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  • AC Voltage Proving Units

    Company: Standard Electric

    Designed to proof. AC voltage detectors AC voltage testers● Compact, handheld, and easy to carry and use.● Battery operated.● LED indicates when power is "ON".● Normal 4mm test leads.

  • HV Series - ITIG II High Voltage Series

    Company: Electrom Instruments

    The state of the art Electrom iTIG II High Voltage (HV) series of motor testers provides a wide range of tests to analyze the condition of insulation systems in all types of motors, generators, windings and coils.

  • Calibrator

    Company: Chroma ATE

    The 9102 Hipot Calibrators is specially designed standard devices for instrument calibration lab. The 9102 can simulate multiple loads and apply to various Hipot testers. These calibration equipment can save manufacturers a great deal of regular calibration fee.

  • T4010S - LTE RF Test System

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight T4010S LTE RF tester is the most comprehensive tool for LTE UE RF parametric verification and characterization. This top-of-the-line test system meets the needs of early development, R&D, conformance and certification testing.

  • Cable & Antenna Analyzers

    Company: Consultix

    Site engineers and technicians have been using sweep testers also known as cable and antenna analyzers to validate installations or to find trouble locations and imperfections in wireless sites.

  • CC106 - Disc Type Cold Checker

    Company: Matco Tools

    Professional disc-type 16 1/4" tester is accurate at all temperaturesTests coolant, hot or cold, including Dex-Cool. Easy-to-read discs are magnified through convex tube of the clear SAN plastic barrel.

  • DigiFlex - Clamps with Flexible Sensor

    Company: Chauvin Arnoux /

    MA400D and MA4000D DigiFLEX current testers are equipped with flexible current sensors connected to a compact casing and can be used comfortably in any electrical cabinet for applications up to 600 V CAT IV.

  • CAST-170 - Terrain Obscuration Program

    Company: CAST Navigation

    The TOP computer and the simulator communicate using an ethernet link. With the CAST-170, testers get a list of satellites normally visible to the TOP, the sostware checks the line of sight for each of the satellites in the constellation, which then determines visibility.

  • TestAssistant II - Test Programming

    Company: Dit-mco International

    From a front-end graphical user interface to a back-end relational database, TestAssistant II organizes and maintains everything necessary for testing. Tester interfaces, wires, connectors, adapter cables, and other complex sub-assemblies are graphically represented.

  • Brave - Factory/Depot Test System

    Company: Advint

    19" Rack-mount Factory/Depot Tester. State-of-of the-art COTS Hardware. GPS and Temperature/Humidity sensors. Reconfigurable multi-function I/O FPGA Module. 1.2 GHz Embedded Controller/Simulation

  • 4 SERIES - Automated Meter Teste

    Company: Powermetrix Systems

    The 4 Series Automated Meter Tester is yet another innovative product introduced by Powermetrix. This analyzer boasts many features that make it the most functional, versatile, and user-friendly meter tester on the market today. It is a closed-link meter testing solution that sources current up to 30A or 50A (depending on model) and operates on all voltages up to 530V with no switch changes required. It also facilitates testing of most ANSI socket based meters using our newly-engineered universal zero insertion force meter socket. All this functionality comes in a field-rugged case yet is still the lightest product in its class by a wide margin. With models featuring internal reference standards of 0.02% and 0.04% accuracy, there is a 4 Series Automated Meter Tester available to fit virtually any need.


    Company: Qualitest International

    METAL TESTER MK II is a digital portable hardness tester for Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers methods in laboratory or on location with HR direct digital read-out and conversion to other scales through included tables. In compliance with ASTM E110 and ISO 50157 hardness standards. MKII is a small and light portable hardness tester where load forces are applied through a dynamometric load cell and it is operative up to 360° degrees of positioning, even upside down. It is equipped with a LCD operating console with a user friendly interface and extremely easy test settings. Clear view of results, real time statistics, graphs and large archive storage. Hardness tests in laboratory or in loco on tubes, profiles, valves and every bulky or small pieces starting from a thickness of 0.06 mm: small penetration assures excellent results on thin surfaces such as chromium coating or on parts as thin as shave blade profiles.

  • Parallel systems

    Company: ACM Instruments

    Did you know you can couple several Gill AC, Gill 12 and Weld Testers together or any combination of Gill AC, Gill 12 or Weld Tester, to give you a parallel logging multiple Potentiostat / Galvanostat / ZRA / FRA system, capable of recording from each working electrode at up to 60 readings per second. Coupling several Gill ACs or Gill 12s together gives the added abilities of the Weld tester and the ability to perform fast sweeps. Using our latest software, it has never been easier to couple instruments together to provide a Parallel System. In fact up to 32 instruments can be controlled at the same time. These instruments can either have individually enclosures or be rack mounted.

  • Quali-Impact - Instrumented Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

    Company: Qualitest International

    Instrumented pendulum impact tester is a high-tech product. This tester, which directly and vividly reflects the force and deformation of materials under shock loading and the relationship between force and deformation, provides reliable data for describing the whole fracture process of materials due to impact. The equipment is widely used for the development of products and safety assessment in such fields as metallurgical steel industry, machinery manufacturing, petroleum, shipbuilding, military industry and nuclear power. It is also the indispensable test instrument for institutions of higher learning and scientific research units when they are conducting new material researches. The tester, which is automatically controlled, is easy to operate, safe and reliable and is highly efficient. Technical parameters can be modified online; the recording system uses high-speed data acquisition card which can record the whole process of high-speed loading; mechanical curves of various materials can be drawn; and the test reports can be shown and printed.

  • DN15-25MM - Water Meter Test Bench

    Company: Shanghai POWOO Industry

    1. SummarizeThe tester bench is the necessary measure instrument for the test and repair of water meter inmetrological service, Water meter manufacture, Water supply Company, industrial and miningestablishments.The tester bench is made of 304 stainless steel materials; the surface is treated with polishing.Clamp equipment and drain machine is controlled by four-way reversing valve; the water flow rate isadjusted by copper case stainless steel core ball valve, it has high accuracy, the structure is compaction,long life, easy operate and maintain.2. Main technical parameter2.1 The tester bench accuracy: 0.22.2 Tested water meter size:Ф15, Ф20, Ф25.2.3 Technical criteria for water meter testing: used for full capability test or produce and maintenance2.4 Instantaneous flow index gauge is adopted glass rotor flowmeter group, the actualmeasurement accuracy not less than 2.5%