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  • BT-8500 - Digital Battery Analyser 6/12 Volt

    Company: DURST Motor & Electric

    Full function digital battery tester designed for the most demanding applications. 50 - 2000 CCA range, 5 CCA resolution, CCA, IEC, EN, BCI and DIN scale, 2 line, 16 character backlit LCD display shows CCA?s voltage, good/bad status Printer interface Detachable cables. Temperature and low charge compensation, Loose lead detection. 7 language support and soft carry case

  • 50547 - Digital Durometer with Silver Case

    Company: Longacre Racing Products

    Racing Tire Hardness Tester. Tire hardness has a huge affect on your car's performance. A tire too hard won't bite and a tire too soft may wear quickly or even ball up. Also tire hardness changes during its life cycle. To run your best you must keep track of all your tire's hardnesses.


    Company: GME Technology

    The LC200 Digital Capacitance and Inductance Tester features a large 3.5 digit LCD display and 12 total ranges (7 ranges for capacitors and 5 ranges for inductors), also supplied with yellow rubber holster and test leads. Highly accurate with Auto-Zero adjusts and overloads indication. It is a very handy piece of test equipment for general trouble shooting and component testing.

  • TH1942 - Digital Multimeter

    Company: Tonghui Electronic

    Digital Mutimeter TH1942 4 1/2-digit is voltage/current/resistance tester with multi functions and low cost. The instrument can stably perform measurement at high speed as several times as other instruments at the same level. It provides excellent performance, such as maximum reading of 51,000 counts, maximum DC voltage accuracy of 0.02%, and low cost to give you a best choice.

  • MIL-STD-1553 - Boards

    Company: Excalibur Systems

    The MIL-STD-1553 multi function interface cards are compatible with all common variations of MIL-STD-1553 and provides a wide range of features normally found only on full size testers. The card can operate simultaneously as a Bus Controller (BC) and/or multiple (up to 32) Remote Terminals (RT), or as a Triggerable Bus Monitor. The card supports error injection and detection.

  • Brinell Calibrators

    Company: Morehouse Instrument

    Morehouse offers two models of Brinell Hardness Tester Calibrators, both of which are calibrated in accordance with ASTM E74, and certified traceable to SI directly through the United States National Institute of Standards & Technology. To insure the desired degree of accuracy, the fully jeweled indicator used to measure ring deflection under load is carefully pre-selected and pre-calibrated prior to its installation in a Brinell Calibrator. The assembled Brinell Calibrator is calibrated using a dead weight machine.

  • MIL-STD-1760 - Boards

    Company: Excalibur Systems

    The MIL-STD-1760 interface card is compatible with all common variations of MIL-STD-1760 and provides a wide range of features normally found only on full size testers. The cards can operate simultaneously as a Bus Controller and/or multiple (up to 32) Remote Terminals, or as a Triggerable Bus Monitor. The card supports Checksum, SRQ bit and Header Words as well as error injection and error detection.

  • Coking Coal Indices Determinator

    Company: Changsha Kaiyuan

    Plastometric Indices Tester (aslo called Spozhnikov Plastometer) is used to determine the plastometric indices of bituminous coal (maximum thickness of plastic layer Y, final contraction value of plastic layer X) and describe technical characteristics of coke, which helps to guide coking and coal blending. It is widely applied in coal mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and verification institution of coal quality.

  • Diagnostic Tool For Motors & Transformers

    Company: Vivid Metrawatt

    All tester from vivid metrawatt, is a versatile tool for the motors and transformer users, manufacturers and repairers. These diagnostic tool for motors & transformers are used as a one can use it either as a diagnostic help on faulty or suspected machines or as a stage inspection instrument. This diagnostic tool it is useful for testing all types of motors-single-phase or three-phase ac squirrel cage or slip ring or dc motors.


    Company: Hipotronics Incorporated

    The 800PL Series DC hipot testers are an economical solution to DC field testing of cables, terminations, motors, generators and other electrical apparatus. This series comes in a single unit design that ranges from 15kV to 80 kV and two unit design that ranges from 120kV to 170 kV. Accurate voltage and current measurements are assured via voltage readings that are taken directly at the output of the high voltage transformer and current measurements are taken in the return leg.


    Company: Hipotronics Incorporated

    The 8000PL Series DC Hipot Testers offer a 60 to 300 kV range in a convenient cascade design. These systems are air insulated, with each module individually capable of producing 60 kV at 16 mA. The standard power rating is 2 kW. Low leakage measurement, even with fluctuating line voltage, is possible with the 1% line regulator. The design also offers reversible polarity. Available models: 8060PL, 8120PL, 8180PL, 8240PL, 8300PL.

  • ZGF Series - DC Hipot test set

    Company: Wuhan NANR Electric

    The new generation portable ZGF DC Hipot test sets also named DC high voltage generator, it is based on the latest national electric standard DL/T848.1-2004 "The technical specification of DC hipot tester". ZGF DC hipot test sets are mainly used in the electric power sector, mining, metallurgy, steel and other power companies for DC hipot testing on MOA, power cables, transformers, generators and other electrical equipment.

  • PDF1000 - DC System Earth Fault Detector

    Company: Wuhan Huatian Electric

    PDF1000 DC System earth fault detector applies to all DC system in any voltage class ,equipped with high-precision tester ,expanded the tested range and strengthened the anti-interference ability by processing many kinds of signal. Adopted excellent method of calculation and advanced Fuzzy control calculation theory ,show us the advancement of the measured circuit branch by numerical value, which reflect the superiority of artificial intelligence sufficiently. Correctly detect the position of the earthing contact each time.

  • ITS5300 - Battery Test System

    Company: I-TECH Electronic

    ITS5300, the most accurate battery testing system, includes our power supply andelectronic load, internal resistance tester,temperature capture card and ITS5000battery test software. With it you can do charge test in CC/CV, discharge test inCC/CR/CP for multi-channel single battery/battery pack simultaneously. Moreover, it can monitor voltage, temperature,internal resistance of each single

  • GTS - Battery Test & Replace™ Services

    Company: Global Technology

    Take control of the bad batteries that are holding your business back. Quickly identify and remove bad batteries from operations using a rapid field tester from GTS. “Test & Replace” technology now enables its customers to quickly and accurately identify bad battery packs in the work area, and automatically receive a replacement, without disrupting normal work routines.