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  • Bearing Testers

    Anderon Meters - M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    *Measures the anderon value in an assembled bearing.*Detects slight surface irregularities arising from machining imperfections and other factors.*Detects displacement in a radial direction caused by rolling surface irregularities.*Provides the “anderon” value, a numerical expression of the degree of vibration and noise in the bearing, allows quantitative assessment of bearing performance.*Enables the discovery of the causes of vibrations (scratches on the raceways of outer and inner races made during machining, scratches on ball surfaces, contamination by dust particles, etc.).*Enables the sorting of bearings by precision class and more accurate assessment of bearing quality.*Development of high-quality products: aids in the development of high-quality, durable bearings that generate minimal vibration and noise.*Assurance of product quality: allows data to be gathered that can be used for objective assessment of quality, particularly vibration and noise characteristics.*Optimal management of products by quality: High-sensitivity detection of minute but critical variations in product characteristics, allowing to sort bearings accurately by quality for optimal product management.*Improved productivity: allows inspection of bearings before installation in high-precision, high-performance products susceptible to vibration, minimizing defects in assembled products and improving productivity.*Optimal parts control in the open market environment: permits high-accuracy acceptance inspections of delivered parts, allowing to test various samples obtained from both domestic and overseas manufacturers to help secure parts that offer optimal quality.

  • Bench Tester

    7585 - Tekonsha

    Test device designed to determine if a brake control is working properly. Checks brake control output, independent of vehicle wiring. Simulates many fault conditions including open ground, short circuit, open load and more.

  • Bonding Tester

    PTR1102 - Rhesca Co., Ltd.

    simple and robust equipment for using wire pull test and die share test. RHESCA already much equipment installed in Japanese enterprises and their oversea facilities by ourselves.

  • Bond Testers

    Royce Instruments

    Royce bond testing systems can handle a variety of testing applications including wire bond pull testing, wire bond ball shear testing, BGA ball shear testing, die shear testing, and high speed ball shear testing.

  • Brittleness Tester

    ET 05 II - Qualitest International Inc.

    It is used for the automatic determination of Brittleness point according to ISO 812, ISO 974, ASTM D746 and ASTM D2137. The price includes the instrument and software, but not the computer.

  • In-Circuit Tester

    QS-8200 - Qualectron Systems Corp.

    Standard with 256 points, expandable to 1,024 (more points upon request), Use fast and stable electronic CMOS relay design, Windows XP user-friendly operation, Various languages (English/Spanish/Japanese/Chinese) available for overseas production, Ten interface available: Pneumatic press type, vacuum type, automatic in-line type, and mechanical type,

  • In-Circuit Tester

    Sigma MTS300 - Digitaltest GmbH

    The system is designed for high throughput; with up to 1,000 analog measurements per second it is one of the fastest test systems available on the market. Sigma test systems provide analog and digital In-Circuit Test capabilities, Vectorless Testing, Functional Test, Boundary Scan and On-Board Programming.

  • Inclination Tester

    tecsis LP

    As part of our Oil & Gas Series, tecsis LP now offers the Model LPI inclination sensor to measure inclination in the X, Y, or both X and Y directions (2-dimensional), used to measure the tilt angle of objects with respect to the horizontal. This unique sensor is useful as a safety component for measuring boom angle on construction cranes, platforms, and lifts. It also provides accurate data for leveling agricultural and commercial vehicles, monitoring drilling angles and derricks, or recording pitch and roll of ships.

  • Inductance Tester

    PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    A new type of combitester in modern design for checking the capacitance in the ranges of 2 nF ... 200 µF, inductance of 2 mH ... 20 H and resistance of 200 Ω ... 20 MΩ.

  • HV Tester

    AJIT Electronics Co.

    For High Voltage withstand, breakdown testing of electrical insulating systems.For Dielectric Strength testing of electrical / electronic components, small appliances, tools, motors, machines etc.

  • ibration Testers

    TRIO-TECH International

    Mechanical vibration systems have been used for decades to perform product reliability testing. Our BR-series of mechanical shakers with a typical frequency range of 8-60 Hz, provide a low-cost approach for testing electronic products and components for loose solder connections and hardware failures. Our higher frequency Field Test Vibration series aids designers, R & D and production engineers in developing a high quality and cost effective solution to product development issues. With operating frequency ranges to 500 Hz, these high performances, computer-controlled vibration systems provide the ultimate in sine, random and resonance search and dwell testing

  • Infrastructure Testers

    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    Rohde & Schwarz offers devices covering all stages from research and development through manufacturing and integration and verification.

  • Injector tester

    TW-2 - DeltaTech Electronics

    At present almost all petrol powered cars are equipped with the fuel injection system. One of the most important components of the injection system are injectors. The injection system allows accurate injection timing and controlling the amount. In order to perform this task properly, the injectors must be operational. Three types of damage to injectors can be observed:

  • Installation Testers

    Fluke Corporation

    Safety and performance are two of the most critical requirements for any electrical system. Good quality insulation, a properly working grounding system and active protection assure the safety of people, electrical systems and buildings, and protect them against electrocution, fire and other equipment damage.

  • Installation Testers


    Offers two models that verify the safety of electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Has been developed to carry out the following safety measurements of electrical installations in accordance with EN 61557 and DIN VDE 0100: Insulation resistance, RCD tests, Low Ohm resistance, Earth ground resistance, Loop impedance, Phase sequence.