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  • IRS MesSy

    Company: IRS Systementwicklung

    Though originally developed for use in our life time testers, the great amount of interfaces allows the universal application of our system in all fields of test and measurement. The Ethernet connection provides flexibility (spatial separation of PC and measurement system is possible) as well as safety through galvanic isolation from the PC.

  • Titan - Manual Test Solution

    Company: Grund Technical Solutions

    Titan is an easy to use, low cost Human Body Model (HBM) or Machine Model (MM) manual test solution. It can be used for design, engineering, and characterization of your devices. Ranging from 50 V to 16,000 V the Titan will have the largest voltage range of any HBM tester.

  • TestComplete - Automated Testing

    Company: SmartBear Software

    Got an aggressive testing schedule? No problem. With this automated testing tool, designed for advanced and novice testers alike, you can create, manage and run tests for any desktop, Web or rich client software. Revel in the easy-to-use interface and script-free testing combined with a powerful set of customization features.

  • TOB-BTS-5V3A - 5V3A Battery Analyzer

    Company: Xiamen Tob New Energy

    8 Channel Battery Analyzer (6-3000 mA, up to 5V) with Laptop & Software for All Rechargeable Cells. TOB-BTS-5V3A Battery tester equipment is an eight-channel battery analyzer to analyze polymer battery and cylindrical batteries from 6.0 mA to 3000 mA, up to 5V.

  • TOB-BTS-15V6A - 15V6A Battery Pack Test System

    Company: Xiamen Tob New Energy

    8 Channels 15V6A Battery Pack Test System Laptop Battery Performance Testing. TOB-BTS-15V6A Battery tester equipment is an eight-channel battery analyzer to analyze polymer battery and cylindrical batteries from 12 mA to 6000 mA, up to 15V.

  • JW8501 Series - High-speed BERT

    Company: Shanghai Joinwit

    High speed bit error rate tester is Shanghai Grenville newly developed a cost-effective, easy-to-measure high-speed signals error performance analyzer. The device provides two kinds of light and Electrical Channels channel, they can easily test the sensitivity tests and ROSA.

  • MTP / MPO Test System

    Company: Shanghai Joinwit

    The system combined with our own research and development JW8307 Free wrapping insert return loss meter, JW8201 MTP / MPO tester, JW8201 application software, mandrel-free technology enables the use of multi-core optical device insertion loss, return loss of integration testing.

  • Med-eBase - Asset Management Software

    Company: Seaward Group USA

    The newly released Med-eBase asset management software is a highly stable SQL database, that allows the user to easily download the test results from the tester, develop an asset library and configure test routines, configure test equipment and create and design test certificates to your requirements.

  • Spring Fatigue Testing Machine

    Company: TIME GROUP

    This kind of machine adopts the theory of electromagnetic excitation and specimen (spring) resonance. The system is in the best resonance condition automatically without adjustment. It may be trigged at any moment and the performance is stable and reliable. The tester can display vibration times ,frequency and pre-set times.

  • HVSCM - High Voltage Surge Current Monitors

    Company: Test Electronics

    Designed to be used with the Model HVST High Voltage Surge tester. The Surge Current Monitor allows simultaneously surge testing 20 units. The Surge Current Monitor monitors the current going through each unit under test at the time of the surge. If a unit under test breaks down or leaks, the Surge Current Monitor will identify the bad unit by lighting the corresponding LED. The most important features of the surge tester are its ability to test the entire winding insulation system. A high voltage surge generates turn to turn, coil to coil, and phase to phase voltage stress, as well as ground insulation stress. When used as a dielectric test, accurate voltage readings are essential. The HV Surge Tester monitors the voltage directly across the winding under test. In production testing we expect that most of the time the devices will pass. In the event that one should fail, the failed device would be removed and then all the parts would have ot undergo another surge test. Since most devices pass most of the time, simultaneous surge testing can be a real time saver.

