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  • Soil Elements Tester

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    Can detect the soil, plant, chemical fertilizer, biological fertilizer samples available N, available P, available potassium, plants in the total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium, organic matter content, soil pH and soil salinity.

  • Ultrasonic Hardness Tester

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    Compact metal case,suitable for use under poor working conditions. Test at any angle, even upside down.�� Wide measuring range. It can measure the hardness of all metallic materials. Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS, HL�� Large screen(128 × 64 dot matrix LCD), showing all functions and parameters. With EL background light.�� Software calibration function.�� Software to connect with PC via RS232 port. Micro printer support.�� Outline :132*76.2mm Weight:345g

  • JS-P810 - Foundation Pile Dynamic Tester

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    The apparatus is used to assess the integrality of concrete pile and determine the length of foundation pile. P810 is used for testing perfusion pile and hummer pile. It is also used for testing the exposed top wall construction such as pillar.* Testing length and concrete characters of pile* It can be used in precasting concrete pile (steel pipe), cast-in-place concrete pile and wood pile* Determine the abnormal situation of foundation pile, such as pile length, collapsed area, crack, cut expend or contract and poor quality concrete area.

  • Electrical Appliance Tester

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    The device consists of a surface and an angle adjusting device, with angles 0~15°The appliance is placed in any normal position of use on a plane inclined at an angle of 10°To the horizontal, the supply cord resting on the inclined plane in the most unfavorable position. However, if part of an appliance comes into contact with the horizontal supporting surface when the appliance is tilted through an angle of 10°.Appliances provided with doors are tested with the doors open or closed, whichever is the more unfavorable.Appliances intended to be filled with liquid by the user in normal use are tested empty or filled with the most unfavorable quantity of water up to the capacity indicated in the instructions.

  • ED-470B - Digital IC Tester

    Company: ED CO. LTD

    *Test mode and test results on the 16-character LCD*Identifi cation of unknown IC's and ability to display its name*Wide range of IC's detection : TTL, CMOS Digital IC*Test Pins : 14~28 pin package

  • 34780 - Diesel Tester for Mercedes Benz-Vehicles

    Company: S & G Tool Aid

    Has piggy-back 12mm-1.25 & 18mm-1.50 threads for testing at glow plug port. Applications: 12mm is for Model 300 & 300 Turbo Diesel from 1978 and the 250 & 350 Turbo models. 18mm is for all regular Mercedes Benz engines & Model 300 prior to 1978.

  • 25500 - Audio Circuit Tester

    Company: S & G Tool Aid

    Handy device for locating short and open circuits. Horn sounds when circuit is complete. Long 5 foot leads permit technicians to work around corners, under dash boards and in trunks. For use on all 6 and 12 volt circuits.

  • 33600 - Exhaust Back Pressure Tester

    Company: S & G Tool Aid

    Use to test for clogged or obstructed catalytic converters and mufflers. Fast and easy to use - threads into Oxygen Sensor Port. Includes 12mm and 18mm adapters to fit most domestic and imported vehicles. Gage measures 2 1/2" diameter and has dual scale: 15 PSI and 1.00 Kg/Cm2. Hose is 41" long.

  • 34700 - Diesel Compression Tester

    Company: S & G Tool Aid

    Measures cylinder pressure on diesels equipped cars and trucks. Records maximum pressure reached during engine test. Release valve allows for immediate venting and resets gage for repeat tests. Swivel end quick coupler is connected to adapters sold separately. High pressure hose is 16 1/2" long. Gage is scaled from 0-1,000 PSI and 0-70 BAR.

  • 33900 - Fuel Injection Pressure Tester

    Company: S & G Tool Aid

    Test gasoline fuel pump pressure on most domestic and imported fuel injection equipped vehicles.Kit contains adapters to test all GM vehicles with Multi-port and some Throttle Body Injection (TBI). Test all Chrysler cars with Multi-port turbos and some TBI.Use on older Ford TBI systems not equipped with small Schrader test valve.Includes Large Gage with hang-up hook calibrated from 1-100 PSI (0-7.0 BAR).

  • MEA MSU100 - Surge Tester with Performance Tests

    Company: M.E.A. Testing Systems

    *MEA MSU100 Series – Fully automatic SURGE testing of 3 phase and single phase stators, armatures, transformers, and motors, ranging from 10 W to 500 kW, and patented Stator/Rotor performance testing.*MEA MSU101 Series – Customized, fully automatic production line testing system with SURGE testing of 3 phase or single phase stators, armatures, transformers, and motors, ranging from 10 W to 500 kW. The system can be also equipped with automatic testing of H.V. and 4-wire resistance, temperature, and patented Stator/Rotor performance testing.*PERFORMANCE TESTING – MEA patented tests – MEA patented performance testing provides fully automatic Stator/Rotor performance tests, showing the UUT performance as it will be after assembled as motor.*Integrated database.*200 V up to 5 kV programmable impulse.*Option for Partial/Low-Energy Discharge.*Go/No Go tests with comparison detection of: Area Size, Diff Zone, Corona Amount, and Corona Number.*Performances tests comparison at cold and hot state (temperature tests via up to 8 thermocouples).*Interfaces: RS-232, USB, Ethernet (for remote control).*Can be controlled via I/O for OEM applications and easy integration for automatic lines.*Special self-calibration function. No need to send back for the vendor's calibration, saving time and costs.*MSU101 integrated and operated with PC having user-friendly Windows 7 interface, with large database for storing test programs and test results.*Barcode reader, individual print-out of test protocols and labels, of H.V. and 4-wire resistance, and temperature measurement can be integrated into the system.

  • Linear Load Tester

    Company: M.E.A. Testing Systems

    *Measures time-load-distance with high-accuracy.*Measures speed characteristics in the work piece loaded.*Measures propulsive characteristics in the work piece in its excited state.*Measures cogging torque characteristics in the work piece not in its non-excited state.*Adopting in-house load cell and a linear scale of 1-micrometer resolution, the system enables high-accuracy testing of load vs. distance of linear movement.*It performs load control and force detection in both forward and backward directions.

  • Heavy Duty Fan Tester

    Company: M.E.A. Testing Systems

    Analysis of real-time behavior of fan systems, including the heavy duty fan's load curve. Without connecting to any sensor, provides: heavy duty fan's load curve, input and output performance of the heavy duty fan's nominal working point, friction and mechanical defect testing.

  • Pull-off Adhesion Testers

    Company: DeFelsko

    Measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and other rigid substratesConforms to international standards including ASTM D4541/D7234/D7522, ISO 4624/16276-1, AS/NZS 1580.408.5 and others. Available in Automatic or Manual models.

  • DR-5 - Portable Line Tester

    Company: Daerim Electronics

    The DR-5 is designed for repairing line faults and installing new telephone lines, especially for the MDF in unmanned offices which do not have their own test board.1. Insulation resistance measuring2. Loop resistance measuring3. DC voltage measuring4. Terminal, Line capacity measuring5. Subscriber calling6. Dialing(Tone, Pulse type)7. Transmitting, receiving, waiting, and three way calling8. Test tone transmitting9. Four type melody soundInsulation resistance measuring range: DC180V / 50Mega OhmLoop resistance measuring range : 0 ~ 500Kilo OhmDC voltage measuring range : 0 ~ 150VRing signal Range : 20Hz / 75VPower : DC12V, AC 85~260 Free voltageDimension : 330 * 220 * 140(m/m)Weight : 3.5kg