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    MT160 - GME Technology

    Test a wide variety of PC & Mac computer monitors-all in one unit. Extended scanning formats range from 15.7K to 80 KHz.

  • Computery Control Torsion Tester

    SG-L10 - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    The machine is mainly used for torsion test of metal and nonmetal,also it is applicable to the torsion test of parts and members. Servo-motor and cycloid gear reducer are introduced to the loading system in this product, the system for measuring torque and distortion angle are composed of high accurate torsion sensor, photoelectric encoder and computer measuring force.It possesses automatically tracking test torque and distortion angle, maintaining maximum peak load and displaying loading speed.Test data automatically display and process, print the test report according with the national criterions, including test date, number, material quality and torsion strength etc. The machine characterizes advanced technology, high accuracy, good stability, reliable quality and easy to operate, and it is necessary test instrument for aeronautics & astronautics, construction material, traffic, wire & cable, science research departm ent and universities.

  • Concrete Compression Flexure Tester

    Qualitest International Inc.

    The Compression & Flexure testing product line from Qualitest offers a wide variety that will fit almost any budget. Different options between models include digital or analog display, single or dual range, and different types of configurations. All the Compression & flexural testing machines conform to international standards for compressive & flexural tests.

  • Concrete Hardness Tester

    W-M-250 - James Instruments Inc.

    The W-M-250 Manual Test Hammer is the traditional instrument used for the non-destructive testing of hardened concrete. This easy-to-use instrument provides a quick and simple test for obtaining an immediate indication of concrete strength in various parts of a structure. The minimum verifiable strength is 1400 PSI (10 MPa)

  • Concrete Hardness Tester

    W-M-350 - James Instruments Inc.

    The W-M-350 Recording Test Hammer gives you the same quality as the W-M-250 but with the added feature of a built-in automatic chart recorder. Every test you take is automatically recorded as a bar chart on a paper strip.This creates a field record to verify your findings.In addi- tion to this paper record,you can see each test as it happens through the large easy to read window

  • Concrete Hardness Tester

    W-C-7312 - James Instruments Inc.

    It is recommended that calibration of the test hammers be checked regularly usually after about 2000 strokes.The James Calibration Anvil (W-C-7312) has been designed for just that purpose.

  • Concrete Tester & Surveyor

    CTS-02 - Nitto Construction Inc.

    The revolutionary CTS-02V4 is a multifunctional, highly accurate portable concrete testing tool. The device measures and analyzes the quality of concrete by the waveform of impact force at the point of hammer and concrete contact, without causing damage. A built-in Accelerometer measures blow force. With the CTS-02V4 it is now possible to measure the strength of older, deteriorated concrete and high strength concrete (up to 150N/mm2).

  • Concrete Water Impermeability Tester

    Qualitest International Inc.

    The concrete water impermeability testing system is designed with many different standards in mind including DIN 1048, ISO/DIS 7031, EN-12390-8 & UNI 9533. This impressive piece of machinery comes in different models with either 3 or 6 measuring points and with or without quantitative measurement of water permeability. The supporting structure is very stable and is at a convenient height to allow the easy access. The pans are made out of stainless steel, the specimens are easy to insert due to the clamping device.

  • Bundesmann Water Repellency Tester

    M230 - SDL Atlas

    The Bundesmann provides a water repellency test for fabrics that are being contacted during use such as a rain jacket. Samples are mounted over a cup and are rubbed from underneath during the test.

  • Burn-in Board Testers

    Burn-In Systems - TRIO-TECH International

    Burn-In Board are an abstract group of PCBs designed to house the components to be Burn-In. Particular attention is paid to the fact that they are subjected to temperature stresses while begin electrically exercised. Humidity and other environmental parameters may be applied where Burn-in specifications dictates so. To meet the stringent requirements in terms of material and manufacturing standards for fabrication of burn-in boards, Trio-Tech International has:-A manufacturing facility for all types of Burn-In Boards.A core team of dynamic graduates spearheading the research and development of new and better material and more efficient production techniques.A stringent quality control programme with awards and certificates for example ISO9001.More than 21 years of growth and a vast databank of accumulated technical knowledge to draw from.Facilities for computer aided design of Burn-in Boards.

