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  • MIL-STD-1553 A, B Simulator/Analyzer/Tester

    CIC201 - Andor Design Corp.

    MIL-STD-1553 A, B Simulator/Analyzer/Tester - CIC201B VME/VXI B Size Interface, CIC201C VME/VXI C Size Interface - The CIC201 can be used for Validation Testing, Production Testing, full bus simulation and monitoring, as a general purpose 1553 interface or a stand alone bus Analyzer. For precise message scheduling and measurements, the Major and minor frame times are independent of message sequences or retransmissions on errors and the start of all command messages are independent of message length, response time or length of response. Message timing is calibrated and RT responses have low jitter.

  • Multi Function Cable Tester Pro

    43069 - LINDY-Elektronik GmbH

    The unit not only identifies open circuits, short circuits, cross-wires and mis-wires for all these cable types it also shows the pin-to-pin connectivity and has the ability to record up to 100 tests that can then be uploaded to a PC. Advanced cable tester ideal for use in computer workshops and repair centres to test commonly used computer and AV cables such as: IDC40, IDC40 extension port, HD15 Male / Female, Audio 3.5mm. RJ-11, RJ-45, eSATAp 5V, SATA 7pin. USB 2.0 Type A, B, Micro A, Micro B & Mini B & USB 3.0 Type A, B & Micro B. HDMI, Mini HDMI, Micro HDMI, DisplayPort.

  • Internal Bond Tester And Prep Station

    80-20 - Testing Machines, Inc.

    The Internal Bond Tester is designed to determine the internal bond strength of a variety of Paper and Board materials according to TAPPI T 569. The instrument design is based on a falling pendulum which creates a high speed impact on a paper specimen. The paper specimen is sandwiched between two double-coated tape substrates. The pendulum impact measures the total energy required to delaminate the internal fibers of a specimen in a "Z" type direction into two separate piles. The system also incorporates an automatic sample preparation station which allows five specimens to be accurately prepared simultaneously. The Prep Station requires a filtered air supply meeting IG4 Industrial Grade Air: ISO Class 1-4-1.

  • Insertion Loss and Return Loss Testers

    Ingellen Technology Co.,Ltd

    Insertion loss refers to the fiber optic light loss caused when a fiber optic component insert in to another one to form the fiber optic link. Insertion loss can result from absorption, misalignment or air gap between the fiber optic components. Return loss is the fiber optic light gets reflected back at the connection point. The higher the return loss means the lower reflection and the better the connection is. Ingellen supply Insertion Loss and Return Loss Testers which are 100% tested on each single piece before shipment, and they are fully compliant or exceed the industry standard.

  • 500 VAC AC Hipot Tester

    298 Series - Slaughter Company, Inc.

    The 298 is a 500 VAC AC Hipot tester that offers 100 mA of AC output current. DUT’s that are highly capacitive in nature will require a higher level of output current during the AC Hipot test. With 100 mA of output current the 298 is able to test these DUTs as well as meet safety agency requirements for a 500 VA Hipot tests. Released in January 2016, the 290 series provides an improved interface that eliminates confusing menus and redundant button pushes allows manufacturers to set-up and run production Hipot tests in a matter of seconds. The 290 series also provides common sense security settings that make it easy to set the permission levels. With a rugged and reliable design, the 290 series is well suited for production line applications. Optional USB interface provides a simple way for manufactures to automate their production line.

  • Brinell Rockwell & Vickers Hardness Tester

    Mitech Co., LTD.

    advanced optical hardness tester, based on the mechanical principle of diamond or spherical cemented carbide indenter pressing into the sample surface to produce indentation, realizing Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers three different materials hardness measurement by measuring the depth or diameter of the indentation. With novel appearance, full-featured, Rockwell hardness value can be directly read by the optical projection screen, Vickers, Brinell hardness values need to look up the table, easy operation, it can meet the needs of users of a variety of hardness testing. It is widely used in metal processing and manufacturing, various metal material’s failure analysis and other fields like colleges and research institutions. It is the new type multifunctional testing instrument for mental and part of the the non-metallic materials research and hardness test.

  • Guided Assembly | Cable & Harness Testers

    Autobuild™ - CAMI Research Inc. (CableEye®)

    Our optional, add-on AutoBuild™ software (Item 728) offers Guided Assembly for cables and wire harnesses. Use a supplied probe, or a finger with wrist strap, to touch an unterminated wire and the software shows (and says) exactly where the wire should be connected. As the operator attaches each new wire, AutoBuild checks the entire assembly and provides a clear checklist showing all completed good connections.When using our resistance-capable testers, you may connect diodes and resistors by name and value, check resistance values over the tester's specified range, and test conduction and isolation resistance against specified thresholds. Programmable tones accompany the graphic screen to give clear signals to the operator when good connections are completed or when incorrect connections, resistance violations, or diode insertions are detected.

  • 4 Wire Earth Resistance Testers

    Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    Microprocessor-controlled with advanced safety features.● 4-wire testing only.● Automatic C spike check.● Auto power-off.● Auto data hold.● Large LCD (2000 counts).● Protective terminal cover.

  • 5 kV AC Hipot Testers

    Models M100BVS5 & M500BVS5 - Rod-L Electronics

    Now you can perform safe, rapid and efficient hipot testing, ground continuity testing, and total or real current monitoring in one simple operation. The ROD-L Electronics model M100BVS5 and model M500BVS5 hipot testers perform safe and accurate AC hipot and ground continuity testing in compliance with UL, IEC, CSA, VDE, FCC and other electrical equipment testing standards

  • 6/12/24/36V Conductance Battery Tester

    MBT300 - Matco Tools

    Tests 6/12/24V lead acid batteries individually or in parallel and series battery packs. Displays battery or battery pack condition as % available capacity, rated capacity (CCAs), state of charge voltage, and good or replace status. Tests 6/12/24/36V starter and charging systems including starter draw, alternator and regulator output (loaded/unloaded), and diode ripple.

  • 6 Sided Bed of Nails Testers

    BoxProber Family - Test Electronics

    6 sided Bed of Nails circuit board test fixture. Probes top bottom and all 4 sides. Central camming mechanism pull plates inward. Mechanically or electrically actuated options. Designed primarily for testing products in plastics. Side access electrically probes outside panel connectors. The unit will also optically read LEDs and key segments off LCD displays. Solenoids will press buttons and servos will turn selector switches. DC motors are used to adjust multiple turn potentiometers. Microphone will detect audio output tones. Top and bottom of circuit boards can also be probed if removable access panels are available. This unit will also probe all 6 sides of a circuit board. This is typically utilized in applications where connector testing is required.

  • AC/DC Mini Digital Clamp Tester


    40mmφCT window and ultra compact size.Data-hold function. Especially useful when working in dark or hard to get areas.Conform to IEC safety requirements.Wide current measurements from AC/DC 0.1A to 1000A.

  • AC/DC Mini Digital Clamp Tester


    30mmφ CT window and ultra compact size.Conform to IEC safety requirements.True rms reading for ACA and ACV.Data-hold function and auto power off.Auto zero adjustment for DC current offset.

  • AC/DC Mini Digital Clamp Tester


    23mmfCT window and ultra compact size. Data-hold function. Especially useful when working in dark or hard to get areas. Accurate gearing mechanism for closing of CT. Best tool for automotive service.

  • AC/DC Mini Digital Clamp Tester


    30mmφ CT window and ultra compact size.Conform to IEC safety requirements.Low cost and multi-function clamp tester.Max. and Min.hold function.Data-hold function and auto power off.Auto zero adjustment for DC current offset.