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  • 2311FA - Pressure Tester

    Company: Barfield

    The 2311FA Pressure Tester field tests aircraft pressure systems for both reciprocating and turbine engine pressure systems. It provides pressure for testing pressure transmitters, warning switches pressure-type torque (BMEP) indicators and system leak testing in the range of 0-600 PSI.

  • BAT-250-EUR - Battery Tester

    Company: Beha-Amprobe

    Is designed for one-handed,comfortable and reliable battery measurements. The uniquely designed tester offers an ergonomic slider and a v-shaped side cradle to better hold batteries in place during testing and a contoured case shape that fits neatly in your hand. Testing your batteries has never been easier.

  • Omega MTS888 - In-Circuit Tester

    Company: Digitaltest GmbH

    With the continuous and fast pace of development in the electronic manufacturing the time from design to production is a critical factor for success or failure of a product. The time from design to test is a major part of this process. The high performance tester from Digitaltest, the MTS888 Omega, has been designed to speed up this process.

  • SKZ126 - Vibration Tester

    Company: SKZ Industrial Co

    This tester is applicable to toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, packaging and other products to simulate transport tests, accords with the U.S. and European transport standards and have characteristic with smooth vibration, low noise, reasonable structure, fastness, durability, etc.

  • Battery Testers

    Company: All-sun

    A battery tester is an electronic device intended for testing the state of an electric battery, going from a simple device for testing the charge actually present in the cells and/or its voltage output, to a more comprehensive testing of the battery''s condition, namely its capacity for accumulating charge.

  • RCD TEsters

    Company: All-sun

    The tester can be used to detect faulty wiring in 3-wire sockets, the state of the socket wiring is indicated by three combined LEDs. In addition, it can also be used to check whether a residual current device (RCD) can trip properly. It is a very useful test tool.

  • FX-212 - Insulated Tester

    Company: Qualectron Systems

    A super high-speed tester, performing test on every pin using an original algorithm, FX-211 can withstand high voltage input, up to 10 0V, Can be connected to a functional test system, Uses semiconductor switches, Programmable threshold level from 1 ?-1 K?, FX-210 supports 128 pins, capable of expanding to support 512 pins. FX-211 supports 64 pins, capable of expanding to support 256 pins.

  • SCI 290 Series - Hipot Testers

    Company: Slaughter Company

    With the all-new SCI 290 Hipot Series, we set out to make testing simpler than ever before. We also understand that an easy-to-use tester doesn''''t do you any good if it is not rugged, lightweight and durable. The 290 series gives you the best of both worlds. You will wonder how you ever tested without it.

  • Compression Testers

    Company: Trio-tech International

    L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.''s Validator compression testers have become the industry standard for determining the ultimate compression resistance and long-term stacking strength of individual boxes, bulk containers and pallets. Compressive force levels are available from 2,200 lbf. (9,785 N) to 50,000 lbf. (222,400N). The Validator is easily integrated with our extremely intuitive Valview for Windows control, data acquisition and analysis software program.

  • Flex Testers

    Company: Benz Testing Instruments

    The Benz Model DFT and DFT 2100 flexing fatigue testers are 20 station instruments designed to test the resistance to crack growth after repeated flexing.The instrument is capable of testing up to ten million cycles.The minimum cycle travel is 1/2 inch, to a maximum of 4 inches.The standard speed of the instrument is 300 cycles per minute.There is an option for adjustable speed, with a range from 0 to 500 cycles per minute.A chamber to test at elevated and depressed

  • GET-100 - Ethernet Tester

    Company: ShinewayTech

    Compact and rugged, GET-100 Gigabit Ethernet Tester is handheld test set for 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet installation and maintenance. With the functions of network test, data packet sniffing, traffic generator, cable test and BER test combined into one unit, it is widely used in testing BER of layer1, layer2, layer3, and RFC-2544. It can help the front-line field workers to analyze the network quality and locate the fault rapidly.

  • Freezing Tester

    Company: Qualitest International

    Our Freezing Tester units are available in vertical or horizontal configurations are used to test the bending/flexing durability of rubber, plastics, synthetic leather, shoes, etc., under cold temperatures as low as -30°C or -70°C depending on the selected model. The test chambers can be equipped with a variety of flexing/bending fixtures made of stainless steel. These models conform to ASTM D 1790, and ASTM D1593 standards.

  • DXT1 - DMX Tester

    Company: NuDelta Digital

    The new DMX Tester from NuDelta Digital is a feature-packed test tool you won't want to leave home without. It can send any level to any DMX address with simple commands similar to those found on the world's most popular lighting consoles. It can test for valid DMX signal and show you the level at any address. It can test continuity on all five pins of a standard DMX cable and indicate which pins are not connected or cross-wired. Runs for hours on a 9 volt battery (included).

  • Phase One - Disintegration Tester

    Company: Hanson Research

    Phase One Disintegration Tester from Hanson Research delivers fast, efficient testing in compliance with USP <701> and <2040> and their harmonized EP and JP methods. Designed for speed, precision, ease of use, and very low maintenance, the Phase One provides a compact, cost-effective solution for labs performing disintegration testing for quality control during new product development and/or batch/lot manufacturing.

  • QR 3000 - Drop Tester

    Company: Lansmont

    The QR 3000 is a Quick Release Drop Tester designed to drop larger, bulkier test items than the PDT models. The QR 3000 can accommodate loads weighing up to 3000 lbs. (1361 kg). Drop test height is limited only by the lifting device used by the customer (forklift, winch, etc.). The QR 3000 is operated by a footswitch.