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  • BK3012 - D-Mic Testing System

    Company: BaKo Co. Ltd

    Easy to use and faster than human testers can load, the BK3012 is our first D-Mic tester and the basis for the super fast, fully automatic BK9013 D-Mic Tester . Even a beginner can set up this unit, enter specifications and be ready for testing in minutes.

  • Digital Instruments and Transducers

    Company: Sushma Industries

    Torque Transducers and Digital Torque Indicators. Loadcells and Digital Load Indicators. Pressure Transducers and Digital Pressure Indicators. Displacement Transducers (LVDTs) and Digital Displacement Indicators. Spring Testers for compression and Tension Springs. Spring Testers for Torsion Springs wire Terminal Crimp Force Testers. Steering Torque Angle Measuring Systems.

  • IntroductionTester

    Company: Shanghai Launch Electric

    The tester is equipped with large LCD screen and graphical interface. During test, the operator only need to set value of max output testing voltage, max output current and step length,then the tester will automatically rise voltage from zero step by step. The tester will display voltage-current curve and record the test data automatically.

  • Tester Data Link - Conversion Tools

    Company: Test Insight Ltd

    VCD/eVCD to tester conversion (via STIL)WGL/TDL to tester conversion (via STIL)Most flexibility to handle complex devices functionality Support protocol definitionUtilize advanced tester features (Such as Xmode, concurrent test etc’… )High Performance Fast run time

  • Current Measuring Instruments

    Company: Testo AG

    The testo 755 current/voltage testers are fast and easy to use, especially when you are testing many circuits. The convenient open-jaw current tester automatically turns on when voltage exceeds 6V. It then auto-selects the correct parameters and range for your test. These rugged testers are suitable for virtually all your daily electrical measuring tasks.

  • Cell Testing

    Company: PEC N.V.

    PEC offers a wide range of cell testers, starting from the 5A desktop test system (ACT0505), to our range of 50A cell testers for more standardized cycling (CT0550) and our advanced cell testers with capabilities up to 4000A (ACT0550).All systems support parallel switching for achieving higher currents.

  • MMC-2 - multi-function calibration checker

    Company: Musashi Intek

    Check calibration and can be electroscope, circuit tester, clamp ammeter, insulation tester, earth resistance meter Can be calibrated AC voltmeter circuit tester, clamp tester, insulation and ground resistance meter The output voltage of 200V three phase, phase sequence can be checked behavior of phase sequence indicator Inexpensive, multi-functional, lightweight, easily portable to the field or on the road, etc. In addition, the compact size

  • ICT - In-Circuit Test Fixtures

    Company: ECT

    In-circuit testers are comparable to loaded board continuity testers augmented with an array of power supplies, digital multimeters and pattern generators. During analog measurements, the test program directs the tester to apply the appropriate measuring instrument across a specified pair of nodes. When the measurement has been completed, the program compares the measured value to an acceptable range for that component. A number of in-circuit testers can make and record (data log) exact measurement values. A function called guarding electrically isolates components that may be parallel.

  • Motor Testing Solutions

    Company: IES Systems

    IES Systems, Inc, is a turnkey motor testing solutions provider with 10 years of proven experience in the design and manufacturing of motor testing equipment. We provide custom designs to meet our customers' testing requirements. IES Systems, Inc. designs and builds no-load motor testers, full load motor testers, dynamometers, core-loss testers and ECM testers.

  • Voltage Detectors

    Company: Salisbury

    Self-Testing Voltage Detectors are used to verify live or de-energized conductors. These testers may be used with rubber insulating gloves or hot sticks using the splined universal end fitting. Testers indicate the presence of voltage with an extra bright LED light and a distinctive audible signal. It is recommended that the tester be moved closer to the conductor until a warning is indicated, or it touches the conductor, apparatus, or elbow test point. Each tester requires three “C” batteries (included).

  • Socket-Tester

    Company: A-SUN TEST LTD

    A socket tester is a portable electrical instrument used to test for correct operation and wiring standards on power outlet sockets. It is typically a hand-held instrument that either plugs directly into the socket with pins mounted on the tester or comes equipped with a short lead and plug. Depending on the sophistication of the socket tester, a range of status indications may be returned including disconnected phases, reversed phases, and, in the case of a top end instrument, earth loop impedance. Most testers display test results on an array of light emitting diodes (LEDs), and some also allow for an earth leakage test to be carried out with the push of a button. Socket testers are available for most common industrial and domestic voltages and pin configurations.

  • Air Quality Meters

    Company: PCE Instruments

    Here you will find air quality meters, designed to measure and detect air velocity, pressure, ATEX areas (gases), temperature, humidity as well as dust. Depending on the typAir Testers for the measurement of air velocity and air pressuree of application, air testers are made as hot wire air testers or pocket weather air testers, all of which can measure air velocity and air pressure. The results of measuring the air velocity can be stored in the memory of the device depending on the model. There are more than 25 air testers available. They are ideal for taking both quick and constant measurements.

  • Capacitor Wizard - In-circuit ESR Meter

    Company: Midwest Devices

    Equivalent Series Resistance Meter / capacitor tester.

  • Electrical Test Calibrators

    Company: Time Electronics

    The electrical test calibrators from Time Electronics are designed for rapid calibration of various electrical test equipment. Portable calibrators include the InsCal models for insulation tester calibration and the PatCal for calibration of portable appliance testers.

  • X-MT-120A - DMX Measurement Tool

    Company: Swisson Ag

    Portable device in a strong and durable housing - DMX tester. Analyze DMX data (receive). Send DMX data. Different View Modes. Record and edit scenes, create sequence. Cable tester .