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  • Octane Test Servers

    Company: Extreme Protocol

    Octane Test Servers provide a remotely controllable, high bandwidth, small footprint test platform for SAS/SATA/PATA and U320 Hard Drive Testing. Available in 2U (8 Port), 3U (16 Port) or 5U (24 Port) configurations, this versatile family of testers can fit any space or budget. Octane integrates the latest in protocol and server technology with the extensive scripting capablity of our test software to provide a solution for both manufacturing and engineering applications.

  • ICT Fixtures

    Company: Masterpiece Engineering

    Let our innovative process provide you with the most reliable fixture solutions for Agilent 3070, Genrad 228X and Teradyne Z18XX, Digital Test, and Checksum testers. We offer several formats, from single well manual or vacuum fixture to top access dual stage with complex accessories, all of which include the best performance and delivery time in the industry.


    Company: DURST Motor & Electric

    Universal tester for small engines features an adjustable spark gap (0-12mm) to simulate engine load and adverse conditions. Two peak voltage scales allow you to monitor the working voltages on all types of ignition systems. Additional functions are aimed at trouble shooting the classic breaker point system: coil test, points test, condenser test, module test and resistance measurements (3scales). Test can be performed on or off the engine.

  • SESAR GPATE - General Purpose Automatic Test Equipment- Test Bench

    Company: Spherea Test & Services

    The SESAR 3000 family of testers is the ideal support solution to: guarantee maximum operational availability of your military systems increase the self-sufficiency of forces deployed in the theater of operations. SESAR 3000 family General Purpose Automatic Test Equipment (GPATE) can be deployed both in the armed forces' permanent maintenance workshops and directly on operations. provide support for the electronic and optronic equipment of a large number of military planes or helicopters and armored vehicles.

  • JEMIO - JTAG External Modules for Cluster Test

    Company: StarTest

    The JTAG External Modules JEMIO™ for Cluster test are intended to provide test access to off-board signals that otherwise could not be accessed by a JTAG test system. For many designs, Boundary-Scan has adequate access to on-board signals, but signals that go off the board often cannot be tested by a JTAG tester. By adding JTAG access to these off-board signals, JEMIO™ modules can increase the board's JTAG test coverage, possibly reducing the need for implementing another test method or for developing alternative tests to reach the required level of test coverage.

  • Mistral - Keypad Test system

    Company: Engineering Solutions

    The Mistral Keypad Test System has been designed to be the least expensive, easiest to use full featured tester for membrane switch assemblies. The idea is to combine a small, smart "pod" with a PC running software that makes full use of the Windows® graphical interface. Make it as easy to set up and use as possible yet include all the features you need.

  • 679 - Lightweight Polyphase Test Set

    Company: Red Phase Instruments

    For many field testing applications a small, light and moderately priced tester is more attractive to utilities than a larger traditional unit. To keep weight as low as possible the 469 only has 1A and 5A ranges for testing C.T. operated meters. However, it is still easy to test direct connected meters up to 100A with the optional precision clipon C.T.s.

  • MTS1000i - Mixed Signal Test Systems

    Company: Applied Test Resources

    The MTS-1000i is lowest cost platform available in the MTS series of ATE. It has a reduced platform size compared to the MTS-2010i & MTS-1020i, reduced power supplies, and 4 slots. It is mainly intended for single site testing. Like the other testers in the MTS family it is a highly cost effective production ATE designed for testing high-volume linear and mixed signal semiconductor devices (Op Amps, high-voltage drivers, DAC, ADC, etc.), both at the wafer sort and final test stages of the manufacturing process

  • OLB - Modular Offline Device Sort System

    Company: Delta Design

    The Delta Offline Binner (OLB) sorts devices using test results from previous processes. The standard OLB configuration includes a Sort module and one to four Automated Binning Load Ports (ABLPs). By sorting devices offline from the test cell, the OLB enables increased test cell (tester + handler) utilization, the ability to sort to more bins, and to automatically combine lots.

  • MTS-916 - Modular Target Simulator

    Company: Marvin Test Solutions

    The MTS-916 is a state-of-the-art target simulator for AGM-65 and TGM-65 Maverick missiles and GCS (Guidance and Control Sections). Designed to replace the obsolete AN/DSM-129 (TV/CCD simulator) and the nearly obsolete AN/DSM-787 (IR simulator), the MTS-916 is fully compatible with any Maverick tester using these legacy simulators. This includes the obsolete AN/DSM-157 (GMTS) as well as the new state-of-the-art MTS-206.

  • Ubertesters - Mobile App Testing Platform

    Company: Ubertesters

    The platform offers an all-in-one mobile management tool for the complete beta testing campaign: Multi-platform support (iOS, Android). Over-the-air app distribution. Revision management. Ability to assign and test requirements. Complete support of all development methodologies (user stories & test cases). Automatically collects and reports crash data & custom logs. Offers in-app bug editing, marking, reporting and user feedback. Allows real-time team monitoring. Integration with external "Bug-Tracking-System". Crowd Testing with Professional testers in 80+ countries.

  • MT Series - Motorized Force Test System

    Company: Qualitest International

    In the past, film extruders, paper producers, converters, and woven/non-woven fabric producers have had the choice of test stands and universal test machines which are either value-priced peak-force-only machines, or expensive computer-operated integral-load cell machines. Now you can have the best of both worlds in a single instrument. The series MT-1500, a simple to use computer operated tester, with Quality Control software for automatic calculation and graphical display of break, elongation, yield, modulus, and other, tension and compression force information.

  • MIL-STD-1553B Data Bus TRB Adapter Kit for TDR

    Company: MOHR Test And Measurement

    Designed for use with the high-resolution CT100 TDR Cable Tester. Ideal for TDR testing MIL-STD-1553B data bus aerospace cable assemblies. Detect and localize open, short, and partial cable and connector faults on the main bus and stubs. Detects cable and connector faults through 3+ transformer couplers. Simplifies troubleshooting of aging aircraft MIL-STD-1553 cable assemblies.

  • TTK-EL - Electrical Testing Kit

    Company: Triplett

    Model 9007, DMM (PN 9007). Model 9310-A, AC/DC Clamp-On (PN 9310). Plug-Bug 2, GFCI Receptical Tester (PN 9610). Sniff-It 2, AC Voltage Detector (PN 9601). Professional AutoLoader Multi-Bit Screwdriver (PN TPAL-001). Breaker Sniff-It, Circuit Breaker identifier (PN 9650). Blow-Molded Carrying Case with Foam Insert.

  • 19032/19032-P - Electrical Safety Analyzer

    Company: Chroma ATE

    The 19032/19032-P are 5 in 1 Production Safety Analyzer. It can perform AC/DC Hipot, insulation resistance, grounding resistance and dynamic leakage current 5 safety test functions for electronic products. The dynamic leakage current scan device (A190305/A190307) can be connected externally or built in to 19032 Series. It is capable of measuring the complicate safety requirements with easy installation and operation, and is the finest auto safety tester to increase production test efficiency.