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  • Generator & Earthing Series

    Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

    AC Impedance Tester is the newly developed enhanced impedance tester on the basis of improving and perfecting the old model product. The instrument has three new functions: equipped with rotating mouse to achieve easier operation; display and print AC impedance characteristic curves; achieve data download and editing the test report with PC online. This instrument adopts the most advanced high-speed microprocessor with more powerful function and better performance. It is well established for its high reliability, simple operations, high accuracy and lightweight. Currently the instrument is in leading position in china.

  • Digibridge

    1659 - IET Labs

    The GenRad 1659 Digibridge RLC Tester is an easily programmable, microprocessor-based high performance passive component tester. It automatically identifies the type of component under test and measures in the proper range. The result is simple, precise, unambiguous RLC component testing. The GenRad 1659 RLC Digibridge is an instrument for measuring primary parameters of inductance (L), capacitance (C) and resistance (R) and secondary parameters of dissipation factor (D) and quality factor (Q). GenRad designed this single compact unit with maximum flexibility and operator convenience in mind. The simple front panel design of the Digibridge requires less effort to operate. Digital display and user friendly control allows test parameters and limits to be set easily.

  • IoT Testing Service

    test IO Inc.

    With test IO, professionals around the world perform IoT testing under real-life conditions — connecting devices to their TV’s, cameras, and home wiring, using them on congested home networks, and controlling them with apps running on a range of phones. We recruit testers with the right equipment and environment, then coordinate with you to test the right combination of hardware and software. Skilled IoT testers can perform complex software updates on pre-release devices while also providing you usability feedback based on their experience with comparable products, so you can ship to paying customers with confidence.

  • Adapter for Testing Voltage Regulators

    MS013 COM - MSG Equipment

    Tester for diagnostics of voltage regulators. The device simulates control signals for a tested voltage regulator. It contains integrated physical and program interfaces of all actually existing control modes of modern alternators. Adapter is controlled by clock encoder with button to install and change parameters. Installation and parameter data appear on LCD display. The handset tester possesses the opportunity to change existing and implement new functions and interfaces in the software. Update download is carried out through USB port. Built-in power supply gives an opportunity to use the device as high-precision ohmmeter or generation of arbitrary PWM signals. Diagnostics lasts about 2 minutes.

  • Noise and Vibration Testing

    Electronic Systems of Wisconsin, Inc.

    ESW's unique Noise & Vibration Test Systems come fully equipped with the latest industry features. The on-screen operator display in our testers make it easy to set-up, read, track and record your noise or vibration information. We work directly with you to determine the best solution that will work for your application. Our data logging make sure that important data is stored and available for download for future reference. ESW's design engineers work to make sure the testing interface is easy for your operators to use. We work closely with our customers to make sure that your unique testing needs are met. Please see the slideshow below to see some of our Noise & Vibration Testers.

  • Apache Armament Test Set

    TS-200 - Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.

    A member of the FAST (Family of Armament Systems Testers) family, the TS-200 is an open architecture platform that offers enhanced analog test capabilities. The test system features cross-platform, general-purpose, mixed-signal test capabilities for supporting the test and maintenance of AH-64 Apache armament systems.

  • apple ios digital preamp/interface

    iaudiointerface2 - AudioControl Industrial

    A state of the art, Made for iPod, microphone preamp, iAI2 is the perfect companion for AudioTools and the Transfer Function module, for loudspeaker testing, and as a general-purpose audio tester. It also works with many iOS audio Apps, including Garageband, Skype, SignalScope, Mulit-Track Recorder, and more.

  • Asset Management Software

    Med-eBase - Seaward Group USA

    The newly released Med-eBase asset management software is a highly stable SQL database, that allows the user to easily download the test results from the tester, develop an asset library and configure test routines, configure test equipment and create and design test certificates to your requirements.

  • ATE Interfaces

    inTEST Corporation

    inTEST EMS ATE Interfaces provide the high fidelity electrical connections required for modern ATE and the mechanical accuracy needed for ever shrinking component geometries. With products available for both present day and legacy testers and a wide range of probers and die handlers you can equip a complete test floor from a single source.

  • Audio Analyzer

    MS20 - Lindos Electronics

    The MiniSonic MS20 is a combined oscillator and measuring set in a stand-alone unit, which is both compact and portable. As well as being a quality tester the MS20 is a precision line-up tool, a stereo PPM, a balanced-unbalanced convertor (both ways), a stereo microphone pre-amp, a headphone amp, and a level convertor.

  • Battery Test & Management

    Kongter Test & Measurement Co., Limited

    Kongter offers a whole line of products for testing and measurement of battery from your critical power systems. It includes battery online monitoring system, battery tester for internal resistance/conductance, battery charger, battery load bank, battery data logger, battery charger/discharger and so on.

  • Beating And Freeness (Schopper Riegler)

    33-29 - Testing Machines, Inc.

    The Schopper Riegler Beating and Freeness Tester is designed to determine the rate of drainage of a dilute pulp suspension and express it in terms of the Schopper Riegler (SR) value. The SR value is the inverse of the volume of water collected divided by 10. The rate of drainage is related to the work done on the fiber during beating and refining.

  • BellMega

    MRD Rail Technologies Pty Ltd

    MRD’s BellMega saves time by performing continuity testing and insulation leakage resistance testing simultaneously. The BellMega is a continuity tester for point to point wiring verification and includes earth leakage detection of the wiring being tested. The high voltage DC source is regulated to provide a stable reference for insulation breakdown resistance detection.

  • Bi-Polar low voltage power supply board

    LVPS - Tech-Aid Products

    This is our standard power supply board used in many of our testers but also available separately. This board is capable of +/-15v, +10 and +5v outputs. Also contained on board is our standard meter drive circuitry for testing instrument meters, a two-pole relay and an option for a sine/cosine oscillator circuit.

  • AC DC Test Equipment

    Hilo Test

    The products impress with a variety of technical features: TFT display, Ethernet interface, automatic test sequence to a fully electronic generator for even faster and more accurate tests. Our safety testers can be used both stand-alone without a PC as well as integrate with existing systems.