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  • Automatic semiconductors

    Company: Qmax Test Technologies

    compact small foot print, sophisticated automatic semiconductor tester. Its state-of-the-art hardware design which is freely configurable to user's application requirements and software features facilitates it to test linear & mixed signal IC components which covers a wide range of products like linear, Power management, Opto electronics, digital and mixed signal devices etc.

  • BTS-60V100A - Battery Testing Systems

    Company: LinYi Gelon LIB Co

    The battery tester has one channel for testing all the rechargeable battery (as Ni-MH battery, Ni-CD battery, Lithium-ion battery and polymer batter, etc. ) The testing equipment provides most applications in battery testing fields such as electrode materials research, battery performance test, small-scale battery formation, capability grading, battery pack testing and etc.

  • K101-0920 - Armature Core Analizer

    Company: KAR Industries

    This test will allow you to compare your lamination stack and shaft assemblies' steel magnetic capabilites to OEM material or to your own "in house" generated standard. This tester is designed to give you a constant source of equal magnetic strength lamination stacks and shafts, so that you will know the torque of the armature before you waste the time and money winding an armature that will not pass your final load test for high amps and/or low torque.

  • LCA1002K - Light Check Complete, carry case, 3 adapters

    Company: Wolf Technologies

    Not sure which adapter you might need at different times? Order Light Check Complete. It includes Light Check, a carry case and 3 adapters. (Includes LCA1002 Light Check trailer light tester, LCC1005 carry case, and LCA7004 - 4 pin adapter, LCA7005 - 5 pin adapter, LCA7006 - 6 pin round adapter) Note: Does not include LCA7007 Commercial Adapter or LCA7012N 12 pin NATO adapter.

  • 222 - Trailer Wiring Buddy 7 Pin Flat

    Company: Electronic Specialties

    Each signal from vehicle emits a unique tone. Electric brake control signal illuminates red LED. Loud beep can be heard over shop noise. Time Saver! Just apply brakes, right/left turn signals, running lights, engage reverse & 12 Volt Charging voltage. Greatly reduces time spent verifying vehicle trailer wiring. Very simple & easy to use - saves time! Trailer light tester

  • Nighthawk - ATE Paradigm Shift

    Company: LTX-Credence

    Nighthawk’s test performance is among the best in the industry with full coverage for all connectivity bands and new features optimizing both test development and test time. Any Diamond Series or X-Series tester can be easily upgraded to full RF capability within 30 minutes. Additionally, each platform can support two Nighthawk modules providing eight sources, eight receivers and eight digitizers for outstanding throughput in octal site mode. Dual configurations can also simultaneously test two different connectivity standards.

  • Mass Interconnect Solutions

    Company: ECT

    Mass interconnect systems act as the connector interface between test instruments (PXI, VXI, LXI, GPIB, SCXI & PCI) and devices / units under test (DUT / UUT) These are often used in Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing, and other applications. By mating a receiver on the tester side with an interchangeable test adapter (ITA) on the UUT, the mass interconnects enables the entire system to mate together at one time. Mass Interconnect Systems are available in multiple sizes and configuration to accommodate virtually any testing requirement.

  • USB Generic Test Fixture

    Company: Allion Test Labs

    USB Charging/Protocol/Electrical Tester (UCPET) is the automatic test equipment designed for USB Battery Charging Spec V1.2 (USB BC V1.2). It has also been approved by USB-IF as the standard test solution for USB BC V1.2. UCPET aims to verify the product to conform with the USB-IF specification and to efficiently assist customers in USB BC1.2 products development, debugging and validation.

  • Model S600

    Company: Keithley

    Keithley's S600 Series Automatic DC Parametric Test Systems are designed to help fabs keep pace with the demands of increasing wafer size, growing device complexity, and rapid startup times. The S630 characterizes device speed, yield, and reliability with the highest production throughput of any parametric tester available. The S633 is a complete test solution optimized for the latest semiconductor processes using copper interconnects, insulators with a low dielectric constant, and 300mm wafers.

  • HC Model - Surge / DC Hi-Pot Consoles

    Company: PJ Electronics

    (Surge / Hi-Pot Consoles) - Now available in High Voltage models - 35,40 & 50KV. The HC Model offers Surge / DC Hi-Pot testing capabilities! The "HC" Model has all of the features of our "C" Model plus a DC Hi-Pot Tester. DC Hi-Pot includes dual LED panel meters that display direct read out of current and voltage, with overcurrent safety trip and the capability of ascertaining Polarization Index (PI) Test results.

  • H/L Voltage Clamp Meters

    Company: MEWOI Electronics

    High Voltage Current Transformation Ratio Tester breaks traditional structure, specially designed for high and low voltage first and secondary loop current, variable ratio, and current leakage test; apply the latest CT technology and mask digital integration technology, composed of special high-voltage clamp, low voltage clamp, host, high voltage insulation rod and monitoring software, etc; its wireless transmission test data can penetrate multiple building obstacles with a straight-line distance of 30 meters.

  • T5503HS - Memory Test Systems

    Company: Advantest

    With today's mobile electronic devices and the servers that support them handling ever-increasing volumes of data, semiconductor memory manufacturers need a highly capable, cost-efficient means of testing their latest generations of high-speed, high-capacity memory ICs including emerging DDR4-SDRAM and LPDDR4-SDRAM chips. Advantest's T5503HS tester gives memory manufacturers that industry-leading performance and a low cost of test along with an upgradeable system design.

  • QuadTAP/CFM - 4-TAP JTAG Boundary-scan Controller for Teradyne Systems

    Company: Corelis

    The Corelis QuadTAP/CFM™ high-speed multi-TAP boundary-scan system makes advanced, multi-TAP boundary-scan testing within ICT systems a reality. By combining ICT and boundary-scan, test engineers gain benefits from both technologies for the highest possible test coverage, speed, and capability.Specifically designed for integration into Teradyne TestStation™ and GR228x testers, the QuadTAP/CFM and QuadTAP/CFM Expander enable a clean, convenient multi-TAP boundary-scan solution.

  • GH Performance

    Company: GreenHat

    GH Performance is Green Hat’s performance testing product. GH Performance fits seamlessly into GH Tester to meet every performance testing need for integration projects. Functional tests can be re-used as part of a performance test. They can be data driven. They can also be used in any combination to simulate realistic production transaction mixes. GH VIE (Virtual Integration Environment) can be used to create virtualized applications for any systems unsuitable or unavailable for performance testing.

  • PacketCraft - Functional Testing for Evolved Packet Core (ePC/VePC)

    Company: Linkbit

    PacketCraft is a software-only functional tester for ePC and VePC networks. It is installed on a customer laptop or desktop, or on a virtual PC in the cloud. PacketCraft can be used for functional testing of ePC elements such as: MME, SGSN, GGSN, SGW, PGW. End-to-end testing and interworking testing is supported. It can also be used to test/emulate ePC neighboring systems (e.g. CGF, HLR, HSS, STP, DRA, PCRF, OCS, AAA, RNC, eNodeB, …). End-to-end testing with or without L4-7 data is supported.