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  • Electrical Testers

    Company: Curt Manufacturing

    Part of towing responsibly is making sure your trailer lights are working properly. Whether you have just installed a new vehicle-to-trailer wiring harness or are trying to locate the cause of an electrical problem, CURT connector testers are great for testing tail lights, turn signals, brake lights, ground connections and other electrical components on your trailer.

  • VT 154 - Voltage/Continuity Tester

    Company: Etcon

    Three voltage indications: Solenoid vibration sensing, electronic neon visual indication, and audible buzzer. Positive AC/DC voltage identification: 6 to 600 VDC 60/50 Hz. Electronic buzzer indication for AC/DC voltage and continuity. Self-extinguishing, high impact sealed case and prod assemblies preventing dirt, dust and small objects from enter ing the tester.

  • AV-160B - Vibration Tester

    Company: Guangzhou Amittari

    The Vibration Tester can display the parameters of “Displacement”, “Velocity” and “Acceleration” simultaneously; Applied to the periodic motion measurements to detect moving mechanical imbalances and misaligned. Designed for on-site measuring various mechanical vibration, for quality control, running time and prior equipment maintenance data. Selection of high-performance accelerometers to achieve accurate, replicable measurement It has a bearing condition measurement function.

  • BK2027 - Unbalance Tester

    Company: BaKo Co. Ltd

    If you need to test displacement in hard drive motors with speeds up to 10,000rpm, think about BaKo's Type BK2027 Unbalance Tester. It's both easy to set up and easy to use and as a 2 channel DSP based system, it can test 2 motors at once and display the balance results as either unbalance (cm.g), acceleration (m/s2) or vibration strength (g).

  • GAO A0050004 - E1/Ethernet Tester

    Company: GAO Tek

    This integrated access tester is a comprehensive test tool for E1, V port and Gigabit Ethernet link maintenance and failure diagnosis. It conducts 50 b/s to 2048 kb/s error testing and tests over multiple V ports. Other tests including10/100/1000M Ethernet cable test, flux test, RFC2544 testing. Diagnostic tools include PING, router trace, a port location tool and a loop-back tool. It also has functions for PPPoE, FTP download and Web browsing.

  • GAO5856 - ADSL Tester

    Company: GAO Tek

    For ADSL / ADSL 2+ installation, maintenance and measurement. This powerful test set provides all test functions you need in the field, such as upstream & downstream rate measurement, error count, DMM, MODEM simulation, PING and Trace testing. By simply plugging the ADSL / ADSL2+ connections into the tester, you will get your result with one push of the "Auto Test" key.

  • Fretting Tester

    Company: Rtec Instruments

    Fretting wear is a tester where surface damage occurs between two contacting surfaces experiencing oscillatory displacement of small amplitude. At the contact point, lubricant/coating is squeezed out, or debris is accumulated that results in metal-to-metal contact. The low amplitude motion does not permit the contact area to be relubricated/debris dislodge, serious local wear occurs. This type of wear causes two-body abrasion, adhesion and/or fretting fatigue wear. Fretting wear when done in a corrosive environment, greatly accelerates wear.

  • Hydraulic Testers

    Company: Ashcroft

    Deadweight testers provide a precise means for generating pressure with high accuracy that can be used as a primary calibration standard. The unit's built-in shuttle valve provides the means to control the rate of pressure increase, while precision adjustment is accomplished with an integral micro vernier displacement valve. An ideal product that offers a rugged field ready primary standard, certified to yield consistent accurate results.

  • SMT 300 - Smoke Tester

    Company: Bosch Diagnostics

    Using OEM approved technology, EVAP leak testing is made quick, simple and accurate. The UltraTrace UV smoke solution used to generate smoke leaves a UV light-traceable mark that pinpoints the source of the vehicle leak. The tester is a mulit-functional device that can be used not only for EVAP testing but also for testing of oil leaks, exhaust leaks, wind leaks, EGR leaks, and many more.

