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  • Beacon Testers

    BT100 Series - WS Technologies Inc.

    Whether you are testing EPIRBs for IMO's Shore-Based Maintenance requirements or verifying the coding on PLBs, the BT100 is the perfect tool. Use this instrument for all of your Beacon testing needs even for troubleshooting! The BT100 series works on all existing 406 EPIRBs, all 406 PLB's, and all ELT's also measures any 121.5 MHz equipment!

  • Bearing Testers

    Anderon Meters - M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    *Measures the anderon value in an assembled bearing.*Detects slight surface irregularities arising from machining imperfections and other factors.*Detects displacement in a radial direction caused by rolling surface irregularities.*Provides the “anderon” value, a numerical expression of the degree of vibration and noise in the bearing, allows quantitative assessment of bearing performance.*Enables the discovery of the causes of vibrations (scratches on the raceways of outer and inner races made during machining, scratches on ball surfaces, contamination by dust particles, etc.).*Enables the sorting of bearings by precision class and more accurate assessment of bearing quality.*Development of high-quality products: aids in the development of high-quality, durable bearings that generate minimal vibration and noise.*Assurance of product quality: allows data to be gathered that can be used for objective assessment of quality, particularly vibration and noise characteristics.*Optimal management of products by quality: High-sensitivity detection of minute but critical variations in product characteristics, allowing to sort bearings accurately by quality for optimal product management.*Improved productivity: allows inspection of bearings before installation in high-precision, high-performance products susceptible to vibration, minimizing defects in assembled products and improving productivity.*Optimal parts control in the open market environment: permits high-accuracy acceptance inspections of delivered parts, allowing to test various samples obtained from both domestic and overseas manufacturers to help secure parts that offer optimal quality.

  • CO/Co2 Testers

    TES Electrical Electronic Corp.

    CO-0-999 pp, range. Max hold with time stamp.Alarm level setting. Replaceable sensor extends meter life.Stabilized electrochemical CO Sensor.Automatic sensor zeroing upon start-up.

  • Chip Tester

    TL2000 - ficonTEC Service GmbH

    The ficonTEC TL2000 is a fully automated test and inspection system for unmounted laser diode bars, single chips and chips on submounts.

  • Circuit Tester

    69105 - Klein Tools, Inc.

    Tests circuits rated from 80 to 600 volts AC/DC.High-visibility neon lamp indicator.High-impact, sealed 5-11/16'' (144 mm) probes on long 24'' (610 mm) leads for convenience in testing motors, fuses, relays, switches, etc.Resistor between each probe and lead.Reliable electronic components.

  • Circuit Testers

    ADSYS technologies Co. Ltd.

    Patented on board electrolytic capacitor polarity and missing part technologies: ECJPatented SMD IC solder joints open/contacted discriminating technologies: TAJ.Auto guarding functions.Auto open/short and components learning functions. Pane board edit/ pane board skip test/automatic board view generate/test results data logger functions. Windows operation console:Superior board view functions:Test results reports and statistical functions.

  • Circuit Testers

    Precision Mastech Enterprises Co.

    AC Voltage Range: 125V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.3WOverload voltage: CAT II 125VHumidity: <80% relative humidityOperating Temperature: 32 to 104 (0 to 40)Storage Temperature: 14 to 122 (-10 to 50)Altitude: ~6500 ft. (2000m); indoor use onlyDimension: 3.23*1.73*1.26 in. (82*42*32 mm)Weight: Approx. 1.5oz (42g)Safety rating: TL CAT II 125V RoHS

  • CCTV Tester

    ANA-GCB002E - Shenzhen ANA Electronics Technology Co.Ltd

    3.5-inch TFT-LCD screenVideo testingAudio input testingUPT cable testing12V DC, 0.4A power outputSignal mode: NTSC/PALDisplay: 3.5-inch TFT color LCDImage resolution: 640 x 480 pixelsVideo input x 1 (BNC connector)Audio input x 1 channel audio inputDC power output x 1 maximum electric currency 400mABattery specification: built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 3.7V, 2,000mA/hPower input: 5V DC at 1.0ALight instruction: 2 LED indicator, power indicator (green)/charging indicator (red)

  • CCTV Tester

    HVT-2600 - Guangzhou Wanglu Communications Co., Ltd.

    3.5 inch digital TFT-LCD/ PTZ control /Color bar generator/UTP cable test/ PoE /PSE voltage test /12V 1A power output

  • CCTV Tester


    Is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly transmitted, though it may employ point to point (P2P), point to multipoint, or mesh wireless links. Though almost all video cameras fit this definition, the term is most often applied to those used for surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations, and convenience stores. Videotelephony is seldom called "CCTV" but the use of video in distance education, where it is an important tool, is often so called.

  • CCTV Tester

    iTester9 - Epordo, E-focus Industrial Co., Ltd

    iTester9 supports multi-protocol and baud rate, communication ports including RS485,RS422, as well as RS232.* iTester9 supports realtime record download and WEB online tracking function.* It is more convenient for technicians to analyze whether the protocol is correct or not, or to analyze unknown protocol.

  • Cell Tester

    FeRAM - aixACCT Systems GmbH

    Memory window information based on analog hysteresis measurements on single cell capacitors after full integration process. Quality control during production based on memory window information which is not influenced by deviation of CMOS process. Single shot hysteresis data at MHz operation speed. Classification of bit failure instead of bit failure identification.

  • Cell Tester

    GMS-9A/GMS-8B - Zhuhai Gmee Solar Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Power Supply: 220VAC +10%, 50HzInput Power: 1.1KWSpectral Irradiance Distribution: IEC 60904-9, AAATesting Area: 160mm*160mmSpectrum: AM1.05Simulator Class ANon-uniformity of Irradiance +2%LTI: +1%StI: +0.5Light Pulse Duration: 10msLamp Lifetime: 300,000 flashes.RAnge of Light Intensity: 600-1250W/ adjustable.Voltage ranges: 0-7.5A/1.5A/3A/6A/12AData Collection: 2ms-8msMachine Dimension: 380mm*490mm*700mm

  • Cell Tester

    NCT series - NPC Corporated

    With long term experiences in the field of testing the variety of solar cells, NPC has been developing the most advanced testing technologies accurately even with higher conversion efficiency cells. Well designed cell handling can minimize the cell breakage while achieving the higher throughput


    SPOT­LIGHT - Hennecke Systems GmbH

    SpotLIGHT was de­signed to min­i­mize main­te­nance and to sig­nif­i­cantly re­duce down­time. The life­cy­cle of its con­tact­ing sys­tem is longer than that of stan­dard sys­tems cur­rently avail­able on the mar­ket, thus sub­stan­tially re­duc­ing TCO.