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  • Tensile Test Chamber

    Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc.

    CSZ's Tensile Test Chamber is an environmental chamber that interfaces with a customer tensile tester load frame. This chamber is required to expose various materials and components to temperature conditions while undergoing tensile test. Tensile testing stresses materials by pushing, pulling, twisting, or bending intended for static and fatigue testing.

  • Probe Card

    VC20E Series - Celadon Systems, Inc.

    The 20mm VC20 is a highly adaptable probe card solution for a wide variety of tests including Modeling & Characterization, Wafer Level Reliability or Parametric Test. It can be easily combined with different interfaces to create modular probe cards supporting Keithley, Keysight or other custom tester platforms. Probes can be configured in either single or dual layer.

  • Manual Test Solution

    Titan - Grund Technical Solutions, Inc.

    Titan is an easy to use, low cost Human Body Model (HBM) or Machine Model (MM) manual test solution. It can be used for design, engineering, and characterization of your devices. Ranging from 50 V to 16,000 V the Titan will have the largest voltage range of any HBM tester.

  • Telephone Dialing / Short Message Analyzer


    It's a new kind of digitized tester designed specially for the test of telephone dialing characteristics (Tone / Pulse), Caller ID and ETSI SMS. It has not only reached advanced level of the same kind ones at home and abroad in functions test, speed and precision but also been an indispensable appliance both for telephone design and research.

  • Current Probe

    ACP 1000 SM - GMC-I-PROSyS

    The ACP 1000 SM current probe has been designed for use with multimeters, recorders, power analysers, safety testers etc. for accurate non intrusive measurement of AC current. Using the latest transformer technology, the SM 1000A/1A can measure currents from 100mA to 1500A over a frequency range of 30Hz to 10kHz.

  • Quad Input Temperature Logger

    DTL304 - Klein Tools, Inc.

    Four-input dual differential Digital Temperature Tester offers logging, monitoring and uploading capabilities to help analyze system performance trends with the included software.IP67: Waterproof, dust resistantDifferential T1-T2 & T3-T4Data Logging9,999 Memory PositionsMIN, MAX, Average and Hold functionsBacklit display, probe storage, boot w/stand and magnetic strap mount

  • KIT for Test Cable Networks with Tools and Accessories

    1RA370 - Le-tehnika, d.o.o.

    Include: *Multi network cable tester for RJ45 (UTP / STP) and BNC*Modular crimping tool*LSA insertion tool*Cable stripper and cutter*30 units of RJ45 (8p8c) modular plugs*30 units of RJ11 (6p6c) modular plugs*24 units of colour strain relief*Comonents pocket*Zipper vinyl case

  • ATE Interfaces

    inTEST Corporation

    inTEST EMS ATE Interfaces provide the high fidelity electrical connections required for modern ATE and the mechanical accuracy needed for ever shrinking component geometries. With products available for both present day and legacy testers and a wide range of probers and die handlers you can equip a complete test floor from a single source.


    Sparnex Instruments

    The communications analysis capabilities make this tester the preferred tool of the equipment manufacturer and DSL development groups. They use the ICXACT to debug and improve the data throughput up to the limits imposed by the Physical Layer. Service Providers are using it to probe the quality of the service over the network

  • Flying Probe Test Programming & Testing Services

    Zero Defects International LLC

    ZDI utilizes a Seica flying probe tester in order to provide test program development and testing services to customers in Silicon Valley and throughout North America. This is a very cost-effective solution for printed circuit assembly manufacturers who do not have in-house equipment of their own but have customers who require test services.

  • Dual Input Temperature Logger

    DTL302 - Klein Tools, Inc.

    Two-input dual differential Digital Temperature Tester offers logging, monitoring and uploading capabilities to help analyze system performance trends with the included software.IP67: Waterproof, dust resistantDifferential T1-T2Data Logging9,999 Memory PositionsMIN, MAX, Average and Hold functionsBacklit display, probe storage, boot w/stand and magnetic strap mount

  • Power Meter

    3-Lambda - Notice

    Simultaneous wavelength detection and calibration. B / E / G – PON 3 wavelength power meter and insertion loss tester (1310 / 1490 / 1550 nm) Simultaneous measurement of 3-wavelength PON signals Automatic wavelength detection to save time and cost Rugged, shock and water-proof for field use Compact, lightweight and cost-effective Quick and easy to operate

  • Quickest & Most Convenient Way to Test USB Type-C Cables

    Advanced Cable Tester - Level 1 - Total Phase Inc.

    The Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester - Level 1 is the quickest and most convenient way to test USB Type-C cables. It provides thorough continuity testing, DC resistance measurement for safe operation/reliability, and E-Marker verification. Rapid spot-checking of cables, easy-to-understand reports, and 100% test coverage are now available to casual, laboratory, and production environments at a fraction of the price, setup time, and labor versus any alternate solutions. The USB Type-C cable is the most technically advanced cable available. High voltage and current, coupled with 10 Gbps data rates and numerous wires drive ubiquity and, with it, complexity. Test and validation of cables has always been essential, but with the added risk of fire increasing liability, complete testing of these new cables is more critical than ever. The Advanced Cable Tester enables this essential testing, without expensive scopes, custom fixtures, and highly trained personnel, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • ADI Test Fixture

    TA-6500 - Tech-Aid Products

    The TA-6500 test fixture combines the features of the OEM's Instrument Servo Tester(T307962), the Pointer/Flag Test Fixture(T307951) and the AD-650/600 Test Panel(T334043) all into one panel to facilitate testing of these Attitude Director Indicator's. The panel switches and adjustment pots are labeled to match the test procedure numbers and the duplicity in marking makes it easier for the technician to understand each function. The UUT interface is through a 96 pin zero insertion force(ZIF) type connector to minimize contact wear. The expanded localizer and nav input pins J2-34/35 are exposed on the panel to facilitate the insertion of a 200 ohm shunt when required. The fixtures rear panel has connectors for the required dual API/Synchro transmitter interface while the panel switches provide the correct routing of each.

  • Real Time Platform for Machine Data

    RTTK - FishEye Software, Inc.

    RTTK provides real-time X ray-like data access to unlock highly detailed binary data in the language of domain experts. FishEye’s technology captures real-time data in a system’s native binary but uses a unique and innovative Metadata ­Injection process to store the data in an open standards, platform independent, self-describing and high-performance data format. The access exposes internal data that otherwise may not be available to end-users, is distributed over system tasks and computers, or is challenging to collect because of the large volume. System developers can reduce development cost and risk by reducing time spent developing data capture functions, reduce post processing time by eliminating the post processing data conversion step, and quickly assess how the software is performing. Integrators and Testers can use internal data to diagnose problems, verify proper operation, and increase testing automation.