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  • TB-1200-2 - Alternator Starter Test Bench

    Company: DURST Motor & Electric

    1200 Series Alternator Starter Test Bench: Features a specially designed 4Kw variable speed Durst motor, 5000-0-5000 RPM. Fitted with large easy to read analogue gauges: 3-0-3 Amp Diode tester, 10-0-10 Field Amp meter, 0-40Volt Electronic Regulator meter for 6, 12 & 24 volt units, 10-20-50Volt meter, 50-150-500-1500Amp meter and 6000-0-6000 Tacho meter, 500Amp carbon pile, multi-groove drive pulley, quick clamping alternator brackets, top & side loading starter clamps, slide feed screw for easy belt tensioning. Battery isolation switch

  • Insulation Test Generator

    Company: EMC Partner AG

    Screw connections on top of the generator, enable easy connection to the EUT. The MIG0603 is the ideal voltage insulation tester with a broad application range. The MIG "Modular-Impulse-Generator" is a flexible kit system, ready to quote tailored generators for special test applications. The MIG is a further innovative solution of EMC PARTNER AG to cover customers requests. The basic units are discharge modules (patent pending) which can be configured in serial or parallel, to offer an optimum solution for the customer need. The use of one type of discharge module guarantees a high reliability and a high qualit . Requires TC-MIG24 or CN-MIG24.

  • Model 2440-C

    Company: Keithley

    The Model 2440-C 5A SourceMeter Instrument further broadens the capabilities offered by our popular SourceMeter line. The dynamic range and functionality of our Model 2440-C makes it ideal for your applications such as testing high power pump lasers for use in optical amplifiers, laser bar testers, and testing other higher power components. The Contact Check function makes it simple to maximize test integrity by verifying test connections easily in just 350µs before an automated test sequence begins. This eliminates measurement errors and false product failures associated with contact fatigue, breakage, contamination, loose or broken connection, relay failures, etc.

  • #8029 - 7 Round Pin Tractor Trailer Circuit Checker / Maintenance Kit

    Company: Innovative Products

    Test, clean and restore 7 round pin connections. Tester will verify tow vehicle is sending proper signal to the connector, while cleaning tools remove corrosion and verify proper pin size on both male and female truck/trailer plugs. For use with 7 round connectors.• Tests tractor electrical circuits• Removes corrosion from truck and trailer connectors• Enhances electrical contact points• Extends harness life• Use as a pin wear gaugePatentedKit Includes: #7865L: 7 Round Pin Tractor Trailer Circuit Checker, #8024: 7 Round Pin Cleaner, and #8030: 2 ml DeoxIT® Cleaner

  • KTE

    Company: Keithley

    The Keithley Test Environment (KTE) software solution provides a powerful development and execution environment for S600 Series, S400UX, and future Keithley parametric testers. KTE is designed to help semiconductor fabs bring parametric test systems online faster, to create new test plans that offer high throughput, and to move test plans between sites. Multisystem compatibility shortens the learning curve and protects the semiconductor fab's software investment with a smooth migration path to higher performance systems. KTE's modular structure and Graphical User Interface guide engineers through test plan development. The user can create tests with supplied libraries for electrical test, instrument, and prober control, without writing code....

  • 1587 FC - Insulation Multimeter

    Company: Fluke

    The new Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter combines a digital insulation tester with a full-featured, true-rms digital multimeter in a single compact, handheld unit. Four powerful new diagnostic functions enabled when using the Fluke Connect Measurements app: PI/DAR timed ratio tests with TrendIt™ graphs identifies problems faster Memory storage through Fluke Connect eliminates writing down results, reduces errors and saves data for historical tracking over time Temperature Compensation establishes accurate baselines and relevant historical comparisons Historical tracking and trending of assets identifies degradation over time, allows real-time decisions to be made in the field with Fluke Connect®

  • TNS-L Series - Spring Torsion Testing Machine

    Company: TIME GROUP

    TNS-S series testing machine is mainly used for testing the torsion angle and torque of various torsion springs, coil springs, elastic components and other friction structures.The tester consists of torsion transducer, photoelectric encoder, measurement amplifying circuit and single chip processor. The torsion angle and torque are digitally displayed.It can pre-set the upper and lower limits of torques for 4 points and automatically check whether the four test points are qualified. Automatically revise the angle displacement of torsion transducer.Functions of peak value holding, overload protection, torque stiffness calculation and data retrieval,

