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  • 2Ac - VoltAlert™ Voltage Detector

    Company: Fluke

    2AC is the latest addition to the VoltAlert™ ac non- contact voltage tester family from Fluke and is designed to be pocket-sized and easy to use. The 2AC tests for energized circuits and defective grounds, whether it's for an electrician on the factory floor or the do-it-yourselfer around the house. The tip of the pocket-sized tester will glow red when within close proximity of an outlet, terminal strip, or power cord where voltage is present.

  • MX123002A Expert Analysis Powered by Sniffer Technologies

    Company: Anritsu

    MX123002A is a software option to any of the MD1230 Family testers that provides powerful Expert Analysis capabilities.  This function is an advanced and sophisticated feature that automatically locates and troubleshoots problems on any network and recommends corrective actions. Over 250 symptoms and diagnoses are supported.  With the MX123002A Expert Analysis software and the MD1230 Family testers, network administrators and technicians now have the simplest and most powerful way to locate and resolve network problems.

  • MS8609A

    Company: Anritsu

    The MS8609A is a transmitter tester equipped with an internal spectrum analyzer, a modulation analyzer and a power meter. One tester covers the development to manufacturing of base stations, mobile stations and devices. BER/BLER measurement of stand-alone RF receiver modules for 3G W-CDMA mobile telephone terminals can be performed by installing the MU860920A Demodulation Unit and the MX860920A W-CDMA BER/BLER Measurement Software and combining with the Anritsu MG3681A Digital Modulation Signal Generator

  • MX848086A 3GPP Protocol Analyzer

    Company: Anritsu

    MX848086A enables users of the MD8480B W-CDMA (UMTS) Signaling Tester or MT8820A Mobile Phone Tester to analyze their trace logs instantly and fully decoded. It provides fast and accurate analysis of the messages between a UE and the test system, giving a real advantage for development teams involved in 3GPP UE advancement where the number of scenarios needed is growing rapidly

  • CMA 3000

    Company: Anritsu

    The CMA 3000 is NetTest's portable, compact and user-friendly all-in-one field tester for GSM, GPRS/EDGE and UMTS networks. The CMA 3000 field tester is designed specifically for technicians who install, maintain and troubleshoot mobile-access, fixed-access and transmission networks, and switching. The NetTest CMA 3000 has the unique ability to maintain and optimize existing networks and test networks while they are in operation.

  • Earthing/Insulation/SF6 Gas Detection

    Company: Wuhan NANR Electric

    Substation ground resistance tester can test grounding impedance, the contact voltage, step voltage, the diverting potential of all kinds grounding device, and the potential gradient field of surface parameters such as frequency and soil resistivity. NRDWG Series Substation ground resistance tester uses different frequency interference technology, strong interference environment can be measured accurately the data frequency 50Hz. Test current is (0 ~ 3.0A), does not improve potential of grounding device, but it also has strong anti-interference ability, it can measurement without the power cut.

  • GNT-Y-P Series - Gas Analyzer

    Company: NCS Testing Technology

    GNT-Y-P Series Testers use state-of-art hydraulic horizontal push technology, solving the problems in large-load and mass tensile tests. The reasonable designed sample clamping force control can ensure excellent clamping effect for the materials with high strength and hardness, eg. steel strands and other samples especially difficult to be clamped. Two oil cylinders are clamped synchronously to ensure precise coaxiality for both thick and thin samples. The tester also solves the problem of the initial force on the sample after it isclamped in the wedge fixture.

  • LEON Fixture

    Company: Konrad Technologies

    The LEON Gen III tester family is designed with focus on maximum flexibility and usability in different configurations. The LEON Fixture is one of the most compact and cost effective test solutions on the market. It integrates the entire test instrumentation directly into the fixture. As well as all testers of Leon Family the KT LEON Fixture is based on the multifunction card KT-PXI-501.Benefits: Upgrade from Manual to Inline if required; Easy implementation; Low cost; Test in paralell; Open Platform PXI; Extrem modular; Low-cost VG interface or pylon interface.

  • LEON In-Line

    Company: Konrad Technologies

    Automated In-Line Test HandlerIn high volume manufacturing we offer a standard ICT system, based on our fully automated test handler FlexCell NT. The ABex based tester is vertically integrates into the tester handler using pogo-pin based test interface board connecting without cables from the test probe to the test fixture, resulting in a high performance, low-maintenance test solution with extremely high signal integrity. The handler integrates well with industry standard board handling equipment including conveyors and short stations.

  • VLF Insulation Testing

    Company: Megger Group Ltd

    VLF testing uses very low frequencies as part of an AC cable maintenance routine. VLF testers are smaller and more practical than AC testers but output the same amount of power as a 50 Hz mains device. This combination of size and power makes Very Low Frequency cable testing perfect for testing longer sections of cable and apparatus

  • Field Ttesters

    Company: ALBEDO Telecom

    Our product range comprises from small handheld, battery fed testers to full featured service performance assurance tools and distributed monitoring systems. We have several product lines including:QoS / SLA verification system Ethernet, IP, Critical Data, VoIP, IPTV .Hand-held testers: Gigabit Ethernet, Synchronous Ethernet, E1, PDH, SDH, Ethernet, IP, Jitter, Wander, Datacom, Frame Relay, etc.


    Company: Phase II Plus

    This digital Superficial Rockwell hardness tester with fully automated load/unload procedures affords highly sensitive and accurate readings. Micro computer controlled with USB output to built-in mini printer or PC. The 900-349 digital superficial Rockwell hardness tester offers programmable scale conversions, dwell times, statistical capabilities and test counter. Capable of testing in all of the superficial Rockwell® scales.

  • Lector and Scriptor Family - Lector software

    Company: Cobham Wireless

    Cobham’s 7310 Lector software is a well-established and economictest solution for service centres and repair shops testing returnedmobile phones with all of Cobham''s terminal testers: the 2201ProLock, the 3100 Series, the 4100 Mobile Fault Finder Series, the4200 Mobile Service Tester Series, the 4400 Mobile Phone TesterSeries and the 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set. TETRA radios can alsobe tested with the 2300 Stabilock® Series.

  • DTS 8 - Automotive Diagnostic Tool Set

    Company: Softing Messen &

    The product family for diagnostics throughout the ECU lifecycle – the leading implementation of the diagnostic standards OTX, ODX, UDS, MCD-3D on the market. With ODX-Editor (DTS-Venice), D-Server (DTS-COS), Tester (DTS-Monaco) and lots of helpers for your daily work.

  • BSA-12 - Battery & Starter Analyser

    Company: AUTO Diagnostech

    This Battery & Starter Analyser (BSA-12) is a fully graphics display Tester without any language displayed. It is meant for operating on 12 Volts flooded lead acid, sealed lead acid, VRLA, Gel or AGM batteries (Automotive and Motorcycles).