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  • Slip Ring Test System

    Company: Banair

    This is a high specification tester that will measure many cable parameters. It measures cable resistance very accurately using the Kelvin 4-wire method. It also tests for shorts between pins at a low voltage. The next test is to measure insulation between connections at a higher voltage. This is carried out at up to 1500 Volts DC with resistances of 10 to 500 Meg ohms.

  • BK9010B - C-Mic Auto Test System

    Company: BaKo Co. Ltd

    Based on the BK3010 C-Mic Tester, the BK9010B is our fastest C-mic test system. Fully automatic, with 4 or 8 couplers and test time of about half a second, you can test and sort 80 C-mics per minute 4800 per hour, or upwards of 3 million C-Mics per month (based on 6s total cycle time)! The robotic loader lines up the microphones and loads them onto the couplers for testing. Then it sorts passing microphones into 8 quality classes and failing microphones according to the reason they failed.

  • BK3011C - Audio Level Analyzer

    Company: BaKo Co. Ltd

    Keeping with our goal of constant improvement, we have upgraded our BK3011 MEMS mic tester! The BK3011C is more modular, easier to connect and with the new Test Shop upgrade, easier to use. But the basic features are still the same. Then BK3011C enables you to check mic characteristices over a frequency range using a stable, constant SPL sweep. It still produces both graphs and numerical data but now will automatically classify both PASSing and FAILing DUT's so you can keep track of quality issues and trends.

  • TESTONA - Test design using the classification tree method

    Company: Berner & Mattner

    Using TESTONA improves quality of software and reduces development time and effort significantly. It is independent of test domain, test level as well as test object and universally applicable in different branches. Cleraly definded test specifications are generated in higher quality and in shorter time. Outstanding features are the automated test case generation, comprehensive support through requirements tracing and the integration with numerous established development and testing tools. Also substantial testing standards, as e.g. ISTQB Certified Tester recommend this testing method.

  • Datacom Analyzers

    Company: GAO Tek

    GAO Tek offers Datacom analyzers such as the Data Transmission analyzer and E1/ T1 BER testers, Portable E1/Datacom Transmission analyzers, and handheld SDH/PDH transmission analyzers. The three Datacom analyzers mentioned above are powered by a rechargeable battery. The Datacom analyzers are lightweight, making them easy to be carried. All the Datacom analyzers are able to be operated and stored at room temperature. All these Datacom analyzers come with a screen which could be used to control the Datacom analyzers and read the results displayed on it. The analyzers come with the functionality of alarm and error events.

  • Optical Electric Meter - GAO 2110

    Company: GAO Tek

    This optical and electric synthesis measure meter is used to gather CATV signals and combines the abilities of an optical power tester with an optical signal receiver. The meter can measure CATV signal levels and can scan all channels and store signal level internally. It also measures TILT, C/N, trunk voltage, spectrum, etc. he Optical meter runs on a rechargeable lithium battery and has a super-large LCD screen.

  • Production Testing

    Company: TechSAT GmbH

    ADS2 and TPM are often used in the development and integration phases of avionics products. Later in the product life cycle comprehensive production acceptance tests are required. It is easy to re-use already existing test cases when employing the same tools. Because our FAL Tester GUI software hides the test system complexity from the test operator, no high-level skills are required.

  • Golden Wireless Device - First Calibration System for SAR & OTA Testing

    Company: MVG

    The Golden Wireless Device (GWD) is conceived for SAR and OTA users who are looking to validate their system. It is emulated with a COM Tester (base station simulator) on an available band, for real signal system check. The RF output power monitoring allows to control the Tx power and alerts the user in case of power drift via light or sound signals.

  • Post Silicon Validation Solutions

    Company: Test Evolution

    Post-silicon validation (PSV) of first silicon tends to be an ad hoc process, stitching together protocol testers from various manufacturers to create test cases and debug issues. While IC’s are getting to market, the process is far from ideal. Leveraging the tools and methodology of pre-silicon verification into post-silicon validation is a key enabler to higher productivity. Test IP-based PSV is a paradigm shift from the way post-silicon validation is currently done. Individual protocol testers, scopes, miscellaneous equipment from various vendors, and on-chip logic are cobbled together in an attempt to create meaningful stimulus, response checking, and debugging.The problems with these ad hoc solutions:Protocol boxes from multiple vendors generally do not work together well. Each has its own driver software, programming model and debugging tools.Tool flows from pre-silicon to post-silicon to production and back are nonexistent. This makes writing tests challenging and thus generally limited in robustness. Also, debugging suspected problems is difficult across more than one interface.

