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  • S5101 - Handheld Radio Communication Analyzer

    Company: Saluki Technology

    S5101 Handheld Radio Communication Analyzer is the ideal radio tester for laboratory, production, service and maintenance use. It combines radio frequency emission, reception analysis, audio source, analyzer, etc. all into one unit. It can measure the performance of radio from 2MHz to 1GHz, interphone, audio equipment as well as testing communication cables and standing-wave ratio.

  • S5101 - Handheld Radio Communication Analyzer

    Company: Qingdao E-Jiaxun

    S5101 Handheld Radio Communication Analyzer is the ideal radio tester for laboratory, production, service and maintenance use. It combines radio frequency emission, reception analysis, audio source, analyzer, etc. all into one unit. It can measure the performance of radio from 2MHz to 1GHz, interphone, audio equipment as well as testing communication cables and standing-wave ratio.

  • JW3308 - Handheld Return Loss Meter

    Company: Shanghai Joinwit

    JW3308 optical return loss meter is designed to measure a variety of optical devices, optical link return loss, optical fiber connector quality control is applied to the site of an optimized solution. Can be used separately optical return loss tester, insertion loss meter, optical power meter, light source, and having a data storage function.

  • TTK-EL - Electrical Testing Kit

    Company: Triplett

    Model 9007, DMM (PN 9007). Model 9310-A, AC/DC Clamp-On (PN 9310). Plug-Bug 2, GFCI Receptical Tester (PN 9610). Sniff-It 2, AC Voltage Detector (PN 9601). Professional AutoLoader Multi-Bit Screwdriver (PN TPAL-001). Breaker Sniff-It, Circuit Breaker identifier (PN 9650). Blow-Molded Carrying Case with Foam Insert.

  • Electrical Test Meters

    Company: Wuhan Fanke Transformer

    Digital Earth Resistance Tester is specially designed and manufactured for field measurement, adopting the latest digital and micro-processing technology, 3-pole or 2-pole method for earth resistance measurement, with a unique function of wire resistance verification, anti-interference capability and the ability to adapt to the environment, to ensure high precision, high stability and reliability for prolonged measure, which is widely used in electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil field, construction, lightning protection, industrial electrical equipment and other earth ground resistance measurement.

  • DMM5 - Expert Digital Automotive Analyser

    Company: Draper Tools Ltd

    Expert Quality, Ideal for automotive use. Display packed.Features include:•24 position rotary function and range selector; • Measures DC volts and DC amps; • Measures resistance and dwell angle; • Takes tachometer readings ; • Diode test facility; • Audible continuity tester; • Impact resistant rubber case; • Recessed input terminals; • Low battery indicator; • Test leads (probes and crocodile clips)

  • E6650A - EXF Wireless Test Set for Femtocell

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    As small cells take off, keeping pace with growing demand and aggressive schedules is easier when you have access to deeper resources. The EXF is the industry’s first one-box tester dedicated to femtocell manufacturing, and it’s validated with the latest cellular and WLAN chipsets. Is also delivers the speed, performance and scalability you need to ramp up rapidly and lower your cost of test.

  • Fixture Design

    Company: TestEdge

    TestEdge offers quick, cost effective test fixture design services for low-speed, full-speed, and high-speed devices. Based on our experience in developing high performance test fixtures for a wide variety of devices, test sockets, and tester platforms, we provide a premium quality test and engineering validation environment for everything from high power (40W) to high pin count to high speed ECL to high speed SerDes (3.25Gb) devices.

  • Flying Scorpion FLS900Dx - Flying Probe System

    Company: Acculogic

    Application of new and innovative design features to increase test speed, board access, reliability, and repeat-ability, have opened up new possibilities for deployment of Acculogic’s FLS900 series testers. As the first patented flying prober with double sided testing and 24 interchangeable probe modules, the FLS900 is leading the way in defining new leaner and more efficient deployment models for production environments.

  • MFTS500-Series - ECU Test Systems

    Company: Computer Gesteuerte

    The MFTS500-System is specially designed for the testing of electronic control units (ECUs). It can be configured to be used as a development or as a production tester. Every effort has been made during development and design to ensure that the system is flexible and cost effective. Incorporating a new uniform bus system for all slots has now the advantage of not having a pre-assigned slot for one of the different current ranges of the load matrix. So the system is more flexible and cost efficient as the predecessor, the LB300 System.

  • SIGTRAN (SS7 over IP) - Emulator using MAPS

    Company: GL Communications

    MAPS™-SIGTRAN is an advanced protocol simulator/tester for SS7 simulation over IP Networks. It can simulate a Signaling Gateway and Softswitch ISUP signaling specification as defined by ITU-T standards. The tester supports testing network elements, error tracking, regression testing, conformance testing, load testing/call generation and generation of high volumes of ISUP traffic. MAPS™-SIGTRAN functionality covers the ITU and ANSI variant of SS7 implementing M3UA, and ISUP protocols. It is able to run pre-defined test scenarios against ISUP test objects in a controlled & deterministic manner.

  • Multi Protocol Boards

    Company: Excalibur Systems

    The EXC-4000 carrier board series was developed to meet the needs of avionic testers for multi-protocol integrated, digital bus testing. Modules may be selected out of a growing list which currently includes MIL-STD-1553/1760, MMSI, H009, ARINC-429, ARINC-708/453, Serial (232/422/485), Discrete and CAN bus. Additionally, an IRIG B decoder implements a global time stamp relative to the IRIG B pulses. The need for higher density, different protocols, and multi-channel on one integrated test card has made the EXC-4000 series very successful.

  • 9195 - Neon Bar Checker

    Company: TAKK Industries Incorporated

    TAKK?s Model 9195 Neon Bar Checker offers a quick and inexpensive means of determining if static eliminator bars are functioning. The conveniently small pen size unit indicates that each bar emitter is performing properly by the activation of a neon light signal. Static eliminator bars may malfunction due to transformer defects, shorts in the system, need to be cleaned, etc. The bar tester may be used with shockless or ?hot? static control equipment.

  • NanoForce™ - Nanomechanical Testing System

    Company: Bruker Nano Surfaces

    In the NanoForce™ Nanomechanical Testing System, Bruker has combined the superlative capabilities of its industry-leading micro and nano mechanical testers with the outstanding imaging and nanoscale characterization abilities of atomic force microscopy (AFM). NanoForce offers the most advanced technology in quasistatic and dynamic indentation capabilities, plus additional functionality unique to AFM, with the most user-friendly, feature-rich design available in a nanomechanical testing system.

  • ST-3116 - New Adjustable Light Source

    Company: Wuhan Sunma Technologies

    ST-3116 Handheld Adjustable Light Source is SUNMA newly designed fiber optic tester, it aims at fiber network installation, fiber network engineering acceptance and fiber network maintenance. Combined usage with ST-3216 handheld optical power meter, it offers a quick and accurate testing solution on both SM and MM fibers. The ST-3116 provides 1 to 4 wavelengths and output power can be adjustable on customer requests. Also the ST-3116 features good appearance, good touch feeling and considerate humanity design.