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  • HTHL-200P - micro-ohmmeter

    Company: Wuhan Huatian Electric

    HTHL-200p DC 200A micro-ohmmeter measures up to the latest power system standards--DL/T845.4-2004 designed for measuring loop resistance of Switching Control Equipment using High-frequency switching power supply technology and digital circuit technology. Test current of the Tester is 50A, 100A,150A, 200A which is recommended in the national standards. The tester can measure the loop resistance at those values and display results in digital. It is high precision and good stability and can meet most power systems' requirements in onsite high-voltage switches maintenance and high-voltage switches factory loop resistance measurement. (It performances accurately and stably)

  • GDVLF-80 - Hipot Test

    Company: HV Hipot Electric

    VLF means ‘Very Low Frequency’ and 0.1Hz to 0.02Hz is considered to be very low frequency,used as a AC output tester. Although the frequency is very low, it is still an alternating current with polarity reversals every half cycle. At 0.1 Hz output, rather than 60Hz, it takes 600 times less current and power to apply an AC voltage to a capacitive load, like a long cable.GDVLF Series Hipot testers are microprocessor controlled, and have automatic functions for setting-up, setting-down, measuring and protecting. With adoption of electronic technique, it is small, lightweight, and portable. Output waveform is clearly displayed on the large LCD and test report can be printed by built-in thermal printer.

  • Generator & Earthing Series

    Company: Kvtester Electronics

    AC Impedance Tester is the newly developed enhanced impedance tester on the basis of improving and perfecting the old model product. The instrument has three new functions: equipped with rotating mouse to achieve easier operation; display and print AC impedance characteristic curves; achieve data download and editing the test report with PC online. This instrument adopts the most advanced high-speed microprocessor with more powerful function and better performance. It is well established for its high reliability, simple operations, high accuracy and lightweight. Currently the instrument is in leading position in china.

  • OSM - Output Switching Module

    Company: Laversab

    The OSM facilitates easy connection between any Laversab Pitot Static Tester and multiple air-data-probe connections on any aircraft. In addition, the OSM allows the user to individually isolate and test any combination of these multiple air-data-probe connections. The OSM becomes most useful when used with the Laversab 6600 (3-Ouput tester) to connect to aircraft with smart-probes. Most aircraft with smart-probes require up to a total of 16 connections to the air-data probes. This results in numerous chances for leaky connectionsand a tangled web of 16 hoses with many in-line T’s. The OSM eliminates all these problems.

  • Paper Packing Test Equipment

    Company: Haida Equipment Co

    *This tester is to measure the resistance of the test piece offer to bending, in the region of elastic deformation.*The tester is suitable for corrugated paper board (Flute A,B,C,D & E)*A precise sensor measure the linear deflection caused by bending display on the screen and send to the micro-processor for calculation through the communication port.*Automatic zero set point of the transducer compensate various thickness of the paper board.*Length of paper board is adjustable from 50 to 300 mm. Make use of a stepping motor ,left/right turn ball screw, the change of paper board length is much easier , the required length can be set and automatically done by the machine.

  • Current-Voltage Measurement System

    Company: Sciencetech

    Sciencetech''s IV Testers are electrical current-voltage measurement systems used to characterize photovoltaic cell performance. This current-voltage tester works by sampling various current versus voltage combinations of the photovoltaic cell with a variable impedence load.This IV Test system can measure electrical power from photovoltaic cells up to 20W. The voltage envelope is limited to 20V and the current to 1A. A higher power version, up to 60W, is available. In general, the limitation on this model is the 1A current limit: if your solar cell generates more than 1A, we recommend upgrading to the 60W version.

  • Pressure Calibrators

    Company: Fluke Calibration

    Wherever you need to work and whatever pressure range you need to work with, our broad selection of tools will meet your needs. From pneumatic or hydraulic deadweight testers and test pumps to electronic deadweight testers, bench controllers, and precise analog pressure gauges, we have you covered at the bench. Going into the field? Fluke’s portable pressure calibrators – with or without pumps and intrinsically safe or not – work with gases or liquids, source and measure, power transmitters, and cover a wide range. With individually available pressure modules, our portable and bench solutions cover pressures from vacuum to 10,000 psi.

  • Automated Test Systems and Solutions

    Company: WinSoft

    Our testers are used for design validation, production testing and repair in depot facilities and the field. In addition, WinSoft designs and builds complete turnkey test stations with a test executive, test application software, drivers, test fixtures, harnesses, test procedures and complete sets of documentation.

  • SAT-7E PON - Optical Power Meter

    Company: Shaanxi Aitelong

    SAT-7E PON power meter is a special tester to test FTTx/PON passive optical network, it can synchronously measure voice, data and video signal on BPON/EPON/GPON framework. It also can set the power threshold and indicate the pass, alarm and fail of every wavelength.

  • 1689 - Precision Impedance Meter

    Company: IET Labs

    The GenRad 1689 Precision Impedance Meter gives you the best performance for your most demanding applications whether they be production test, incoming inspection, component design and evaluation, process monitoring or dielectric measurement. It is a versatile, full function microprocessor-based passive component tester that's available in a rack mountable, (1689M) model.


    Company: PJ Electronics

    H models are "2 piece" versions of the Signature ("S") Models. These compact two piece portable high frequency digital surge testers come complete with a Tektronix Type TDS1002, fully digital storage oscilloscope, 10' long test cables and a soft carrying case with a shoulder strap.

  • "wireless" Translator Boards

    Company: Schein Research

    For over 15 years WirePro has been designing "wireless" Translator Boards (T_Board) for ATE fixture fabricators. WirePro specializes in T_Boards for Agilent and Genrad testers. WirePro does not manufacture the T_Board, but we do supply all the files necessary for your board shop.

  • Analysers

    Company: Bank Elektronik

    Hand-held tester for checking the molybdenum content of stainless steels. Portable semi-quantative analyser for stainless steels, nickel-base alloys and monel. The MolyTester is most convenient for quick, non-destructive determination of alloys both in-shop and outdoor. Molytester is apllicable even for narrow weld seas where the local resolution of X-ray analysers is not fine enough.

  • VLT 0939TL02RF - Advanced Manual Model for Integrated use in VLT Test Lanes

    Company: Van Leeuwen Test

    Manual Headlight Beam Tester with Same measuring Techniques as our Fully Automated models. This Manual operated model for use in VLT Test Lanes. This model comes with RF (Radio Frequency) communication with the Test Lane Computer. Including extend Battery pack and battery charger (charging over night) .

  • TH2829AX - Automatic Transformer Test System

    Company: Tonghui Electronic

    According to different frequency ranges, TH2829X provides three types of testers for your choice: TH2829AX with a frequency range of 20Hz to 200kHz,with the resolution of 0.5mHz and accuracy of 0.05% which can meet your test requirement in your current and future product tests.