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    Company: EMSYST Ltd

    The CTS-1 Test System is designed for a precise verification of the basic parameters ratio and phase shift of all types of current transformers according to the requirements of IEC 44-1/1996 standard. The Test System generates current up to 2400 A for the primary of the current transformer under test. A Z-burden with selectable value is provided for the secondary of the current transformer. By means of the CTS-1 system demagnetization of the current transformer under test can be performed.

  • Circuit Analyzer & Meter Tester

    Company: EMSYST Ltd

    With the Gold MinerTM PLUS LOAD, you can automatically test the accuracy of your meters at Full-Load, Light-Load, and Power Factor values with the push of a button. Generating up to 15 Amps (continuous) on each phase, or up to 50 Amps (continuous) on one channel, allows you to test transformer-rated meters, as well as self-contained meters. Just select a Test Plan, and see how the Gold MinerTM PLUS LOAD automatically sequences through up to 12 user-defined meter tests. You can even create upto 99 of your own Test Plans. And don't forget, the integrated 3-Phase Energy Standard is fully traceable to NIST, and has an accuracy of +/-0.03% over a wide range.

  • BSX Series BERTScope - Bit Error Rate Tester

    Company: Tektronix

    A fast-moving market requires faster Rx test processes and workflows. The BSX Series BERTScope is the quickest path to compliance. This new BERT receiver test solution has unique features that take the complexity out of receiver testing and brings confidence to Gen3/4 designs. Single solution for Receiver stress testing, debug and compliance. Automated Rx compliance testing for Gen3/4 standards: PCIe, SAS/SATA, USB, DisplayPort + custom standards. Supports data rates and DUT handshaking up to 32 Gb/s. Industry’s most-sophisticated bit error analysis captures and stores the context of each error (timing and bit position). Observe device’s response to loopback and link training test cases.

  • Voltage absence testers (VATs)

    Company: Chauvin Arnoux /

    An essential tool for electricians to check that no voltage is present before working on any electrical installation connected to the network.

  • Supervisor IV - Probe Card Tester

    Company: Beijert Engineering

    Supervisor IV has considerable measurement and analytical capabilities. The Supervisor IV is a probe-card verification system. Supervisor IV ensures the integrity of probe-card assemblies and verifies they are ready for test. SPC characterization before and after wafer sort will also allow analysis of probe-card performance characteristics and facilitate correlation to test yield.

  • DVM-1000 - Digital Vibration Tester

    Company: Phase II Plus

    Quick accurate analysis for checking balance and alignment of a rotating object. Large LCD display Statistics: Mean, Max, MIN, No. of Measurements and Std deviation Inch/Metric Conversion with the push of a button Max Hold Function Regulated Output(AC output 2.0v peak full scale

  • RelayDoc - BR930 Signalling Relay Tester

    Company: Mors Smitt

    The Mors Smitt RelayDoc is designed and customised to provide controlled auditable testing of customer specific BR930/Q-Style signalling relays in accordance with their original BRB design specifications. The Mors Smitt RelayDoc is designed and customised to provide controlled auditable testing of customer specific BR930/Q-Style signalling relays in accordance with their original BRB design specifications. Most BR930/Q-Style relays can be tested easily and quickly using an intuitive touch screen interface allowing immediate pass/fail results. Test profiles are stored locally on each RelayDoc which is updated from a web-server. These profiles can only be modified by MSUK on a global basis ensuring that relays are always tested to the correct specification. RelayDoc automatically detects the pin code and contact configuration of relays to be tested and records and saves all test results. Reports are displayed on the touch screen and stored on-board for later viewing or retrieval to a USB storage device. Reports are also synchronised to a cloud database via LAN or optional Wi-Fi providing analysis and reporting tools.

  • CT400 - All-band Optical Component Tester

    Company: Yenista Optics S.A.

    * The ideal tool for your sweeping Tunable Lser Source. * Fast insertion loss measurement. * 1pm resolution and 5pm wavelength accuracy. * 1250 to 1650 nm


    Company: WeiMin Industrial

    May be linked to machine handler for automatic test on production line.Test items include:VF、IR、Vceo、Iceo、Vsat、CTR

  • LED Tester For Chip And Wafer

    Company: WeiMin Industrial

    Electrical Testing: Forward:VF,DVF,VFDReverse:VZ,IROptical Testing: can test LOP in cd/mcd/W/mW/lm... from different optical componentsWavelength λp,λd,λc,hw,purity,(x,y),CCT,CRIFour-wire measurement and contact resistance in case of deviation.Auto polarity identification and preheat function.Compatible mechanical interface.Optional ESD static test system or polycrystalline test system

  • X-Analyser3 - CAN, CANopen, J1939 Tester

    Company: Warwick Control Technologies

    Graphical User Interface ideal for Windows PCs and tablets.• CAN, J1939, NMEA2000, CANopen, LIN and OBD – included into one tool• On-Board Diagnostics Scan Tool Features for Emissions ECUs.• CAN and LIN signal reverse engineering• Signals displays – text, scope and graphical such as gauges and lamps• Can be used for ECU or even network simulation• SAE J1939 database integrated with over 4000 PGNs and signals

  • BATTEST - Pocket Battery Tester

    Company: Velleman Nv

    For AAA (LR3), AA (LR6), C (LR14), D (LR20), E-block (9V) and button cell batteries.

  • Paessler WMI Tester

    Company: Paessler AG

    WMI allows a process to read out data for many Windows' configuration parameters as well as current system status values. Access can take place locally or remotely via a network connection. WMI is based on COM and DCOM and is integrated in Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and later. Add-ons are available for Windows 9x and NT4.

  • Ultrasonic Hardness Tester

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    Compact metal case,suitable for use under poor working conditions. Test at any angle, even upside down.�� Wide measuring range. It can measure the hardness of all metallic materials. Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS, HL�� Large screen(128 × 64 dot matrix LCD), showing all functions and parameters. With EL background light.�� Software calibration function.�� Software to connect with PC via RS232 port. Micro printer support.�� Outline :132*76.2mm Weight:345g

  • Soil Elements Tester

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    Can detect the soil, plant, chemical fertilizer, biological fertilizer samples available N, available P, available potassium, plants in the total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium, organic matter content, soil pH and soil salinity.