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    Company: EGL Company

    Battery powered high-frequency generator for testing pumped neon tubes and fluorescent lamps, operates on 4 AA batteries. Tube being tested will illuminate in a pulsating manner if "good". Includes leather case. 6-7/8" long x 1-1/2" wide x 3/4" deep.


    Company: EMSYST Ltd

    The CTS-1 Test System is designed for a precise verification of the basic parameters ratio and phase shift of all types of current transformers according to the requirements of IEC 44-1/1996 standard. The Test System generates current up to 2400 A for the primary of the current transformer under test. A Z-burden with selectable value is provided for the secondary of the current transformer. By means of the CTS-1 system demagnetization of the current transformer under test can be performed.

  • Circuit Analyzer & Meter Tester

    Company: EMSYST Ltd

    With the Gold MinerTM PLUS LOAD, you can automatically test the accuracy of your meters at Full-Load, Light-Load, and Power Factor values with the push of a button. Generating up to 15 Amps (continuous) on each phase, or up to 50 Amps (continuous) on one channel, allows you to test transformer-rated meters, as well as self-contained meters. Just select a Test Plan, and see how the Gold MinerTM PLUS LOAD automatically sequences through up to 12 user-defined meter tests. You can even create upto 99 of your own Test Plans. And don't forget, the integrated 3-Phase Energy Standard is fully traceable to NIST, and has an accuracy of +/-0.03% over a wide range.

  • SafeCheck 5S - Power Tool Tester

    Company: Seaward Group USA

    Complete electrical integrity check for the safety of your employee and your business.The Safecheck 5 is a bench top "quality meter" that facilitates fast and reliable electrical integrity checks on almost any electrical device plugged into a wall.

  • PrimeTest 100 - Portable Appliance Tester

    Company: Seaward Group USA

    The PrimeTest 100 is a new hand-held "quality meter" that facilitates fast and reliable electrical integrity checks on almost any electrical device plugged into a wall.The PrimeTest 100 was designed for the demanding safety regulations of electrical device testing common in Europe, including construction site GFCI and assured grounding compliance.

  • T8999 - Hydrogen Leak Tester

    Company: ForTest Italia Srl

    T8999 is a tool designed to meet the increasing need for easy and clean identification of the position of the leak on a piece being tested, therefore eliminating the need for methods such as water tank immersion or use of leak detecting sprays, which are harmful for the pieces which could develop rust or pieces that are difficult to accurately clean.

  • Voltage Continuity Testers

    Company: Beha-Amprobe

    Built tough for use in industrial and commercial environments, measures voltage range up to 1000 V AC and 1200 V DC (2100-Gamma only). Designed with reinforced components for dependable performance.

  • Pull-off Adhesion Testers

    Company: DeFelsko

    Measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and other rigid substratesConforms to international standards including ASTM D4541/D7234/D7522, ISO 4624/16276-1, AS/NZS 1580.408.5 and others. Available in Automatic or Manual models.

  • DR-5 - Portable Line Tester

    Company: Daerim Electronics

    The DR-5 is designed for repairing line faults and installing new telephone lines, especially for the MDF in unmanned offices which do not have their own test board.1. Insulation resistance measuring2. Loop resistance measuring3. DC voltage measuring4. Terminal, Line capacity measuring5. Subscriber calling6. Dialing(Tone, Pulse type)7. Transmitting, receiving, waiting, and three way calling8. Test tone transmitting9. Four type melody soundInsulation resistance measuring range: DC180V / 50Mega OhmLoop resistance measuring range : 0 ~ 500Kilo OhmDC voltage measuring range : 0 ~ 150VRing signal Range : 20Hz / 75VPower : DC12V, AC 85~260 Free voltageDimension : 330 * 220 * 140(m/m)Weight : 3.5kg

  • Drop Weight Testers

    Company: Instron

    With more than 80 years of experience in Impact testing solutions, the CEAST 9000 Series is designed for measuring the impact performance of raw material specimens and finished components. Drop tower capacities range from 0.15 J (0.11 ft-lbs) up to 1,800 J (1,330 ft-lbs) for testing a wide variety of plastic, metal, and composite materials.

  • Bluetooth RF Tester

    Company: 7Layers

    The InterLab Bluetooth RF Test Solution provides the complete validated RF test coverage for Bluetooth standard versions 2.0 + EDR, 2.1 + EDR, 3.0 + HS (High Speed) and 4.x. (Bluetooth low energy, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Smart Ready wireless technologies). It is validated in accordance with Bluetooth SIG requirements, thus meeting Bluetooth Qualification requirements. The test solution can be used for both development and qualification testing.

  • DU331/332/333 - Programmable Hi-Pot Tester

    Company: Delta United Instrument

    Large LCD Display Window for Setups and Test Values Output Frequency 50/60 HZ SelectableAll Initial Default Function Setting scan be Changed Easily to Fit RequirementEasy Manual Driven with Cursor Guiding Operation Mode Battery Backup Function will Recall theTest Parameter Settings before Power offLarge Memory (100 sets) for Setup Steps & ParametersEach Memory offers 9 steps of different Test ParametersTest mode: Single Step, Multiple Steps (Step by Step), Test Circle Number or Continuous Test are Programmable DU333 is designed for Multi-point Scan Test DU331/DU332 can perform Multi - point Test when used with Scan Box DU330

  • SPM - High Frequency Digital Surge Tester & DC Hi-Pot Tester

    Company: PJ Electronics

    High Frequency Digital Surge Tester and DC Hi-Pot Tester (similar to the "SP" Model) together in a compact cabinet. Take this portable tester to your test site and accurately perform Surge, Hi-Pot, PI and Resistance Tests.

  • CB50 - CableEye Tester Calibration Verification Board | Cable & Harness Tester

    Company: CAMI Research

    Populated with precision resistors, it allows users to determine empirically whether the tester requires calibration. The CB50 may be used on all CableEye models. The CB50 is intended for periodic verification of tester calibration. To ensure that resistance measurements remain accurate, CAMI recommends yearly calibration. However, depending on environmental conditions and usage, testers may need calibrating more or less frequently. Certain components within models M3U, M3UH, HVX, and HVX-21 (i.e. those capable of measuring resistance) are analog components whose characteristics change slightly over time. This aging is a natural phenomenon common to all electronic components and may cause resistance measurements or gradually deviate from normal. A tester that is out of calibration will give inaccurate results. Some (maybe all) resistance measurements will be incorrect. Consequently, it may Pass what should Fail and, conversely, Fail what should Pass. In other words product yield will be contaminated due to unreliable quality.

  • HIPOTS (High Voltage Testers) / AC Hand Gloove and Boot Safety Tester

    Company: Udeyraj Electricals

    Compact and rugged BDV testers for AC dielectric withstand / breakdown testing of Safety glooves and boots. Panel mounted controls and indicators with easy to follow legend.