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  • NplusT - Nand Flash Tester

    Company: Saniffer

    NplusT was created in December 2002 by Tamás Kerekes’ 20-years experience in the field of electrical semiconductors and reliability testing.The company started with the sales representation of semiconductor equipment and consumable suppliers. In the meantime, qualified engineering services, linked to the represented products, were provided in Europe.In 2003 NplusT started to market "RIFLE", the non-volatile memory engineering tester, and related services. In a few years, this product has become a reference platform for many memory makers.In 2005 Liliom Laboratories, a Hungarian software development company, merged into NplusT. Thanks to this operation, the company became leader in the test data collection and processing segment.From 2008 a dominant portion of NplusT‟s turn-over derived from licensing software products. Today almost every European along with several Far East semicon companies license our software products and make use of qualified engineering services.From 2011, NplusT provides turn-key solutions for device testing and characterization, including hardware, software and support.

  • PK-7890/7890R PanTester - Multi Cable Tester

    Company: Pansco Ltd

    PANTESTER is an advanced multifunction pin-by-pin cable tester to verify cable integrity of Datacom. Telecom and Coaxial cables and displays the test results on the main unit. It includes 8 separate remote ID terminators allows one person to view test results for 8 installed cables at a time to save time and money. Capabilities including (A) Auto/ID test function – It allows users to quickly check up to 8 installed data, voice and Coax cable at a time. It displays the passed cable type, ID number and identifies crossover and reversed and faulty cable in a second. (B) Blink Hub function – It blinks the Hub/Switch port light for easy outlet and cable identification, locate corresponding outlet on Hub/Switch and identifies network activity and speed. (PK-7891 only) (C) Learning function – It makes testing cable in any quantity a snap. It memory’s stores any standard or custom configuration and performs on instant no-button check on each new cable plugged in, makes testing large quantities of cable quicker and easier. (D) Tone generator function – It allows you to send a Hi/ or Low tone on individual pin or pair and on all pins simultaneously to locate a wire break. The tone generator traces cable using a tone detectable by Net Probe (PR-06P) or any market tone probe. It will make work shorter and easier for the professional and the layman alike.

  • T101RSeries - SCR / DIODE TESTER

    Company: Carl E. Holmes Company

    The T101R/2V DIODE and SCR tester puts the sophisticated testing capability of high-priced, specialized units into a portable package that is economically priced and easy to use. It includes provisions for checking DIODES and SCR's (includes axial leads, stud mount, and flat packs) for opens, shorts, leaks, and breakdown under actual operating conditions. The leakage test applies a continuously variable peak voltage from 0 to 2,000 volts. This test shows if the DIODE or SCR will breakdown under operating conditions and is monitored by a peak reading DC voltmeter and ammeter. A built-in current trip disconnects power if the leakage current exceeds 15 milliamps during DIODE tests or 10 milliamps during SCR tests. The SCR gating test checks gate control characteristics and provides a means of matching SCR's according to their gate-current characteristics. This test is also monitored by a DC voltmeter and ammeter. The T101R/2V is a compact 6 x 12 x 17 inches and it operates on 120 VAC, 60 Hz line voltages. An easy to use instruction plate is included inside the front cover. Unit comes with test leads and compressor block. For 120 VAC, 50 Hz models, consult the factory. Additional 240/120 VAC step down transformers is included in the 50 Hz models.

  • HYGS - Tan Delta Tester

    Company: Wuhan Huaying Electric

    1 General introduction HYGS Automatic Capacitance & Dissipation Factor Test Set is applied to measure the dissipation factor (PF) of insulating materials in heavy interference site such as power plants or power substations. It can also be applied in laboratory for high accurate capacitance and dissipation test. The tester is whole in one designed: including precision digital bridge, power unit, reference capacitor (CN), step-up transformer and other electronic circuits. When started, it’s running automatically and then outputs the results on LCD display and prints the results automatically. 2 Technique index Accuracy: Cx ±(reading×1%+1pF) PF ±(reading×1%+0.00040) Interference Ratio: Interference current is no more than 2 times of the test current Capacitance Range: Internal HV 3pF~60000pF / 10kV,60pF~1uF/0.5kV External HV: 3pF~1.5μF/10kV 60pF~30μF/0.5kV Resolution: 0.0001pF, 4 digitals Tgδ Range: No limit, Resolution 0.001%, C/L/R sample test Input current range: 10μA~5A Internal HV: 0.5~10kV / 200mA (max) CVT low voltage output: 3~50V, current 3~30A HV Adjust: Rise or fall smoothly HV Accuracy: ±(reading×1%+10V) Resolving 100V Frequency select: 50Hz single point, locked 45Hz/55Hz double point, locked Test Time: 40s typical Power Supply: 180V~270V 50Hz/60Hz auto Operating Temperature: -10℃~50℃ storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃ Humidity: <90%

