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  • JP3X Series - Insulation Testers

    Company: Danbridge A/s

    The Danbridge non-destructive High Voltage Insulation Testers meet the demands for a gentle method of testing insulation condition and detecting leakage currents while protecting hardware, components and materials. Danbridge have two High Voltage Insulation Testers depending on requirements - JP30A can test using up to 30k volt, while JP36A is used when voltages up to 36k volt are desired.

  • Growler Tester

    Company: G. E. Motors (Pvt.)

    Being the reckoned names in the industry, we offer wide range of Growler Tester that are fabricated using"very high quality raw material which ensures high durability at its user end. These armature growler tester are widely finds its application in industrial and commercial sectors. They are light in weight and ensure performance based. Furthermore, we offer them at most affordable rates.

  • 8010 - Trailer Tester

    Company: Tekonsha

    The Trailer Tester is designed to help you quickly identify problems in the wiring of the trailer. This is done by testing the Left Turn, Right Turn, Tail/Marker, Brake and Back Up circuits on the trailer. The tester indicates approximate amount of current in each circuit. It will also test the voltage of the external battery connected to the trailer charge circuit (i.e. trailer battery).

  • Weld Testers

    Company: ACM Instruments

    The Weld Tester is our most versatile electrochemical monitoring instrument. Housed in a substantial metal case with brushed anodised aluminium front panel and green military specification connectors this equipment looks functional and professional. The top row of connectors are exactly the same as provided on a Gill 12 whilst the bottom row are for the additional weld segments. Using the same Potentiostat, Galvanostat, Zero Resistance Ammeter with integrated Frequency Response Analyser and Sweep Generator as a Gill 12 allows all the tests supplied with the Gill 12 to be supplied with the Weld Tester.

  • CCTV Testers

    Company: Video Products

    CCTV Tester with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) and IP Testing is a portable, multifunction tester for CCTV installations and maintenance. Power cameras and review the display without the hassle of running between the camera and a DVR located in a separate area. Test options include: audio, video, ping, TDR, PoE, IP network connections, and LAN (local area network) cable connections.

  • Radar Testers

    Company: Cobham Microwave

    Radar Testers are microwave portable generators. They are used for C, X and Ku-Band Radar tests. This Tester (model FS168) generates fixed frequency 5.9GHz, 8GHz or 12.5GHz with variable level and modulation. The operator can calibrate radar sensitivity and capacity by analyzing modulated receive signals. Power emission is adjustable by a 10dB step attenuator over a dynamic range of 60dB.

  • TIM Tester

    Company: Analysis Tech

    The Analysis Tech TIM Tester 1300 is an automated test system for measurement of thermal impedance and conductivity on thin, thermally conductive materials of the type frequently used for electronic packaging, as well as a wide variety of flexible or rigid solids and semi-liquid or viscous materials. Generally, the TIM Tester 1300 can accommodate samples with high-to-medium thermal conductivity with contact pressures ranging from 10 to 550 psi (70-3800 kpa) and at sample temperature ranging from 15C to 70C.

  • Food Testers

    Company: IMADA Incorporated

    These automated food testers are designed for clean, smooth trouble-free operation.Food Rheology testers automatically test firmness, elasticity or viscosity using a load cell combined with programmable movement control. The easy-to-use program dial and menu screens control probe positioning and speed. Select from three movement patterns. The USB port streams 1,000 force data/second to the Force Data Analysis Software (included).

  • Earth Testers*

    Company: Megger Group Ltd

    Ensuring an effective earth systen is essential in a telecommunications system, and Megger is expert in earth testing having been there right from the start.These days Megger offers top end systems for design and soil surveys as well as tough easy to use testers for field engineers. We have tried to make the testers self checking as much as we can, to allow you to concentrate on collating and understanding the results.

  • Battery Testers

    Company: HopeTech

    Battery testers are designed for the new measurement requirements of the battery industry. They are special for measurement use in low-resistance batteries, large-scale lithium battery packs and fast product sorting in production lines.

  • Battery Tester

    Company: Shenzhen Graigar

    A battery tester is an electronic device intended for testing the state of an electric battery, going from a simple device for testing the charge actually present in the cells and/or its voltage output, to a more comprehensive testing of the battery's condition.

  • TESTER - Cable Tester

    Company: Whirlwind

    This versatile cable tester checks many varieties of audio cables. It tests most cable combinations of XLR, 1/4" or RCA Phono plugs for shorts, opens, and polarity reverse. The handsfree design allows manipulation of the cable to locate intermittents.

  • LINKMASTER - Cable Testers

    Company: IDEAL Networks

    The LinkMaster Tester consists of two units. The main unit is connected to one end of the cable to be tested and the remote unit is connected to the jack at the far end of the cable (wall outlet, patch panel port, etc.)

  • E447 - Cable Testers

    Company: EMO Systems Canford

    Similar to E445 but without jack and RCA (phono) testing facilities. Includes special XLR remote unit to enable testing of cables where it is not possible to bring both ends to the tester.

  • SYNOR4207-4208 - CABLE TESTER

    Company: Sefelec

    This family of High Voltage Cable Tester is built with a unitary relay switching matrix, and allows to test groups of points against other group of points. AC/DC dielectric strength test. Insulation measurement. Four wires continuity