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  • SKZ101 - Double Column Tensile Tester

    Company: SKZ Industrial Co

    Its precise auto control and data acquisition system allow it to automatically acquire data and control the procedures. It can measure tensile strength, elongation, deformation, equipped with printer, the test results can be printed. And also equipped with the extensometer.

  • SKZ146D - Digital Charpy Impact Tester

    Company: SKZ Industrial Co

    To determine charpy impact properties of plastics, rigid plastic sheet, pipe, digital type.With stable and reliable performance, high precision, easy to use, can be directly calculated impact energy, save 60 historical data, six kinds of units transform the two-screen display can show the practical point of view and angle peak or energy.

  • SKZ115 - Beating Pulp Tester

    Company: SKZ Industrial Co

    The instrument is applicable in testing all kinds of suspending pulp liquid that less than 100SR--- Schopper-Riegler. It can utilize the material economically with manual controlling and operate easily. Its parameters and performance accord with the standards QB/T1054-98, GB/T3332-1982 and ISO5267/1.

  • SKZ131 - Rubber vulcanizing Tester

    Company: SKZ Industrial Co

    For measuring the unvulcanized rubber characteristics to identify the optimum cure time.

  • 901 - TDR LAN Cable Tester

    Company: Fine Instruments

    Accurate to 2" (5 cm) throughout the entire range up to 2,000 ft (600 m). Digital Display shows 5 common wiring faults : Open Pair, Shorted Pair, Crossed Pair, Split Pair, and Reversed Pair. Includes 1 remote identifier for wiremapping. Extra-large backlit (ICON type 7 segment) LCD. Automatic output impedance control, auto-range, auto-zero, and auto-sensitivity allows for closely matching to a wide range of cables under test. Only V.O.P(Velocity of propagation) settings required.

  • 157 - AC/DC Leakage Current Tester

    Company: Fine Instruments

    3 digit, 4000 count. AC/DC current measurement(2 ranges:40A/600A with 10mA Max.resolution). AC/DC voltage measurement(Autoranging:4V/40V/400V/600V). AC frequency response(50Hz to 400Hz). Ohms measurement(Autoranging:400Ω/4kΩ/40kΩ/400kΩ/4MΩ/40MΩ). Continuity check/beeper.

  • Fuel Pressure Testers

    Company: Snap-on

    • Developed with input from technicians on adaptor selection for 7.3 L, 6.7 L, 6.4 L and 6.0 L Ford®Power Stroke®engines• 0 100 PSI gauge and hose assembly• Low-pressure diesel-fuel delivery testing (lift pump)• Correct fuel delivery and dynamic fuel pressure are crucial to having a properly running engine• Helps prevent a lean condition that may cause burning of injectors or scorched cylinders• Convenient protective slide-lid case that will fit in a 4" drawer for easy tool access• Technical Support: 1-866-713-6007

  • EEPV509 - Cylinder Leakage Testers

    Company: Snap-on

    Input pressure gauge displays input air pressure for proper cylinder leakage test set up and accurate results Pressure gauge range is 0-100 psi (0-700 kPa) in 2 psi (20 kPa) increments Cylinder leakage gauge displays leakage as a percentage of input pressure with 3 distinctive zones of high, moderate and low

  • Surface Roughness Tester

    Company: Mitech Co. LTD

    This instrument is a sensor & host integration pocket instrument. It is suitable for carrying, can do fast measurement and testing on site. With features of highly measurement accuracy, widely measurement range, portable size, easy operation, stable working, it can be widely used for surface detection of various metal and nonmetal processing.

  • Compact TK - In-circuit and functional Tester

    Company: SEICA SpA

    This is the smallest configuration , and is generally recommended for ICT and on-board programming applications. It is characterized by a high level of ergonomy, small footprint, easy maintenance , low power consumption and enhanced operator safety.

  • Pilot4D H4 - Flying Probe Tester

    Company: SEICA SpA

    The Pilot4D H4 represents the best solution for those looking for an economic flying probe system. This is the ideal solution for low to medium volume production with the ability to expand at a future date. The test area can accommodate 16” x 20” boards with split test. The ATE rack can be expanded with additional analog channels, connectable to an optional external bed of nails test fixture (TPM).

  • Pilot 4D M4 - Flying Probe Tester

    Company: SEICA SpA

    The Pilot 4D M4 is a full-performance, double-sided, flying probe test system with an extremely high level of flexibility, making it the ideal solution for those with a wide variety of testing needs, from prototypes to small/medium production volume, through the repair of field returns and reverse engineering. The vertical, compact architecture and the excellent board clamping system ensure that there is no oscillation of the board under test, which in turn greatly facilitates the precise positioning of the probes on the test points.

  • Pilot 4D V8 - Flying Probe Tester

    Company: SEICA SpA

    The Pilot 4D V8 represents the latest frontier in flying probe test technology; it is the complete solution for those who want maximum performance: the highest test speed, low to medium volume, test coverage and flexibility, for prototyping, manufacturing, or repairing any type of board. Its vertical architecture is the optimum solution for probing both sides of the UUT simultaneously.

  • Pilot 4D L4 - Flying Probe Tester

    Company: SEICA SpA

    The Pilot 4D L4 represents the best solution for those wishing to fully automate the flying probe test process, eliminating the need for continuous operator presence in order to manage the test system. Thanks to its integrated SMEMA conveyor, the Pilot 4D L4 can be combined with automatic load/unload magazines or lines, executing in-circuit, functional and visual tests of electronic boards in a completely automated mode. This is the ideal solution for medium and even high volume production test needs. The large test area can accommodate 21” x 24” boards (540 x 610 mm) board with split test. The ATE rack can be expanded with up to 1032 analog channels, connectable to an optional external bed of nails test fixture (TPM).

  • Compact SL - In-circuit and Functional Tester

    Company: SEICA SpA

    This configuration offers a completely automated solution via an integrated, SMEMA-compatible conveyor system, allowing completely automatic board handling and easy integration into high volume production lines. Configurable as ICT, pre-functional, functional and combinational. The compact footprint and the compliance with WCM criteria, enable easy and successful integration both in-line and/or within an automated test island. Cost reduction and high throughput guaranteed.