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  • Cable Testers

    E448 - EMO Systems Canford Audio PLC

    Specifically designed for the testing of loudspeaker leads using the widely used Neutrik 'Speakon' NL4FC 4-pole cable connectors.

  • Cable Testers

    Meilhaus Electronic GmbH

    Passage test:Detects open wires, short circuits and faulty wiring. Pass / fail test using a given pattern cable. Finding intermittent connections.Save cable data for documentation purposes. Print wiring diagrams. Printing labels. Log and print error logs.Graphical representation of the wiring of cables, graphical comparison of two cables. Easy, intuitive, graphical tracking of individual wires of a cable.Quickly install quick-mount boards for a variety of connector types such as BNC, RJ45, Sub-D, flat-ribbon connectors, and many more.Easy connection to the PC via USB .Light Director System:LED-led assembly of connectors. Optional also with voice output. High degree of safety due to fault checking during assembly.

  • Cable Testers

    E445 - EMO Systems Canford Audio PLC

    Tests 3 pin XLR leads, 2 and 3-pole A-gauge jack leads, RCA (phono) leads, most commonly used fuses, and other continuity paths using test leads supplied. Continuity indication by buzzer.

  • Cable Testers

    E446 - EMO Systems Canford Audio PLC

    Tests 3 pin XLR leads, 2 and 3-pole B-gauge jack leads, RCA (phono) leads, most commonly used fuses, and other continuity paths using test leads supplied. Continuity indication by buzzer.

  • Calibration Tester

    Dongguan Kejian Instrument Co., Ltd.

    A calibration test is a procedure in which an instrument, tool, or device is tested to confirm that it conforms with the standard. Calibration is very important, as it ensures that objects are working properly. There are a number of reasons to conduct a calibration test, ranging from concerns that something is not working as it should to preparations for an event in which very precise calibration is desired, and there are a number of ways to perform a calibration.

  • DMX Tester

    DMXter4 RDM - Goddard Design Company

    The DMXter4 RDM takes the next step in protocol testing. It provides expanded DMX testing along with growing support for RDM testing and configuration. Who else would you trust to support the new standard? The DMXter4 is simple to use. Eight buttons run its menu-driven software. The DMXter4 uses a back lit 40-character display. Some functions can drive a PC using the USB port. Software updates are done via the USB port.

  • DMX Tester

    DMX 1TEST - Monacor International GmbH & Co. KG

    Test signals of DMX control devices like DMX mixers (DMX-IN-MODE)Tests DMX devices like scanner moving heads and DMX dimmers (DMX OUT MODE)Integrated XLR cable testerButtons controlled menu2-line LCD display with backlightSingle channel addressing or space addressing in DMX OUT MODE using two buttons

  • DMX Tester

    DMXter 2U - Goddard Design Company

    Here's the DMXter 2U, a Lil'DMXter2 for bolted down applications. All the hardware and software features of the standard Lil'DMXter2 in a 2U 19" rack box, plus many new features.The user controls, the XLR connectors, and the LED illuminated LCD display are on the front panel. The 2U is equally at home as the back up controller in a theatre or TV studio, running a trade show booth, the background lighting for themed entertainment or as the built in test controller in a touring show DMX distribution rack. Its increased I/O capabilities will make it a useful addition to your test bench.


    ESPION 2 - Robert Juliat

    ESPION 2 is a compact, sturdy device, small enough to fi t in your hand: • Send a DMX stream ( %, hexa) through various modes. 1 • Cable test in real time with display of the failure diagnosis. 2 • Personalized tests of moving lights through a fi xture library (parameters, macros, tests…). 3 • Visualization of the DMX stream (bar graphs, %, hexa) with automatic search mode. 4 • Analysis of DMX stream : error %, characteristics, set up of record time… 5 • Line test : short-circuits, terminal plug… 6 • DMX level capture, parameters and cues recording…. 7 • Restitution of cues, chasers. 8 • Booster / Regeneration of DMX stream : choice of frequency, backup, patch, LTP/HTP modes… 9 • Conversion digital / decimal (Dip switch). 10

  • Doide Testers

    WeiMin Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Specialized test for Axial, SMD and 2-pin package type.Electrical Testing: Forward:VF Reverse:VZ、DVZ、IR、ACIR、DIRFour-wire measurement and contact resistance in case of deviation.Manual test or conjunction with automatic machine.

  • Drive Tester

    Disk Manufacturing Module - SCSI Toolbox, LLC

    SCSI Toolbox LLC is proud to announce the Disk Manufacturing Module, joining a decade of real-world drive testing experience with input from hundreds of customers to bring the best new testing tool to the disk manufacturing and integration marketplace.

  • Drop Tester

    KD 688 A - King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    PLC control, linear motor fast speed control the height setting.Alarm warning before testing.Light support structure decreases the test impact.Support dropping very smooth with dual lubrication guide.No second impact.A data acquisition for the impact wave record (Option).Non maintenance request for continue operation.According to ISTA, ASTM .....etc international standard.Equipped edge & corner holder.

  • Drop Tester

    PDT 80 - Lansmont Corporation

    The PDT 80 features an electric hoist to raise and lower the drop leaf assembly and provides infinitely variable drop heights. The standard drop height range is 12 in. (30.5 cm) to 72 in. (183 cm). Optional system configurations are available for tests that require more or less drop height. The PDT 80 can handle test items weighing up to 177 lbs. (80 kg). The PDT 80 is operated by a handheld controller and also includes an optional footswitch.

  • Drop Tester

    MAXDROP Series - L. A. B. Equipment, Inc.

    Introducing the MAXDROP . Extra large free-fall drop testing is now available. Designed to provide repeatable drop testing on the largest test products and packages ever. You won''t have to settle for hooks and chains any longer!

  • Drop Tester

    AccuDrop 160A - L. A. B. Equipment, Inc.

    Model AD-160A is 1 of 3 models in the ACCUDROPTM Series. It helps determine the ruggedness of packagesand the effectiveness of their interior cushioning when exposed to impact during material handling. Theeffects of dropping are easily duplicated in your laboratory using the controlled and precise flat, corner, andedge drop tests.