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  • PS-605 - Analog Oscilloscope

    Company: PINTEK Electronics


  • Torque Data Acquisition Software

    Company: IMADA Incorporated

    SW-1SV-USB data acquisition software is for all Cedar torque instruments.Force Recorder is compatible with the new HTGS & HTGA digital torque testers.

  • PHT-975 - Digital Durometer

    Company: Phase II Plus

    These testers are crafted and engineered to perform at the highest level of accuracy. An ergonomic and attractive design combined with lightweight assists in taking precise hardness measurements.

  • PHT-950 - Digital Durometer

    Company: Phase II Plus

    These testers are crafted and engineered to perform at the highest level of accuracy. An ergonomic and attractive design combined with lightweight assists in taking precise hardness measurements.

  • M229 - Autoburst

    Company: SDL Atlas

    The Autoburst is a hydraulic bursting tester with advanced testing controls. The instrument has automatic flow control allowing bursts to be achieved within the specified time of the standard.

  • ZGF-120KV/2mA - DC High Voltage Generator

    Company: Wuhan Huaying Electric

    1. High accuracy and reliability: high frequency voltage is boosted by multi-double rectifier. The voltage value is stable and high accuracy. The voltage booster circuit is simple which make the tester is high reliable. 2. Small size and light weight: one person can carry the largest DC HV generator (less than 200kV/2mA). That makes the application of the tester simple and easy. 3. Perfect seal by metal housing make the high voltage booster has strong mechanical performance and high insulation ability. 4. High voltage circuit is protected by metal shell which is connected to earth. That makes the application of the tester is safety enough. 5. Protection circuit avoid the wrong operation of tester. All test should start from zero voltage. If the regulator of voltage is not at zero position the tester will be disenabled when switched on. 6. The leakage current at HV side is measured by digital micro ampere meter. The maximum error of meter can be assured is not more than 1uA.

  • Digi-Test II - Automatic Motorized Durometer

    Company: Qualitest International

    The most accurate and versatile hardness tester on the market, DigiTest positions itself as the top level Shore/IRHD hardness tester with a modular design to suit virtually every Shore or IRHD hardness measurement scale for Polymers. The automatic test procedure of DigiTest eliminates the operator’s test influence on test procedure and thus always provides the most accurate results.

  • Channel Emulator

    Company: Qosmotec Software

    Knowledge about channel models is not necessary to run tests with the QPER Channel Emulator. It applies the visualised virtual drive test concept, which is also used in the handover tester, to a fully fledged channel emulator: The tester outlines the network layout on the screen and defines a drive test route on the map. While running a simulated drive test, all channel effects are automatically calculated by QPER and applied to the channel emulation hardware.

  • Agile Testing

    Company: Neotys

    When you start becoming more Agile, developers churn out code at a rapid pace to try to get as many of their user stories or tasks to “done” as they can before the end of the sprint, and many testers struggle to keep up with this pace. Furthermore, testers in Agile teams often have responsibility for automated testing, unit testing, regression testing, as well as load and performance testing. In this environment, you need tools that are easy to use and help you keep up with the speed of development while also meeting heightened expectations of quality.

  • FP8400 - Audio Analyzer

    Company: Shenzhen Fast Precision

    P8400 audio analyzer (headphone frequency response tester) test instrument accessory configuration flexible, suitable for all kinds of finished products and electro-acoustic headphone device unit tests. Electro-acoustic tester can complete binaural and microphone sensitivity, average sensitivity test, the frequency response curve, impedance, current and other parameters, the general purpose computer (desktop / laptop), test microphones, headphones test fixture (available measuring headset or earphone unit),

  • 3403E - Dual 3401 Systems

    Company: FETtest

    Systems Integrating two complete 3401E testers in a single cabinet with both testers operating from a single Pentium class computer creates the Model 3403E system. This system is best utilized when interfaced with a high speed multiple test site handler enabling the user to perform true parallel testing or 100% in line QA testing 

  • ST-16 - H T Power Cable Fault Locator

    Company: Electrocon Systems

    We manufacture variety of H T Power Cable Fault Locator, suitable to locate faults in HV cables upto 33 kV class, fabricated from excellent quality material for ensuring durable performance. These High Voltage Surge Testers are used extensively for tracing the exact location of faults in underground LT/HT cables along with Surge Receiver ( Duophone ). Latest technology is used for manufacturing High Voltage Surge testers for ensuring accurate pin-pointing of cable faults within the shortest time frame.

  • Rigel 288 - Hand Held Safety Analyzer

    Company: Rigel Medical

    The Rigel 288 is the FIRST universal truly hand-held medical electrical safety tester to combine the features of an automatic / manual tester with a data logging / asset management facility. In addition to IEC 60601-1 and AAMI / NFPA 99, the Rigel 288 tests to the new standard for in-service and after repair testing of medical electronic devices, currently drafted in as the IEC 62353.

  • APT-820S - Flying Probe Test System

    Company: Takaya

    The APT-820S is a flying probe test system for detection of manufacturing defects on small and medium-sized printed circuit boards (up to 10” by 13”) designated for today’s cutting edge products. Even with just 2 independently moving probes, the tester can achieve a high-speed inspection similar to other testers with 3 or more moving probes and has a marked ability to detect faulty placement of SMT components and SHORTS/OPENS failures reliably. I

  • NR1800 - Optical Digital Protection Relay Test System

    Company: Wuhan NANR Electric

    NR1800 digital relay protection tester is an independent research and development of new potable products in our company, which combination of the situation of on site electricity and many users’ experience. Adopting high-performance DSP processors, large scale FPGA, fast optical Ethernet communications and other technologies, that can support IEC60044-8, IEC61850-9-1/2 and GOOSE digital relay tester. In order to comply with IEC61850-9-1/2, IEC60044-8, GOOSE Statute of digital protection, automation devices and instrumentation,that providing a complete testing solution, and adapting to the development needs of the digital substation.