  • MP1590A

    Company: Anritsu

    The MP1590A Network Performance Tester can perform function tests and jitter measurements of PDH/DSn, SDH/SONET and OTN equipment. With its random error insertion function and optical output variation function, a single unaided MP1590A unit can evaluate "random error correcting ability" of FEC function. Its use of an external reference laser source as input light allows it to perform OTN and SDH/SONET tests in accordance with input optical wavelength. Moreover, its jitter measurement and external optical input functions are configured as a plug-in unit, enhancing operational flexibility according to purpose of measurement

  • ME7873L - LTE RF Conformance Test System

    Company: Anritsu

    The ME7873L LTE RF Conformance Test System is the world's first GCF-validated RF test platform (test cases validated at CAG #22 in April 2010), supporting the most GCF-approved test cases. The system uses the MD8430A Signaling Tester as an LTE network simulator and is configured using Anritsu-developed test instruments, interface hardware, and software. The ME7873L supports TRx, Performance, and RRM test cases with the UE in either a test call or no-call test mode. LTE Bands currently supported include FDD 1 to 5, 7 to 14, 17 to 21, 24 to 29, and TDD 33 to 41.

  • CB52 - CableEye 4-Wire Calibration Verification Board

    Company: CAMI Research

    The CB52 is intended for periodic calibration verification of the Kelvin 4-wire resistance measurement module – an optional, add-on module that may be purchased with any new hipot system, or added to an existing high voltage tester as an upgrade. To ensure that 4-wire resistance measurements remain accurate, CAMI recommends running the verification check every quarter. A 4-wire measurement module that is out of calibration will give inaccurate results. Some (maybe all) resistance measurements will be incorrect. Consequently, it may Pass what should Fail and, conversely, Fail what should Pass. In other words product yield will be contaminated due to unreliable measurements.

  • Static Analyzers

    Company: Accord Software &

    The goal is to enforce uniform coding habits among software personnel in the engineering department so that reading, checking and maintaining code written by different people becomes easier. CodeTrax can also be used to identify subtle programming errors. Software developers, testers, reviewers as well as quality personnel can use CodeTrax to ensure compliance with coding standards. The tool automates the code review process and reduces the effort and resources required. CodeTrax allows the user to benchmark the code developed in C against user defined coding standards. This product can be used any time during the project life cycle. However the best use of this product is from the start of the coding phase and while performing static analysis.

  • 3710-HS - Solar Wafer Inspection System

    Company: Chroma ATE

    Integrated with 2D Geometry, Surface, Micro Crack, Saw mark inspection system and Resistively & Thickness, Lifetime tester by customer defined, Chroma 3710HS is a fully user configuration wafer sorter system with very low breakage rate and high through put. Chroma 3710HS solar wafer inspection system is ideal for PV incoming process. Plus wafer can be sorted by user defined algorithm fully automatically into coin stack or cassette. The unique auto coin stack/cassette exchange feature eliminates system down time when changing full coin stack/cassette to empty coin stack/cassette manually.

  • BT 500 IS-1 - Cable fault location

    Company: SebaKMT

    The cable burn unit BT 500-IS-1 is a small portable unit for the burning of high resistive faults on low voltage cables as pilot, control and communication cables. With the adjustable output voltages of 0.5, 1 and 2 kV an exceeding of the maximum permitted voltages for these types of cables is almost impossible. Simultaneously the BT 500-IS-1 is a powerful sheath tester and has a pulsed output voltage for the pinpointing of sheath faults. The voltage supply with an adjustable output voltage of 0 to 2 kV and a maximum test current of up to 1 A has a symmetrical output voltage, which means that a potential free connection to a cable pair is possible.

  • DSX CableAnalyzer™ Series - Copper Test Solution

    Company: Fluke Networks

    he DSX CableAnalyzer Series copper test solution enables testing and certification of twisted pair cabling for up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet deployments and will handle any cabling system whether it is a Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 8 or Class FA and I/II. Certifying a cable is one part of a process that starts with system design and ends with system acceptance. The faster that process goes, the more profitable you’ll be. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that slow the process down – setting up the tester incorrectly, testing to the wrong limits, waiting for skilled technicians to analyze and troubleshoot failures, misinterpretation of results, and producing test reports that customers cannot understand.

  • AKT® - Electron Beam Array Test

    Company: Applied Materials

    The AKT Electron Beam Array Test (EBT) system provides dynamic pixel and TFT characterization and functional tests of flat panel matrix in mass production. With minimal mechanical motion and field proven AKT PECVD systems technology, the AKT EBT TFT array tester realizes high-throughput, high-reliability, low scheduled down time and low running cost. The AKT-15K EBT, AKT-25K EBT and AKT-40K EBT feature fast, large area beam positioning, multi e-beams testing in parallel, high-throughput yields especially with larger size TFT-LCD displays for flat panel television.