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  • TE0602 - Wrist and Foot Strap Tester

    Company: Shenzhen Aidacomm

    The characteristics feature of this product is quickly test ESD equipment.Three separate devices(left shoes and right shoes,wrist bands) cancomplete ESD test together.

  • DX-800M - XRF gold tester

    Company: Dongguan Hongtuo

    (1)Integrated an inbuilt computer with high industrial motherboard and multi- point hand touch, you don’t need to prepare other computers, it can bring you super smooth experience feelings (2)Three core components inside the instrument are all imported, so it determines that the instrument can accurately distinguish different gold samples especially 99.9% gold and 99.99% gold (3)The instruments possess own unique mode of “one-key test”, it is China first and same as Europe's top spectrometers. No matter any unknown metal material, the operators don’t need to choose test templates and software intelligently matches the best way to measure and calculate. They are capable of fast, precise and non-destructive metal testing, making them suitable for use by jewelry retailers, jewelry manufacturers, precious metal refineries, pawn shops, government quality inspection departments, banks, laboratories and tertiary institutions (4)Super long two years free warranty, confidence comes from pure European spectrometer production technology (5)The instruments have an innovative function that can help customers identify gold-plated samples (6)The users can see sample test position accurately by camera and cabin lighting system, and it can improve the testing confidence of users (7)Equipped with a variety of optical collimator, breakthrough solved test problems of tiny metal samples (such as spun gold and gold thread samples) (8)We can download and upload test data from network, and it is easy to view and share test results (9)Temperature drift rate of all the parts inside instrument is controlled within one over one million, ensuring the strong stability and high precision of instrument. Testing results can show 4 digits after the decimal point, beyond all domestic spectral type precious metals analyzer (10)Ultrahigh resolution, Super clear camera, Super convenient operation, Super fast detection speed,Perfect human interface

  • BS-SCM-1008 - Wrist Strap Tester

    Company: Blue Sky System

    Human Body Voltage Checker is a new and unique visual method of detecting how much static charge a person is carrying. The unit can be wall mounted outside the ESD protected area to avoid charged persons unknowingly entering, or used by operators to periodically check that they are not creating a charge within the protected area.

  • XRF Gold Karat Tester

    Company: Dongguan Hongtuo

    Analysis range 1ppm to 99.99%Accuracy RSD ≤ 0.05% (Au ≥ 90%)Sample form Solid, powder, liquid lightTube voltage 45KV (USA)High Voltage Power Supply 0 ~ 50KV Spellman (USA)Tube current 0μA ~ 1000μACamera High-definition camera positioning systemDetector type Si-pin (USA)Resolution Si-pin145Kev±5Multichannel analyzer KEY-DMCPSample chamber size Test time 30sec ~ 60secElements of interest Noble metal Au, Ir, Ag, Pt, Pd, Ru, Rh, Os, etc.Basic metals W, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd, Sn, Pb, etc. (Na ~ U)Analysis software KEY-FP qualitative and quantitative analysis softwareExternal dimensions 670*400*330 (mm)Weight 33Kg

  • CDBLOX - XLR CAble Tester

    Company: RapcoHorizon

    CDBLOX tests XLR cables. Both lights on indicates good cable. XLR male and female connectors.

  • MR-1A - Three-Phase Motor Rotation Tester

    Company: TEGAM

    # No need to disconnect drive shaft couplings# Identifies open windings# Protects user and equipment# Reliable, solid state components# Shirt pocket size, 48" leads with heavy duty 1/2" clips, works on most sizes and types of 3 phase motors

  • CoRx-Tester - Automated Coherent Receiver Tester

    Company: Coherent Solutions

    Providing you automated measurement of key coherent receiver performance parameters.The CoRx-Tester is comprised of a pre-configured MTP1000 chassis, a two channel LaserBlade, a PolBlade (Polarization Controller) and a VOABlade (Variable Optical Attenuator) with built-in power meter. Just connect the two optical outputs to your ICR, connect your ICR to the oscilloscope and let the CoRx-Tester software do all the rest.

  • Cross Voltage Testers

    Company: Compliance West USA

    designed to perform the 60 Hz power line cross test/AC power fault tests required in GR 1089 issue 6 table 4.5 surge test 3,4, 4.3,and 6, and for UL 1950 section 6.4 paragraph 3 and 4.. Preset and Adjustable Time Settings Measuring Terminals including Voltage Sense and Current Shunt portals provide a safe location for users to accurately measure test voltages and output current while setting up tests. Calibration of the Mini_PT-600 is designed to be performed with a simple handheld multi-meter and the removable Currents Shunts can be easily sent to a calibration laboratory if required.

  • Capacitive Discharge Testers

    Company: Compliance West USA

    For IEC Testing of residual voltage after plug disconnect. The CDT-240 disconnects the line at the voltage peak and analyzes results to the requirements of various Standards, allowing quick results. Scope output for viewing decay waveform. Presets for EN 61010, EN 60065, EN 60950, EN 60601-1 and EN60335. Recommendations for Pluggable Type B equipment. NIST calibration supplied; A2LA calibration available. 16A option for testing large equipment.

  • PPM-97 Corona Probe - Offline Partial Discharge Tester

    Company: Iris Power LP

    The Iris Power PPM-97 Corona Probe supplements on-line partial discharge measurements by more precisely locating the partial discharge to a particular slot and position, with the motor or generator winding energized by an external high voltage AC source. This offline test provides a method of testing the quality of bonding between the ground wall insulation layers in the slot sections of new resin-rich and individually VPI'd coils/bars, and the adequacy of slot resin fill in global VPI windings.

  • Cordtest 100 - Semi-Automatic Power Cord Tester

    Company: Cordtest Manufacturing

    The Cordtest 100 offers versatile quality assurance testing for all your production cord applications. Automatic test cycling achieves higher output than manual testing with ergonomic twohand photo sensors for activation start. Cycle times are 3 to 6 seconds depending on dwell and options selected for test.

  • Luggage, Bags Tester

    Company: Dongguan Kejian Instrument

    This machine is used to do the test of wear-resistant in surface, leather, cloth, paint, paper, flooring, plywood, glass and natural rubber,concrete and ceramics. The method is using the standard knife cutting the specimen, and then using the regulated models of grinding wheel with loading weight to be abrased. Remove the specimen after rotation to reach a centain number, and then observe the condition of the specimen or compare the weight with the previous materials.

  • Tape Adhesive Tester

    Company: Dongguan Kejian Instrument

    Uses pressure-sensitive tape to determine the adhesion quality of a coating. In order for corrosion-resistant coatings to perform properly, they must adhere to the surface on which they are applied, and the tape adhesion test can determine whether or not a coating is properly adhering to its substrate.

  • Mobile Phone Tester

    Company: Dongguan Kejian Instrument

    The machine adopts touch screen interface controller, simulation LCD liquid crystal display notebook DVD VCD and other electronic products, in many times before and after turn shaft do life test by certain Angle velocity number of cases to do comprehensive test speed test product damage

  • Leather and Shoe Tester

    Company: Dongguan Kejian Instrument

    Clamp the specimen in grip and flex it constantly, then observe the crack degree to realize or compare its flex-endurance after flex durability. The machine is suitable for test of rubber materials.