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  • Probe Card Interface

    Company: Rudolph Technologies

    Acting as the interface between the probe card tester and the probe card, the Probe Card Interface (motherboard) is critical in simulating the tester interface on the test floor.Rudolph Technologies' engineers carefully consider probe card, tester, prober, probing process and probe card analyzer configuration details to produce an interface design that will provide precise and consistent measurement results.

  • Woofer Tester 2 - Measurement, Simulation & Box Analysis

    Company: Smith & Larson Audio

    The Woofer Tester 2, our base model, is packed with advanced features and is great for the serious speaker builder looking for an ultra-compact precision tester. What's more - all our testers are fully integrated and we make it easy to progress to our more advanced models. For Impedance & Phase testing, a fast, under 1 second, test mode is available.

  • 8177 - User-Serviceable Photometers

    Company: TSI

    TSI''s Automated Filter Tester Models 8127 and 8130 have been used for respiratory filter and filter media testing by leading regulatory authorities and hundreds of manufacturers for over 20 years. These testers are 42 CFR 84, EN 143, ISO 23328-1 & GB2626 compliant. Cleaning the photometers in these testers used to require sending the assembly to the factory for service. Now, these photometers can be cleaned by the user on site in less than one hour. This minimizes downtime, reduces the cost of ownership and results in more profitable filter testing.

  • EcoTestr pH 1 - Waterproof EcoTester

    Company: Eutech Instruments

    From the market leader of testers comes the EcoTestr pH 1 & pH 2 – a new range of value-for-money, quality pH tester series designed for fuss-free pH measurements. Accurate, and easy to use, these testers are ideal for quick pH checks in hydroponic gardening, aquaculture, agriculture, pools, simple lab work and other water/wasterwater applications.

  • HPRS-HIPOT-LOAD - Hipot Current Calibration Load Resistors

    Company: IET Labs

    The IET HPRS-Hipot-Load is an excellent replacement for the Fluke 5320A-Load Hipot current calibration load resistors. The IET high power resistive load can be used with the Fluke 5320A Multifunction Electrical Tester Calibrator or standalone. It provides a high power and high voltage load to various hipot tester to create the leakage current needed to calibrate various manufactures hipot testers.

  • LB301 - Test system

    Company: Computer Gesteuerte

    The LB301 test system is the smallest version of the LB-300 tester series. It is designed for development as well as for production. The system is pin and software compatible to the larger test systems LB302 / 303. Due to the fewer needed I/Os, the tester features the compact G6 receiver (Virginia Panel Cooperation) compared to the larger G12 of the other tester versions. The LB301 is equipped with a 2kW power supply and can control one load box.

  • HTM112 - Test Lighting Circuits

    Company: HALL'S LIGHT

    HMT112 testers include everything you need to test lighting circuits on tractors/trailers, RVs and farm equipment. The vehicle testers are easy to understand and use which will quickly help solve major problems that can occur frequently. Problems such as reversed wiring, cross shorts, open grounds, lack of ABS brake signals. Experience has shown that using a Hall Electronics trailer tester for troubleshooting can save as much as 50 percent of the time required finding and correcting lighting circuit problems.

  • Compression Testing Machine

    Company: Jinan Testing Equipment

    This Compression and Flexure Testing Machine is mainly designed for compression and bending tests of cement & mortar specimens. The Compression and Flexure Tester for Cement can finish compression or flexure tests automatically by one-key action. Computer & software are also adopted to make the operation even easier. With new design and advanced technology, the series of Compression and Flexure Testing Machine have more advantages in appearance, operation & applications. The Compression and Flexure Tester for Cement is an ideal tester for quality control at industrial & mineral enterprises, teaching in high schools, and technology researching at scientific institutes.

  • Electric and Photoluminescence Analyzer

    Company: Industrial Vision

    This luminescence Analyzer integrates a Photoluminescence (PL), Electroluminescence (EL) technology, and a I-V Testing Technology, has a function of EL imaging Tester, PL imaging Tester, as well as function of I-V Tester. It is being using to quantitatively map Minority-Carrier Lifetime, and to characterize the defect of multi-crystalline silicon bricks, wafer & solar wafer, and measure the key parameters from solar cell I-V Curve. It is also a useful tool for scientist to develop other methodology & parameters that can be used as a promising technique for online material monitoring and process control.

  • Turns Ratio Testing

    Company: Megger Group Ltd

    The transformer turns ratio test, or TTR test, confirms that the transformer has the correct ratio of primary turns to secondary turns. Using this test correctly can help to identify tap changer performance, shorted turns, open windings, incorrect winding connections and other faults inside transformers. Megger’s range of TTR testers are robust to withstand the harsh conditions that some transformer testing in. The range includes varying features to simplify and speed up testing as well as 3 phase TTR testers and PT and CT TTR testers.


    Company: Ajinkya Electronic

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems offers to esteemed client Life Cycle Tester which are widely utilized by our clients for testing life cycle of the batteries. The product has programmable charge & discharge and delay timings. Also, the exact number of cycles van be programmed and calculated by these testers which are rigorous rounds of quality assurance tests in order to make sure that it meets the high international standards. The life cycle tester can be directly connected to a PC or printer for generating instant reports.

  • Diesel Diagnostics

    Company: Add-tech

    Glow Plug Tester are designed to test diesel engine glow plug through LCD for a quick analysis; Short Circuit, Open Circuit/High resistanceBad resistanceGlow Plug Tester allows for testing without removing glow plug from diesel engine.Glow Plug Tester allows for testing without starting the engine.No need to pre-set the glow plug type (steel or ceramic)Powers the glow plug to test the plug in it's operating state.Tests in real-life conditions and easy to useTest much more accurate than a cold resistance test.

  • Oersted Meter - Air Shipment Milligauss Meter

    Company: Alpha Lab

    The Air Shipment Milligauss Meter has been designed so that one person alone can be the tester, and do repackaging, if necessary, without moving from the area. The remote sensor, shown on the right side, is connected through a 15-foot cable to the control box (left). This control box is placed next to both the package and the tester (person) so the tester can manually rotate the shipment. The remote sensor is placed either 15 feet or 7 feet away, depending on which test is being done.

  • PHT-1850 - Portable Hardness Tester For cast/rough parts

    Company: Phase II Plus

    State of the art, digital portable hardness tester is designed to test the hardness of cast,and large hard metal parts with rough surfaces. Loaded with useful functions only found on high priced models the PHT-1850 portable hardness tester is clearly setting a new industry standard by being the most accurate, economically priced portable hardness tester on the market today.

  • WildScan - Boundary-Scan test migration with ICT

    Company: ASTER Technologies

    WildScan enables migration of Boundary-Scan test (BST) program to In-Circuit testers (ICT) without the need for complementary hardware integration within the target In-Circuit testers. This significantly reduces test fixturing costs by utilizing the same test fixture for both Boundary-Scan and In-circuit testing, providing a one-stop test solution.