  • M-IPC-500D - IP Camera Tester

    Company: Fuzhou Metricu Technology

    IP camera tester with analog, capacitive touch screen, 1024×800 resolution, display IP camera image either by onvif, H.264, H.265, 4K, either by customized IP cameras protocols (over 80 protocols have included), either by mobile apps of IP cameras, either by RTSP, support both onvif and analog PTZ control, IP discovery, Hikvision and Dahua test tool. 4 x zoom in the image, image screenshot, video recording and playback, built-in WiFi, allow user to connect to a wireless network and view IP cameras, FTP Server, Static IP address, DHCP, simultaneously test different segments´ IP cameras, Network bandwidth testing, PoE 24W power supply to IP camera, PoE voltage testing, HDMI output, support 1080P, support DC12V 2A power output to camera, USB 5V 2A power output to mobile phone, PoE port finder, link monitoring, ip camera´s ping testing, ip address scan, BNC input & output, NTSC/PAL auto-selecting, video signal measurement, preset setting, UTP cable testing, PTZ data analyst, RS485 communication address scan, audio input testing and output, Led lamp, one 8G SD card included, 7.4V DC 5800mAh lithium polymer battery, working for 10 hours, HD-TVI camera testing, HD-CVI camera testing, AHD camera testing, HD-SDI camera testing, multimeter, etc.

  • SS3250 / SS3252 / SS3302 - Automatic Transformer Tester

    Company: Sanshine Electronis

    Automatic transformer test instrument is a precision test system, designed for transformer production line or incoming/outgoing inspection in quality control process, with high stability and high reliability. Test frequency: 10Hz-200KHz / 1MHz, 0.02% accuracy.

  • ART-3D - Automatic Ratio Testers

    Company: Technology Products

    The ART-3D series are precision instruments, designed to measure turn ratios, phase displacements, excitation currents of single phase and three phase power, distribution and instrument transformers in conformity to the IEEE C57.12.90 & IEC 60076

  • Automatic Rotor Tester

    Company: Jabbals

    Fast and easy operationPnuematic cylinders to load and unload the rotorsAdjusting probe for changes in skew angles

  • 6200 Series - Automated Piolet Static Tester

    Company: Laversab

    Is used to perform leak-checks and accuracy checks on the Pitot Static systems of non-RVSM aircraft. Accuracy checks are typically performed on altimeters, airspeed indicators and VSI''s. The high accuracy of the Pitot output isideally suited for checks at low airspeeds.

  • SimpleTester - Automated SNMP Agent Tester

    Company: SimpleSoft

    The SimpleTester™ is the industry leading SNMP test tool that automatically exercises SNMP v1, v2C, and v3 agents. All types of SNMP Agents (standalone, proxies, sub-agents) implementing one or more standard, experimental or private MIBs can be exhaustively tested, within minutes.

  • 7000AN Series - Automatic Surge Tester

    Company: Jabbals

    Model range upto 5KVPC Compatible - store & print waveformsAuto/Manual Test modeDual station jigSingle turn short detection capabilityOptional HV Flash and Resistance TestSuitable for fast paced production lines

  • Qness10/30 A-A+ Series - Automatic Hardness Tester

    Company: Qualitest International

    Electronically controlled loads secure a quick and precise hardness testing as well as quick method change (maintenance free) and automatic recognition of the focus layer.

  • KD-8688 - Automatic Huge Drop Tester

    Company: King Design Industrial

    Automatic drop testing, four column bases rise the specimen, the support arms clip the specimen from both sides, auto rise to test height and release for dropping.Auto micro balance adjusts the test specimen.To test huge specimen, weight up to 800 kg, dimension up to 1600mm width and 500mm deep. Extend no limitation for Huge dimension.Support arm can be micro adjusted the inclination angle for unbalance drop, corner / edge / face….etc.The base plate is cast made, high rigidity and no resonance structure.

  • Automatic In-line Hardness Testers

    Company: Qualitest International

    The modern production process requires faster and more accurate quality control and documentation of the test process. Conventional Brinell and Rockwell hardness tests are very time consuming and labor intensive when each test is carried out by an operator, especially in high volume testing or testing of large and heavy test pieces. Add to that, surface preparation and optical evaluation of the test results, and the cost savings of an automated inline hardness test system becomes even greater (“easy to justify” or “even more evident”). In most modern manufacturing industries, it is of upmost importance to deliver maximum efficiency at minimum expense.

  • KJ-F012 - Automatic insertion force tester

    Company: Dongguan Kejian Instrument

    Max load 50,20,5,2kgMin resolution 0.01kg or 1gMax height 150mmMin fine tuning distance 0.01mmTest speed 0~200mm/minX、Y stroke 0~75mmtransmission mechanism ball screw Drive motor Servo motorOutside size 360×260×940mmWeight 67kgPower AC220V