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  • MBT100 - 12V Conductance Batter Tester

    Company: Matco Tools

    Tests 12V starting/charging systems, including flooded lead acid, AGM, and gel cell batteries. Eliminate tester input errors by choosing between automotive/truck battery or small automotive type batteries.

  • UST - Automated Functional Switch Tester

    Company: AB Controls

    UST is a functional switch tester. It tests switches by running them automatically and in the process it measures contact resistance, contact bounce, and activation force. Other performance criteria can be added.

  • 45665 - G2 Diesel Injector Tester

    Company: Hickok

    The G2 Diesel Injector Tester is specifically designed to diagnose faulty spool valve performance whether the engine is hot or cold. The real-time data and graphic display of injector performance provides vital injector data for accurate diagnosis.

  • GCT 1312 -34 - Hot Insulation Tester

    Company: Musashi Intek

    Hot insulation tester isolation facility management that supports all common facilities such as factories and offices to the facility can not be a power outage? Eliminate the trouble to understand the daily insulation insulation in electrical equipment running!

  • FTTH Terminal Tester

    Company: Shanghai Joinwit

    FTTH installation and maintenance tester is specially designed for portable instruments, can quickly and easily detect client FTTH optical fiber condition, avoiding complex testing, to avoid false positives.

  • 21000 - Check-Point Circuit Tester

    Company: S & G Tool Aid

    Most widely used automotive circuit tester. Quickly checks all 6 and 12 volt systems. Use with power on. 48" ground wire. Use to locate shorts, grounds and open circuits.

  • 1300 - Gage Installation Tester

    Company: Micro-Measurements

    The 1300 Gage Installation Tester is used to verify the quality of an installed strain gage, as well as the complete gage installation, including leadwires. A carefully selected individualized test voltage is used for each measurement mode. Operation is by push buttons.

  • 6600 Series - Automated Pitot Static Tester

    Company: Laversab

    Is ideal for use on aircraft with "Smart Probes" capable of measuring AOA using Air Data. The tester has one Static output (Ps1), one Pitot output (Pt) and a third output (Ps2) which can be used to simulate either AOA or AOS. Using the small and light-weight Remote unit a user can operate the tester from the cockpit and test the entire pitot and static system of the aircraft. The tester includes built-in vacuum and pressure pumps and emergency manual bleed-downvalves. The high accuracy of this unit meets all RVSM requirements. Also, it requires no maintenance other than to be calibrated only once a year. The use of “Profiles” makes it possible for the operator to run through a test using only a single key on the Remote unit.

  • TITANE Tester 2.0

    Company: TMA - Testers For

    The TITANE Tester, true working tool for automotive professionals, is the most robust, modern and complete test bench on the global market to control and diagnose the most recent alternators and starters. Thanks to its 10 HP motor with electronic speed control and its powerful load capacity up to 300A for alternators, The TITANE Tester is the universal solution to fulfill the expectations of rebuilders, electrical repairers, wholesalers and training centers. Its powerful built-in calculator checks all signals delivered by alternators, including computerized serial communication protocols as BSS, LIN 1&2, RVC, PCM, C Terminal…The full automatic mode is simple and accessible to all through a scalable database with over 180 000 references alternators. The manual operating mode allows to perform all specific and custom tests by using the full capabilities of the test bench. The TITANE Tester can be easily updated via Internet/Ethernet connection or USB key, in order to remain at the cutting edge of emerging technologies.

  • 3045 - Pendulum Hardness Tester

    Company: Elcometer Limited

    The Elcometer 3045 Pendulum Hardness Tester provides reliable & repeatable measurements of coating hardness using either the Persoz or König pendulum testing method. The Elcometer 3045 Persoz & König Pendulum Hardness Tester is equipped with a number of unique features designed to maximise repeatability and reproducibility of the pendulum hardness test method. Using infrared technology, the Elcometer 3045 provides a fully automated Persoz or König pendulum hardness test with no human intervention ensuring accurate, repeatable results. Simply fit the pendulum on to the loading pins, load the sample and close the door. The pendulum automatically moves to the start position, the sample table rises and the test begins. The fully automated calibration procedure provides confidence in the test results. The Elcometer 3045 Persoz & König Pendulum Hardness Tester performs a full calibration routine using the glass calibration tile supplied; if the gauge is out of specification then, it automatically adjusts to meet the specified standard.

  • 3520 - Modem-On-Hold Tester

    Company: Rochelle Communications

    The Rochelle Model 3520 Modem-On-Hold Tester is a stand-alone instrument for development and testing of V.92 Modems and Integrated Access Devices. The Model 3520 features user-friendly software that allows the user to set CO line parameters, ringing voltage and frequency, and signal levels. The Model 3520 includes selectable 6, 9, and 15Kft artificial lines (26 AWG). Secondary CO line permits end-to-end voice path between two client modems. Pass-Through Mode places the CO-line simulator in series between a client modem and other testers or an external POTS line

  • HTRG-H - Automatic Capacitance Inductance Tester

    Company: Wuhan Huatian Electric

    HTRG-H automatic capacitance inductance tester mainly test the HV shunt capacitor banks of reactive power compensator and reactor, its measurement principle complies with the capacitance tester national standard. It solved the following problems:1. Do not need disassemble the wire when field test the capacitor, reduces the measurement process, improves the efficiency, avoid damaging the equipment. 2. Complete parameter measurement, easy to detect the quality change of the capacitor and the fault of the connecting conductor between the components.3. Large-capacity data storage communicates with USB, do need copy the test results on site, ensure the integrity of the test results.

  • KT-905D - Digital Surge Tester

    Company: Kast Eng Co. LTD

    Surge Tester of KAST is divided for the use of 3¡­40 §Ç by output voltage, and subdivided into type C of manual decision type, type A of auto decision type, type L of exclusive use for low inductance product test and type P loading printer which can printout its wave form and digital scope. Surge test requires only 0.5 second. Because Surge tester already performs 30 times of Impulse voltage test only for 0.5 second. Turn-to-turn short : phenomenon shorted between the side coils. 

  • Tire Plunger Tester

    Company: Qualitest International

    Our advanced range of Tire Plunger Tester machines are available in different configurations for various tests such as, plunger test, bead unseating, vertical elasticity coefficient, lateral elasticity coefficient, footprint analysis, dimension measurement, envelope stiffness, bevel stiffness, torsion, and inflation pressure tests. It equips with a servo driving system, high precision load & displacement detection device and the real-time computer analysis system to help the test facile and comprehensive. This extensive range of Tire Plunger Tester machines are widely used in the tire industry and meet the corresponding ASTM and other international standard test methods

  • FTB-890 & FTB-890NGE - Portable 100G Field Testers

    Company: EXFO

    The FTB-890 NetBlazer is the entry level 10M to 100G tester that covers a wide range of technologies including OTN, SONET/SDH, CPRI and Fibre Channel. The FTB-890NGE NetBlazer is the most comprehensive all-in-one tester, including testing for legacy networks at 64K up to next-generation networks at speeds of 100G. Testing traffic speeds ranging from 64K to 100G, the FTB-890 and FTB-890NGE offer a complete suite of testing capabilities to address the transformation of metro networks driven by the surge in demand for high-capacity video, voice and other services, as well as the specific testing requirements of DCIs.