  • Battery test series

    Company: Wuhan NANR Electric

    DC system comprehensive test instrument meet the state relevant requirement of the dc power supply operation and maintenance regulations, it was developed and researched according to many years of research results and experiences in field operation, and also was comprehensive domestic and foreign advanced technology. The device can realize the inspection and test in different capacity of the charger and battery capacity, and also can accurately test the voltage regulation accuracy, precision of steady flow, the ripple coefficient, the efficiency value, ac input value 1-25 harmonic and discharge capacity of substation dc power supply system, at the same time, it is equipped with dc power comprehensive tester data analysis software, can variously analysis the measurement data uploaded to the computer.

  • AVU - Adhesion Verification Unit

    Company: Elcometer Limited

    Due to its robust design the Elcometer AVU is suitable for use on site or in the laboratory and allows users to verify or self-certify their pull-off adhesion gauges.A range of dolly adaptors are available for testing the Elcometer 106, Elcometer 506 and Elcometer 510 adhesion gauges. Adaptors are also available for testing other manufacturers’ gauges.Attach the appropriate dolly adaptor to the AVU, connect your adhesion gauge, apply load and compare the adhesion tester value to the reading on the AVU Display.Features include:Max hold and live reading displayMPa / psi switchable unitsBacklit displayAutomatic switch off

  • KJ-WEW-300B - Computer screen show hydraulic universal testing machine

    Company: Dongguan Kejian Instrument

    This tester for underneath type hydraulic universal testing machine, mainly used for metal materials and cement, concrete, plastics and so on nonmetallic material tensile, compression, bending, shear test. Add accessories, can complete steel stranded wire, steel wire rope, chain, welding electrode, adhesive tape and member of the mechanics performance test. Widely used in machinery, metallurgy, transportation, construction, building materials, colleges and universities, the quality testing and other industries and departments. Reliable performance, economical and practical, is the production and engineering material detection ideal testing machine.

  • TT-CTM10243 - Compression & 10kN Flexion Testing Machine Manual & Digital display

    Company: Torontech Group

    The Compression testing and Flexion testings product line from Torontech offers a wide variety of that will fit almost any budget. Many of the machines we carry also offer flexure (also known as bending) testing built along-side the Compression testing and Flexion testing. The combination of compression testing and flexure testing allows testing facilities to work efficiently and effectively within their budget constraints. Other options between models include digital or analog display, single or dual range, and different types of configurations. All the Compression testing and Flexion testing and flexure tester machines conform to international standards for compressive test and flexure test.

  • PA1576 - Data/Link ID and Cable-Check

    Company: Greenlee Communications

    Cable mapping function tests data & phone connection schemes including patch cords and installed cables. Identifies cross-over telephone connections. Detects PC (NIC) & HUB data transmissions and PC (NIC) &HUB NLP or FLP link pulse. Identify data & link transmission speeds with real time detection: 100/10 MB. Automatically scans with choice of slow or fast speeds. Low battery detection on LAN ID tester. Includes 9V battery, 2 RJ45 patch cords and durable nylon carrying case with belt loop

  • SAT-JD200 - DC Ground Fault Locator

    Company: Shaanxi Aitelong

    SAT-JD200 DC Ground Fault Locator is applicable for any voltage in DC system, provided high accuracy clamp, to process multiple signals efficiently and increase detecting range and anti-interference capacity, to display the insulation level of the tested circuit branch in the forms of insulation index and wave, to indicate the relative ground point direction of the testing point. The users can customize an equipment with a proper insulation alarm threshold value within the insulation alarm threshold value limit according to requirement, only need to correspond the clamp meter gear with the measuring range on the tester so as to accomplish the direct ground testing or insulation level analysis.