allowing it to be readily integrated into IoT devices. Potential applications include smart electricity and gas meters, wireless sensors, industrial control panels, electricity distribution panels, fire-prevention systems, home appliances such as heaters and gas stoves, chemical plants, expressways, bridges, tunnels, roads and many more. Commenting, Fabrizio Petris, Senior Business Development Manager of Omron Electronic Components Europe said, “Earthquakes are extremely common around the world. On average, 50 earthquakes strike each day, or about 20,000 a year. Many are weak enough to go unnoticed but some are catastrophic. We can’t always predict when a catastrophe will strike. Using the new sensor from Omron, designers can make systems safer and minimise the risk of secondary damage after earthquakes by safely shutting off and stopping hazardous devices. The sensor can also help determine damage by mapping seismic intensity and providing building collapse information.”

  • Seismic Method

    PS-1 NEO - OYO Corp.

    The PS-1 NEO is a palm-sized digital instrument for elastic wave velocity measurements. A wave created by hitting ground with a hammer is detected in a distantly-positioned receiver (geophone), and this instrument measures the ground propagation time of the wave from the hitting point to the receiver.

  • Seismic Method

    OYO Corp.

    The McSIES-MT NEO is a data acquisition instrument for microtremor array measurement and vibration monitoring. It is an all-in-one device in which high-performance accelerometer containing 1 component or 3 components, a precise global positioning system (GPS) and a battery are incorporated. It can be used for microtremor measurement for obtaining the natural frequency, vibration property of the ground, and vibration property of a structural object.


    Environ Laboratories, LLC

    This hydraulic shaker table is specifically designed to meet Telcordia's GR-63-CORE Zone 4 earthquake simulation, or approximately 8.4 on the Richter scale. Because of its large table capacity it is also very useful for simulating shipping and over the road transportation testing on pallet-sized packages.

  • Seismic Testing Services

    Dayton T. Brown, Inc.

    The use of enclosures that have been through seismic testing is called for in areas where earthquake activity is possible. Seismic testing will determine if your equipment can withstand the effects of movement or vibrations in areas close to railways, airports, power plants and other areas subject to similar conditions. Our Vertical and Horizontal seismic testing facilities, manufactured by the Team Corporation, offer low frequency high displacement seismic vibration capabilities to meet the Bellcore GR-63 Zone 4 Seismic Testing requirements.

  • Seismic Acquistion QC Serivices

    Verif-i Ltd

    Overall data quality / cost monitoring / safety / daily reporting to client. Verif-i provides technical and operational programme assurances for seismic surveys conducted for the company. The lead acquisition QC on-board/on-crew the seismic vessel/block accepts or rejects data on behalf of the company. Our representative will assist the contractor in fulfilling the technical and operational requirements of the seismic programme and report on crew activities.

  • Downhole Seismic Array

    GeoWaves - Sercel Group

    GeoWaves? is a Digital multi-level (up to 32) Downhole Seismic Array to record vertical seismic profiles (VSP). It can also be used for semi-permanent installation in a fixed position in the well for passive monitoring (hydraulic fracturing mapping or reservoir monitoring) or to record heavy surveys such as 3D VSP and 4D VSP around the well for detailed and time-lapse reservoir imaging.

  • Downhole Seismic Array

    MaxiWave - Sercel Group

    MaxiWave? is a 100-level Digital Downhole Seismic Array to record vertical seismic profiles (VSP). It can also be used for semi-permanent installation in a fixed position in the well for passive monitoring (hydraulic fracturing mapping or reservoir monitoring) or to record heavy surveys such as 3D VSP and 4D VSP around the well for detailed and time-lapse reservoir imaging.

  • Seismic Data Acquisition Systems

    ION Geophysical Corp.

    ION is a leading provider of imaging systems, software, and services for ocean bottom and marine towed streamer data acquisition. Our rugged, reliable systems enable the highest quality seismic data to be acquired safely and cost-effectively, overcoming the harshest environments and most complex geophysical challenges. They are designed to: Increase productivity Mitigate health, safety, and environmental risks Improve seismic data quality Reduce cycle time and costs

  • Shooting System Seismic Source

    SGD-S - Sercel Group

    The SGD-S shooting system is designed and manufactured by Sib Geophys Pribor Ltd and is comprised of a controller and one or more blasters. The SGD-S has been designed to improve the productivity of dynamite seismic operations.

  • Downhole Seismic Array

    SlimWave - Sercel Group

    SlimWave? is a small diameter digital multi-level downhole seismic array for up to 12 levels. It benefits from the same technological advances as GeoWaves? with the additional benefit of being usable in very small diameter wells or through any completion restriction thanks to its reduced diameter (1 in. 11/16, standard for production logging tools).

  • Seismic Analysis Software

    GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech Inc.

    GeoSonics announces our latest software suite. AnalysisNET is the most comprehensive and advanced software for GeoSonics 3000 Series seismograph. The software combines Seismic Analysis and Event Manager software in a single package that employs the .NET framework. AnalysisNET allows easier access to data files provides multiple report combinations and gives you the ability to manage your data.

  • Marine Seismic Acquisition System

    Seal System - Sercel Group

    The Seal System brings two major break-throughs:- Advanced flexible architecture for optimal productivity. - Small diameter arrays (Fluid or Solid).

  • HIGH OUTPUT SEISMIC Accelerometer

    1030 - Mistras Group, Inc.

    The Model 1030 is ideal for making high resolution structural and floor vibration measurements for sensitive equipment such as electron microscopes, micro-lithography for semiconductor fabrication, micro-machining and more. It includes a removable 1/4-28 mounting stud.