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  • ET64220 - Wire Tracer

    Company: Sperry Instruments

    A must-have tester for audio/video installers and data com technicians. Multi-purpose wire tracer for identifying wires such as coax, CAT 5, speaker, phone, or any non-energized (non-live) wires. Adapter plugs include: RJ-45, RJ-11, coax, automotive fuse blade, and insulated clamps. Adjustable sensitivity positively identifies a single wire when multiple wires are routed in close proximity. Audible and visual indication.

  • Hyperius - VF-TLP Test System

    Company: Grund Technical Solutions

    The engineers at GTS continue their history of innovation in the TLP market with the true reflection cancellation. When a TLP pulse is delivered to an ESD test structure the typical response is to shunt this to a ground, effectively looking like a short. This causes a reflection that is sent back to the pulser, which is re-reflected back to the part. This can cause undue stress and may cause failures, the Hyperius can eliminate these reflections unlike other testers which simply attenuate them.

  • KJ-2080 - Ventilation aging machine

    Company: Dongguan Kejian Instrument

    Applies to wires, leather, plastic, rubber, cloth, heating changes before and after thermal properties. For wire, when classes are heated ,in order to maintain the fresh air, so the special regulation of ventilation. This tester has the precision design of the air displacement adjustment device and digital voltmeter, ammeter, watt-hour meter, timer, can be used as air exchange rate determination. Horizontal forced air circulation system and the internal sides of airflow adjustment, to ensure stable internal temperature uniformity testing machine.

  • ICT Fixtures

    Company: Masterpiece Engineering

    Let our innovative process provide you with the most reliable fixture solutions for Agilent 3070, Genrad 228X and Teradyne Z18XX, Digital Test, and Checksum testers. We offer several formats, from single well manual or vacuum fixture to top access dual stage with complex accessories, all of which include the best performance and delivery time in the industry.

  • Installation Testers/Adapters

    Company: Testboy GmbH

    Using five glow lamps, the rotary field tester, Testboy TV 410N, indicates the presence of all three phases and, through their sequence, determines the correct order of the phases. The housing is made from impact-resistant, unbreakable ABS plastic, the fully insulated 4 mm sockets and the associated comprehensive and adaptable connection cable set provide safe testing and rapid determination of the phasing in a three-phase system.

  • IHT - In-Line Hot Test Handler

    Company: IPTE Factory Automation

    The IHT is an automatic Integrated Hot Tester for testing PCBs at a high temperature. The IHT consists of an oven section, followed by a test section. Its exchangeable bed of nails and press-on part stands for a fast product changeover without the intervention of service personnel. The upper-plate of the IHT moves under servo control, allowing very fast and accurate locking of the PCB on the fixture. Underneath the test section is sufficient room for testing equipment.

  • Tarvos - Human Metal Model System

    Company: Grund Technical Solutions

    A truly accurate IEC 6100-4-2 tester. If you are using a gun to test package parts you are not getting a reliable and repeatable test. Because small variances in the EM fields of the test setup have a large effect on the generated waveform it is difficult to maintain repeatability from test to test and virtually impossible to maintain between different operators and test sites. The Tarvos delivers compliant pulses through a coaxial cable eliminating these issues.

  • 2100 Series - HI-POT Insulation Testing

    Company: Laycock Systems

    These HI-POT Insulation Testing units feature a built-in safety switch that immediately stops current flow in the event of a breakdown. In the event of a breakdown the indicator lamp will dim and a buzzer also signals a breakdown. Thus the operator can concentrate his attention on his work and not on the HI-POT tester. Power will not resume to the prods until the manual reset push button switch is activated.

  • PT1085 - Telephone / Modem Analyzer

    Company: Fulling & CEIEC CO

    PT9401E Telephone Dialing / Caller ID Analyzer is a new kind of digitalmeter designed specially for the test of telephone dial characteristics (Pulse /Tone) and Caller ID. The tester has not only reached advanced level of the same kind ones at home and abroad in functions speed and precision but also been an indispensable appliance both for telephone design and research.

  • Test Services

    Company: Mu-TEST

    Mu-TEST sells a complete package including tester hardware, with electro-mechanical structure and its connectors, test instruments set, diagnostics and calibration loadboards, workstation, and software licenseIn addition, customer technical and application support for loadboard design and manufacturing, test program development, can also be managed either by MuTest directly, or via our network of partnersFinally, equipments maintenance contracts, both preventive and curative, can be contracted to one of the companies selected in our ecosystem

  • TSB - Trip Saver Box

    Company: Vanguard Instruments

    The Vanguard TSB can be used with a Vanguard ATRT-03 series turns ratio tester to perform transformer turns ratio tests using the same cable set provided with the TRM-203/403. Using the TSB, there is no need to connect and reconnect cables from the transformer after the initial connections are made. The user can conveniently perform resistance tests using the TRM-203/403 and turns ratio tests using an ATRT-03 without having to make trips to the transformer to connect and disconnect cables.

  • UMT TriboLab™ - Tribology System

    Company: Bruker Nano Surfaces

    Bruker’s Universal Mechanical Tester (UMT) platform has been the most versatile and widely used tribometer on the market since the first model debuted in 2000. Now, newly designed from the ground up, the UMT TriboLab™ builds on that legacy of versatility with a unique modular concept that harnesses more functionality than ever before—all without any compromise in performance.

  • UFT - Unified Functional Testing Software

    Company: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Make automated testing more efficient and help developers and testers collaborate. This functional automated testing software—formerly QuickTest Professional (QTP)—helps deliver quality software at the speed your business needs. HPE UFT software automates testing through an intuitive, visual user experience that ties manual, automated, and framework-based testing together in one IDE. This far-reaching solution significantly reduces the cost and complexity of the functional testing process while driving continuous quality.

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

    Company: Sonotec Ultraschallsensorik

    Applications of ultrasonic testing vary, ranging from weld inspection to wall thickness measurement and the detection of discontinuities such as invisible cracks, inclusions, voids and other discontinuities in metals, plastics, ceramics and composites. Experienced material testers have supervised the development of SONOTEC flaw detector and probes focusing on simple operation procedures and high sensitivity while simultaneously providing a robust design.

  • 76462 - Universal Electronic Fuel Injector Quick Probe

    Company: Hickok

    The Universal EFI Quick Probe is a battery-operated tester designed to quickly determine if a fuel injector is firing by detecting a mechanical vibration, such as a fuel injector's pintle movement.Simply press the 7" long probe tip against the injector body, adjust the sensitivity using the thumb-wheel and the bright LED strobe will flash each time the injector opens and closes. The strobe allows the you to determine if the injector is firing consistently, misfiring or not firing at all.