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  • Polymer Testers

    Company: Ametek Sensors Test

    Accurate polymer testing requires dedicated polymer testing instruments. We offer a range of polymer testers for measuring density and intrinsic viscosity (IV).

  • RT100 - Relay Tester

    Company: Weis Gmbh & Co

    The Relay Tester (RT100) is a Secondary Injection Test Set designed for the testing of protective relay equipment. This instrument is intended for use in high voltage substations and industrial environments.

  • AD-902 - Insulation Testers

    Company: ADEX Urzadzenia Pomiarowe

    The instrument is designed for the direct measurement of insulation resistance of cables and electrical equipment especially in the telecommunications and communications. It can also serve as a tester for example go. Circuits or connectors.

  • EMC Testers

    Company: Hangzhou Everfine

    EMC(Electromagnetic Compatability) testers are specially designed according to the characteristics and requirements of EMS(Electromagnetic Sensitivity) test for LEDs and other electrical appliances.

  • C.A 6630 - Battery testers

    Company: Chauvin Arnoux /

    Ideal for preventive maintenance, the C.A 6630 battery capacity tester fits comfortably in one hand. It is simple to use and allows measurement of the internal resistance and open-circuit voltage.

  • Adhesive Testers

    Company: Shandong Drick Instruments

    Primary Adhesive Tester is applicable in primary adhesive tests of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, adhesive bandage (plaster), label, protective films and other products.

  • SL-032 - Combo Tester

    Company: KING GLORY Technolgy

    SL-032 tester can be touchable and used as 3 status, which is ideal for fast and multiple test for ESD grounding device. This tester shall be used as one of calibration instruments according to the calibration standard inclusive of daily inspection of technical requirement and program described as in ANSI ESD S20.20. Combo tester is designed for unique dual-testing circuit, which not only improve test speed, but also no single wrist strip/foot panel tester required. Furthermore, SL-032 configures with 750KΩ-10MΩ circuit used to test wrist strip and 750KΩ-100MΩ circuit used to test shoe cover, SL-032 tester is ideal for testing of wrist strip and shoe cover. Test parameter has been preset in factory, however it can be used only after one needed by you coordinates with test parameter. It is easy to operate, green indicator stands for normal operation status, red one and sound for higher or lower resistance. Accessories are: one 9V battery, a pedal, one piece of grounding cable, a stand, 3 pieces of screw and 3 pieces of fixed activities stand button .

  • Battery Testers

    Company: Clore Automotive

    When diagnosing a starting system issue, it is important to pinpoint the exact source of the problem to avoid warranty/replacement of the wrong part, reduce vehicle comebacks and maintain customer satisfaction. BA Series testers provide the detailed data needed to make the right call. Model Nos. BA5 and BA7 are economical enough to be used as triage testers at busy repair facilities. Put them in the hands of every tech in the shop and watch efficiency skyrocket.

  • RWC1000K / RWC1000NP Real World Certifier - Cable Tester

    Company: Triplett

    This is the perfect tester for UTP Cables and LAN devices. Test; speed parameters, cable propagation delay, cable skew, cable typing (Cat 3, 5, 5E, 6), attenuation, cable verification, high accuracy TOR, LAN device tester (advertised and negotiated). RWC also performs basic testing for coax cables. Comes with Tone Generator/Probe.

  • PH-320/300 Plug'N Check - Cable Tester

    Company: Pansco Ltd

    The plug‵N′check is our easiest-to use cable tester yet. Simply plug in both ends of a cable, and the easy-to-read LED display explains the cable type and checks whether cable is faulty or good automatically. A shield LED shows results of the shielding check and battery low indicator saves you from misreading the tester in case of low power. Will make work shorter and easier for the layman and the professional alike. Especially suited for installation and maintenance of residential networks.

  • CD Series - Capacity Tester

    Company: Crest Technology

    CD Series Precision Capacity Testers for carrying out Discharge Tests on Plate-type, Tubular, SLA and VRLA batteries accurately. The CD Series has been developed for businesses who specifically want to test the capacity of their batteries and analyze the performance characteristics of all kinds of batteries by performing discharge tests on them. The CD Series Precision Capacity Testers help to simulate real world conditions encompassing discharge currents which are different in nature and unique to each application.

  • PDT 80M - Drop Tester

    Company: Lansmont

    The PDT 80M is our low cost Precision Drop Tester model. It can perform drop tests on items weight up to 177 lbs. (80 kg). The standard drop height range is from 12 in. (30.5 cm) up to 72 in. (183 cm). When using the PDT 80M, the drop height is adjusted manually and the drop tester is operated by a footswitch.

  • ECU Tester

    Company: Peritec

    State-of-the-art analog and digital technology are covered in the ECU, measurement and control systems and flexible high performance is required for the evaluation. Verification of reliability is very important because it is an important component further life-threatening people. From previous experience, tester of the ECU has come to our proposed notice that it is better to use a TestStand and PXI is the optimal solution of Peritec ECU tester.

  • Enterprise Tester

    Company: Catch Software

    Enterprise Tester is award-winning test management software, which allows you to save up to 60% of your test setup time through the reuse of test scripts. Enterprise Tester eliminates duplication through tight integration with requirements management and defect tracking tools, offering full traceability from requirement definition and testing through to incident management.

  • ST2 - Stamper Tester

    Company: AudioDev AB

    Th e CATS ST2 Stamper tester helps you verify the quality at the earliest stage of the manufacturing process, prevent replication problems, and reduce costs. Stamper testing is an essential part of production control. It makes sure that problems can be avoided early on. Th e CATS ST2 Stamper tester is supplied with a removable glass window that compensates for spherical aberration caused by the absence of polycarbonate on a stamper.