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  • Transformers Testing

    TTRT 03 - Amperis sl

    The ATRT-03 is Amperis' second generation, microprocessor-based, automatic, three phase, transformer turns-ratio tester. This lightweight, portable unit is designed for testing transformers at utility power substations. The ATRT-03 determines the transformer turns-ratio using the IEEE C57.12.90 measurement method.

  • Brake Test Kit - For Bus & Coach

    Bowmonk Ltd.

    Kit includes portable brake tester, printer & case. Portable & easy to use. Self leveling & aligning. Records brake efficiency, vehicle pulls left/right, stopping distance & speed of test. No connections to vehicle. Positioned on seat or dashboard. Tests any size/weight of vehicle.

  • Modular Testing

    A.T.E. Solutions Ltd.

    Modular testing requirements come in all shapes and sizes. It is therefore important that we are able to match your requirement with a suitable ATE System. At ATE Solutions, we have a range of modular test and test automation products to choose from, with a tester to suit every situation.

  • Multi-Channel Timing Test System

    Femto 2000 - Guide Technology, Inc.

    The Femto 2000 Multi-Site Time Instrument is a multi-channel Continuous Time Interval Analyzer (CTIA) designed to 'fill the gap' in ATE performance for high speed, precision timing measurements. Integration of the Femto 2000 with any ATE system extends the life of existing ATE or enhances the performance of new testers.

  • Configurable High-Density Switch Matrix PXI Card

    GX6384 - Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.

    The GX6384 3U PXI multiplexer switch card provides users with the ability to switch and interface tester resources to multiple UUT connections. The card is available in three different configurations, supporting 32 x 2, 32 x 4, and 32 x6 switch configurations.

  • Apache Armament Test Set

    TS-200 - Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.

    A member of the FAST (Family of Armament Systems Testers) family, the TS-200 is an open architecture platform that offers enhanced analog test capabilities. The test system features cross-platform, general-purpose, mixed-signal test capabilities for supporting the test and maintenance of AH-64 Apache armament systems.

  • pH Testr with Spear Electrode

    pHSpear - Thermo Scientific

    Unique pHTestr with spear electrodepH is one of the key parameters measured in food processing. The Eutech waterproof pH Spear with tough, spear tip open pore sensor is a rugged, user-friendly tester ideal for direct measurement of solid or semi-solid samples such as cheese, meats, fruits, bread and other similar samples.

  • Insulation Resistance Measurement

    REQUEST A QUOTE MI15KVe - Scope T&M Pvt, Ltd.

    The MI-15KVe High-Voltage insulation tester is a truly portable device that allows the measurement of insulation resistances using test voltages up to 15kV.

  • Clamp Meters


    Is an electrical tester that combines a basic digital multimeter with a current sensor. Clamps measure current. Probes measure voltage.

  • Insulation Resistance Meters

    AMIC-5000 - Amperis sl

    AMIC-5000 tester is designed to measure insulation resistance of power cables, transformers, motors and other electrically powered devices

  • High Voltage Surge Current Monitors

    HVSCM - Test Electronics

    Designed to be used with the Model HVST High Voltage Surge tester. The Surge Current Monitor allows simultaneously surge testing 20 units. The Surge Current Monitor monitors the current going through each unit under test at the time of the surge. If a unit under test breaks down or leaks, the Surge Current Monitor will identify the bad unit by lighting the corresponding LED. The most important features of the surge tester are its ability to test the entire winding insulation system. A high voltage surge generates turn to turn, coil to coil, and phase to phase voltage stress, as well as ground insulation stress. When used as a dielectric test, accurate voltage readings are essential. The HV Surge Tester monitors the voltage directly across the winding under test. In production testing we expect that most of the time the devices will pass. In the event that one should fail, the failed device would be removed and then all the parts would have ot undergo another surge test. Since most devices pass most of the time, simultaneous surge testing can be a real time saver.

  • Universal / Tensile Testing Machine

    Shimadzu Corp.

    Shimadzu offers a range of first-class tensile testing instruments to meet R&D requirements in the development of safer and higher quality materials and products. With Tensile Testers like the AG-X plus Series, AGS-X Series and the Table-top EZ Test Series, Capillary Flow and Endurance Testers, and a variety of Micro Hardness Testers like the DUH-211 Series, the choice is yours. Combined with Shimadzu's selection of accessories, including grips, extensometers, and jigs, and the optional Windows®-compatible Trapezium Software, which provides simplified user operation with Wizards and the industry's premier navigation system, Shimadzu can provide you with a solution for any environment or application.

  • Contact Resistance Measurement System

    CRMS - Ultra-Tech Enterprises, Inc.,

    The CRMS is a system designed to allow any user to measure the resistance of each set of relay contacts associated with the relay under test. The test system consists of a CONTACT RESISTANCE MEASUREMENT UNIT (CRMU), a MULTIPLE RELAY TEST RACK, as well as an interconnect CABLE ASSEMBLY. Either DC or AC energy to pick and drop relay coils under test for all contact measurements is supplied from the CRMU and easily interfaces with the Multiple Relay Test Rack. For additional and more thorough testing of relays an external relay tester can be interfaced to the Multiple Relay Test Rack to supply energy to the relay coil. It is recommended that the UTE Relay Tester With Timer/Counter (UTE Product # 15967-00) be utilized so the operator can take full advantage of the unique features it offers

  • Cost-Efficient Wafer-Level Testing of Mixed Semiconductor Memories

    T5822 System - Advantest Corp.

    Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857) has launched the T5822 memory tester, the newest member of its T5800 product series, optimized for wafer-level testing of DRAMs, NAND devices and other non-volatile memories used throughout portable electronic devices. With mobile applications booming, semiconductor manufacturers need low-cost solutions for high-volume testing of a wide range of price-sensitive memory ICs. The T5822 is designed to provide manufacturers of multiple memory devices with cost efficiency and optimal functionality, including full test coverage of as many as 1,536 devices in parallel with data transfer rates up to 1.2 gigabits per second (Gbps). The new tester offers high-voltage resources such a level driver and DC testing capability along with an economical compact test head. It also features a powerful memory repair analysis (MRA) capability to help customers maximize their yields.

  • Automatic Metallic Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

    Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    JB-450/750A automatic type pendulum impact tester is used to determine the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load and is capable of doing a large number of impact tests continuously. The automatic type pendulum impact tester can display the impact power, impact toughness, and the pendulum's rotation angle. All the testing reports can be printed out. JB-450/750A can be equipped with fully automated sample feeding system, which greatly improves the test efficiency, and reduce labor intensity. The crygenic cooling device is available for impact tests under the lowest temperature down to -196 C. The automatic type pendulum impact testing system is the essential quality control equipment for metal material manufacturers and QC departments, as well as the necessary instrument of research institutes for new material research.