  • CodeReport - Test Program Quality Verification

    Company: Test Spectrum

    CodeReport is an easy-to-use application for verifying test program quality. CodeReport comes with many different, known quality screening rules that can be used to verify your test program is complete and ready for production. CodeReport also provides a graphical Rule Editor that allows you to create your own, custom rules. Ensure your coding standards and quality specifications are correct by generating your set of rules, checks, and screenings. Easily generate a detailed report for locating, correcting, and documenting the state of your test program. Quickly identify the tester hardware and instrumentation needed to run your program with the Tester Resource report. Save a session file to quickly return to your project after edits have been made or use the Session on other similar projects to transfer your configuration and custom rules.

  • GWRMT001 - Multi-Tester

    Company: Grand Wing Servo-tech

    ◆To measure the Pulse Width transmitted by Transmitter for up to 9 channels. ◆To measure the Pulse Width sent from Receiver.◆To test the rotations of Servo automatically – at the pulse widths of top, medium and low points set by user already.◆To test the automatic rotations of Servo.◆To test the rotations of Servo by turning the knob on the tester manually .◆To test the sensitivity of Servo (1μS per step minimum).◆To measure RPM of a spinning propeller – for 2 – 6 blades ones, real time RPM value shown/to set the peak RPM value up to 99990 per minute.◆Shiny 4 digits red LED's to display the values measured.◆Power source can be from UM-4 / AAA cell x4, or an adapter with 7-15V or BEC (5V) from an ESC.◆An output port for applying Positive/Negative signals of Pulse Width from this tester.◆Four buttons for setting up functions and modes.

  • RT-ZVC - Multichannel Power Probe

    Company: Rohde & Schwarz GmbH

    The new R&S RT-ZVC multichannel power probe, in combination with an R&S CMW radio communication tester, monitors the power consumption of chipsets, radio modules and mobile devices. It is the only solution available on the market that can correlate battery consumption data with RF signaling events. And it accomplishes this with a measurement resolution of 18 bits, making measurements in the nanoampere range possible. Long battery life is a key criterion for mobile devices as well as for embedded systems and chips for Internet-of-Things and machine-to-machine applications. Rohde & Schwarz now provides a complete solution for testing battery life in all operating modes. It consists of an R&S CMW radio communication tester, the new R&S RT-ZVC power probe and the R&S CMWrun sequencer software.

  • TCS Comfort

    Company: Maschinenbau Haldenwang

    Trip distance / tachograph meter integrated into the brake tester (only in conjunction with PC)Electronic control unit TCS shockproof (workshop-oriented) aluminum housing with connection D-Sub 25p / D-Sub 9pEntire operation via integrated time and data display, and your existing PC (OS: Windows).Complete measurement and programming of the tachograph types 1311, 1314, 1318, 8400, FTCO 1319 MTCO 1324, TVI 2400, SE 5000, EFAs, SmarTach, DTCO 1381 incl. Integrated dial measurementLCD 4 rows, 16 digits; backlit with an integrated smart card readerMobile and / or stationary usable instrument; used stationary as integrated into the brake tester and the computer; optionally a road measurement is possible.Expression of complete test reportData storage for customer and vehicle datamultilingualism

  • Advanced Cable Tester - Level 1 - Quickest & Most Convenient Way to Test USB Type-C Cables

    Company: Total Phase

    The Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester - Level 1 is the quickest and most convenient way to test USB Type-C cables. It provides thorough continuity testing, DC resistance measurement for safe operation/reliability, and E-Marker verification. Rapid spot-checking of cables, easy-to-understand reports, and 100% test coverage are now available to casual, laboratory, and production environments at a fraction of the price, setup time, and labor versus any alternate solutions. The USB Type-C cable is the most technically advanced cable available. High voltage and current, coupled with 10 Gbps data rates and numerous wires drive ubiquity and, with it, complexity. Test and validation of cables has always been essential, but with the added risk of fire increasing liability, complete testing of these new cables is more critical than ever. The Advanced Cable Tester enables this essential testing, without expensive scopes, custom fixtures, and highly trained personnel, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.