  • Flex Testers

    Company: Benz Testing Instruments

    The Benz Model DFT and DFT 2100 flexing fatigue testers are 20 station instruments designed to test the resistance to crack growth after repeated flexing.The instrument is capable of testing up to ten million cycles.The minimum cycle travel is 1/2 inch, to a maximum of 4 inches.The standard speed of the instrument is 300 cycles per minute.There is an option for adjustable speed, with a range from 0 to 500 cycles per minute.A chamber to test at elevated and depressed

  • FEC CV400 - Diode Tester

    Company: Frothingham Electronics

    The CV400 tests silicon Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) diodes, uni-polar and bipolar. The waveform used for the main test is the 10/1000µs waveform.The tester can also produce 8/20µs and 6/70µs exponential waveforms, 8.3ms half sine and rectangle pulses.These tests not only prove the ability of the DUT to endure the pulses without failure, but also measure the peak voltage across the device during the pulse.The CV400 can also measure the VZ of the device both before and after the pulse. Limits may be applied to the absolute value of these VZ tests and to the difference between them. If the initial VZ is outside the programmed limits, the part can be rejected and the main pulse not be applied.IR can be measured before and after the main pulse. This test is intended to detect damage due to the main pulse which is too slight to be detected by the main pulse or VZ test.The tester is designed to work with one or two automatic handlers or manual test stations. Bin sort outputs sort the parts into good devices that pass all requirements, several classes of rejects, and those parts which were not completely tested because of some fault condition.

  • ZC-221 - Tan-Delta Tester

    Company: Kvtester Electronics

    Product Features1. adopts converter technique to ensure accurately testing under strong electric field2. micro computer automatically finish the whole test.3. this device also applies to test the tgδ and capacitance of the HV tester of the workshop, laboratory and R&D institution.4. this device can test the grounded or non-grounded HV tester using forward method, it can also test the tgδ and capacitance C1, C2 of the main capacitor of the capacitor voltage transformer.5. built in H. V. step up transformer, and adopts the safety precautions of zero passage closing switch and lightning proof. During the test output voltage of 0.5KV~ 10kV, easy and safe to operate.Technical ParameterHigh voltage output: 0.5~10KVEach files to increase the 500V, a total of twenty files, capacity: 1500VAAccuracytgδ:±(reading*1.0%+0.04%)Cx: ± (reading*1.0%+1PF)Resolving powertg δ: 0.01% Cx:1pFMeasuring range0.1%< tg δ< 100%3PF10KV,Cx≤30000PF5KV, Cx≤60000PF Power supplyAC 220V±10% 50±1HzMeasurement methodPower frequency: 50HzPilot frequency: 45Hz/55Hz Automatic frequency conversionHarmonic adaptation≤ 3%Service condition-15℃-50℃ relative humidity<80%Outline dimension460(L)*345(W)*350(H)Weight35KG

  • CapAnalyzer 88A - Capacitor Tester

    Company: Electronic Design

    The CapAnalyzer 88A checks electrolytic capacitors in-circuit for both ESR and DCR with no unsoldering. It is the only capacitor tester that discharges the cap, checks it for low DC Resistance (DCR), reads out high-frequency Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) and compares your readings to industry standards on the three-color chart right on the front panel. The included one-handed tweezer probe allows testing of both normal and surface-mounted electrolytics and uses coaxial cable instead of normal test-probe wire for stable readings on small capacitors. Now shipping series II, which gets extended battery life.

  • Outlet Testers

    Company: Gardner Bender

    Circuit Analyzer makes it easy to test GFCI receptacles and determine the appropriate wiring correction needed. This GFCI tester uses advanced circuitry and a patent-pending proprietary design to precisely detect the required low resistance (less than 10ohms) on ground wire and provides a clear and easy-to understand single LED readout indication for Correct wiring or Bad Ground, Open Neutral, HOT/GND Reverse, HOT/NEU Reverse and Open Hot wiring errors without the need to memorize or decipher a dual-indication chart. The Stop Shock II includes a GFCI test function to test outlets wired in parallel to GFCI circuits (bathroom, kitchen and outdoor receptacles require GFCI protection).

  • Wire Tester

    Company: Astronics AES

    The Astronics DME Corp Wire Integrity Tester (WIT/PASD), previously known as ArcSafe®, has evolved out of a 10-year technology development effort, working in close support with the FAA, NASA, DOD and various aircraft OEMs. WIT was developed to address safety concerns about the state of aging aircraft wiring systems, specifically, the health of the wire dielectric material, as it degrades over the life of the aircraft. The objective has been to push the design envelope of non-destructive inspection (NDI) techniques, to a capability where these tools are more adept at assessing the true hazard potential of wire faults, typical of those found on aircraft, vehicles, ships or any metallic wiring used today