  • Burning Hot Tester

    SG-D04D - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    Electrical parts or parts in the event of a fault or overload conditions , may reach too high a temperature or ignite near their parts, the glow-wire test simulates the searing overload resistance elements like heat or ignition source heat stress caused by a short time , using a technology assessment of fire risk .

  • Cable Continuity Testers

    Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic CO.,LTD

    1. Visible LED status display. 2. Check the RJ11& RJ45 Cable quickly. 3. Automatically runs all tests and checks for continutiy, open,shorted and crossed wire pairs. 4. Detect PoE function. 5. 4 lights will be flashing when start PoE test . 6. Slow and fast test switch.

  • Cable Electric Resistance Tester

    MR 270 C-A - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The MR270C-A is specially designed for electric resistance measurements in cable industry applications and inductive loads (transformers, motors). It is perfectly fit both for measuring the meter resistance in connection with a corresponding resistance measurement holding device or for final acceptance control of power cable reels. In the case of cable reels, which often have a cable length of several kilometers, both the compensation of the inductive component and the ability to perform measurements in the presence of high noise levels are important. This also applies to the winding resistance of transformers and motors.

  • Cable/Hardness/PCB/FPC Tester

    UT8080 Series - Utron Technologies

    TEST POINTS 128, 256, 384, 512 128, 256, 384, 512CONTINUITY R. 100, 500, 1K, 5K, 10K, 50K 1K, 5K, 10KINSULATION R. 500K, 1M, 2M, 5M, 7M, 10M, 20M 500K, 1M, 2M, 7MTEST VOLTAGE 15Vdc 15VdcTEST CURRENT 15mA(MAX.) 5mA(MAX.)TEST SPEED 40960P - P/sec 27000P - P/secSTANDARD INTERFACE Printer Port Printer PortOPTION INTERFACE PLC, Non NonFIXTURE INTERFACE 64 Pin Flat Cable 64 Pin Flat CableDISPLAY 2 Lines x 20 Character 2 Lines x 20 CharacterSTEP TEST FUNCTION Yes, (MAX, 99 Step) Yes, (MAX, 99 Step)BARE-END TEST FUNCTION Yes, A Port 64pin Yes, A Port 64pinSEQUENTIAL TEST FUNCTION Yes YesSEARCH FUNCTION Yes YesINTERMITTANCE TEST FUNCTION Yes, Faster Yes, FasterOPEN-SIDE DISTINGUISHABLE Yes, Show a or b Lower Case Yes, Show a or b Lower CaseFIXTURE SHORT TEST Yes, Auto-Test When Power On Yes, Auto-Test When Power OnINTERMITTANCE LOCK FUNCTION Lock/Unlock Lock/UnlockERROR MESSAGE DISPLAY SETTING All Error, or 1~8 Set All Error, or 1~8 SetFAULT RESULTS Display Automatically Display AutomaticallyDELAY TIME SETTING Yes, 1~50 Counter Yes, 1~50 CounterVOLUME ADJUSTABLE 8 Steps Volumes, Individual Pass/Fail Sounds 8 Steps Volumes, Individual Pass/Fail SoundsNo. OF KEY 16 Key 12 KeyPOWER 100~260VAC 50/60HZ 100~260VAC 50/60HZOPERATION TEMP 10oC ~40oC 10oC ~40oCDIMEMSION 400 x 350 x 145mm (1.99 Measuremeng) 400 x 350 x 145mm (1.99 Measuremeng)WEIGHT N.W.: 7kg G.W.: 10kg N.W.: 7kg G.W.: 10kg

  • Cable Length Testers

    Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic CO.,LTD

    1.Check the PING , POE and cross-talk functions for Network cable. 2. Hunt the target cable from a bundle of cables , such as RJ11 / RJ45 / BNC. 3.Under the situation of connecting Ethernet switches / router to find target cable. 4.Locate the short circuit location for 2 cores cable. 5.Wiremap the short , open , cross , reverse circuit for RJ11 / RJ45 / BNC cables .