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  • Universal Fretting

    Rtec Instruments

    Fretting Tester is designed for high precision analysis of friction and wear of lubricants and materialsElectromagnetic actuator generates sinosodial motion upto 500Hz from 5 microns to 5mm.

  • Digital Power Clamp meter

    DL6409 - Di-Log

    The DL6409 is the ideal tester for measuring a wide range of electrical parameters. It is the ideal tester for identifying power quality issues in single phase and 3 phase systems.

  • Automatic Transformer Test SystAutomatic transformer test systemem

    Shanghai Launch Electric Co., Ltd.

    The system features Microsoft Windows -based testing software, such as Windows 98m, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.Basic functions of the software the software can operate and control transformation ratio tester, transformer winding DC resistance tester, transformer feature tester. finished test can be traced through serial number, capacity or test date.

  • In-Circuit Test Fixtures

    ICT - ECT

    In-circuit testers are comparable to loaded board continuity testers augmented with an array of power supplies, digital multimeters and pattern generators. During analog measurements, the test program directs the tester to apply the appropriate measuring instrument across a specified pair of nodes. When the measurement has been completed, the program compares the measured value to an acceptable range for that component. A number of in-circuit testers can make and record (data log) exact measurement values. A function called guarding electrically isolates components that may be parallel.

  • Handheld Electrical Test Instruments

    Digi-Sense® - Cole-Parmer Instrument

    Digi-Sense electrical testing handheld instruments, from Cole-Parmer, include digital multimeters, clamp meters, and testers. Three-in-One Digital Multimeter. Compact Digital Multimeters feature noncontact voltage detection. Industrial Digital Multimeters meet IP67 standards for dust and waterproof protection as well as CAT III 600 V and CAT III 1000 V ratings for safety. 400 A AC Clamp Meters. 1000 A AC Clamp Meters. AC/DC Multifunction Voltage Tester. 1kV Handheld Insulation Tester. Receptacle Testers.

  • Socket-Tester


    A socket tester is a portable electrical instrument used to test for correct operation and wiring standards on power outlet sockets. It is typically a hand-held instrument that either plugs directly into the socket with pins mounted on the tester or comes equipped with a short lead and plug. Depending on the sophistication of the socket tester, a range of status indications may be returned including disconnected phases, reversed phases, and, in the case of a top end instrument, earth loop impedance. Most testers display test results on an array of light emitting diodes (LEDs), and some also allow for an earth leakage test to be carried out with the push of a button. Socket testers are available for most common industrial and domestic voltages and pin configurations.

  • Agile Testing


    When you start becoming more Agile, developers churn out code at a rapid pace to try to get as many of their user stories or tasks to “done” as they can before the end of the sprint, and many testers struggle to keep up with this pace. Furthermore, testers in Agile teams often have responsibility for automated testing, unit testing, regression testing, as well as load and performance testing. In this environment, you need tools that are easy to use and help you keep up with the speed of development while also meeting heightened expectations of quality.

  • Bonding Ohmeters


    bonding ohmmeter is an affordable, highly accurate, and intrinsically safe electrical bond tester. This meter is capable of performing bond measurements on a variety of components and metal-to-metal connections. The 620LK has been independently UL-913 certified, ensuring quality and safety at each step of manufacturing. Due to its safety certifications and high level of accuracy, the 620LK meter is the choice bond tester for many commercial airliners, while its sibling the 620UK-B is in countless USAF programs.

  • Automatic Motorized Durometer

    Digi-Test II - Qualitest International Inc.

    The most accurate and versatile hardness tester on the market, DigiTest positions itself as the top level Shore/IRHD hardness tester with a modular design to suit virtually every Shore or IRHD hardness measurement scale for Polymers. The automatic test procedure of DigiTest eliminates the operator’s test influence on test procedure and thus always provides the most accurate results.

  • Channel Emulator

    Qosmotec Software Solutions GmbH

    Knowledge about channel models is not necessary to run tests with the QPER Channel Emulator. It applies the visualised virtual drive test concept, which is also used in the handover tester, to a fully fledged channel emulator: The tester outlines the network layout on the screen and defines a drive test route on the map. While running a simulated drive test, all channel effects are automatically calculated by QPER and applied to the channel emulation hardware.

  • DMX Analyzer PCB

    DLA-PCB - ELM Video Technology, Inc.

    DLA-PCB - Dual Input DMX 512 LCD Analyzer / Tester PCB Design your own enclosure with an analyzer / tester display or add to your existing equipment or system. The DLA-PCB is a 16 x 2 DMX512 / DMX LCD back lit data analyzer display unit. The DLA-PCB displays any of the 512 channels and shows the numeric levels currently on those channels in either

  • Dual 3401 Systems

    3403E - FETtest, Inc

    Systems Integrating two complete 3401E testers in a single cabinet with both testers operating from a single Pentium class computer creates the Model 3403E system. This system is best utilized when interfaced with a high speed multiple test site handler enabling the user to perform true parallel testing or 100% in line QA testing 

  • Defect Review Station Software for electrical test

    Faultstation - Ucamco N.V.

    Centralize all error review for your different testers in a single seat! To capture PCB layout information, FaultStation offers the choice of DPF or IPC input. In combination with a Ucamco data-prep seat, DPF is the obvious choice, while industry standard IPC provides a doorway to all other data-prep systems in today’s marketplace. Once the layout data is available, you combine it with the error information from a variety of different models and makes of testers.


    900-349 - Phase II Plus

    This digital Superficial Rockwell hardness tester with fully automated load/unload procedures affords highly sensitive and accurate readings. Micro computer controlled with USB output to built-in mini printer or PC. The 900-349 digital superficial Rockwell hardness tester offers programmable scale conversions, dwell times, statistical capabilities and test counter. Capable of testing in all of the superficial Rockwell® scales.

  • Diagnostic Relay Buddy 12/24

    192 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    Relay Buddy 12/24 is a quick go / no-go tester for the most common automotive relays. This new version Relay Buddy tests both 12 and 24 volt relays. If the relay fails the test, 3 different trouble codes will advise you of the possible causes for the failed relay. The red LED will flash once, twice or three times to indicate the problem. Trouble code definitions are printed on the back of the tester for your convenience.