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  • Relay Testers

    Company: NF

    Outputs 100VA single-phase voltage and 180VA single-phase currentEquipped with counter function, output selector, auto sweep function, memory function, DC output for testing, master/slave function, etc.Output frequencies of 50Hz, 60Hz, and 10Hz to 200Hz, using external synchronization or line synchronization (selectable)Equipped with GPIB/RS-232C interfacesWeight: 19.5kg

  • Receptacle Testers

    Company: Peaceful Thriving

    1. Tests for 110 to 125V AC circuits 2. Detects faulty wiring in three wire receptacles 3. Neon indicators give positive indication of circuit status 4. Various combinations of three lights tell if wiring is correct or six possible faulty conditions 5. UL and cUL approvals

  • RT110 - Receptacle Tester

    Company: Klein Tools

    Light sequence indicates correct/incorrect wiring.Conforms to UL Std 1436, Certified to CSA Std C22.2 #160.Operating temp: 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 40°C).Built to withstand a 6.6 ft. (2m) drop.Nominal Voltage: 110/125V AC at 50/60Hz in 3-wire outlet.Designed to detect the most common wiring problems in standard receptacles.

  • SART Tester

    Company: Aeromarine SRT Ltd

    The International Marine Organization states that all GMDSS equipment (including SARTs) should be periodically maintained and verified to meet all the performance requirements. In case of test failure, ships may be detained in a port under SOLAS regulation IV/15.8.The 9GHz Search and rescue radar transponder (radar-SART) is indispensable safety device and it must be checked regularly or annually during radio inspection.The purpose of an annual testing is to determine that SART is operational as defined in appropriate performance standards for Survival Craft Radar Transponders for use in Search and Rescue Operations, IMO Resolution A.802 (19).

  • SL Series - Rotor Tester

    Company: Shanghai Aoboor Electric

    Applicable for testing fully opened, fully closed squirrl-cage rotors with process slot, with or without shaft, it can identify broken bars, slim bars, under-casting, porosity, sand holes, residues, improper end rings, internal short circut in bars, eccentricity.

  • Roughness Tester

    Company: MRC Ltd

    Compatible with four standards of ISO, DIN, ANSI and JISMultiple parameter measurement: Ra, RzHighly sophisticated inductance sensorCan communicate with PC computer for statistics, printing and analysingby the optional cable and the softwareRS232C interface.Display 4 digits, 10 mm LCD, with blue backlightDisplay range: Ra: 0.05-10.00um/1.000-400.0uinchRz: 0.020-100.0um/0.780-4000uinchAccuracy: Not more than 10%Fluctuation of display value: Not more than 6%Inductance sensorRadius of Probe Pin: 10umMaterial of Probe Pin: Diamond

  • SG-F05 - Scorch/Sublimation Tester

    Company: Jinge Testing Machine

    Compress compound specimen between heating plates at fixed temperature then take out for the specified period comparing with gray scale to get its grade of sublimatuon-endurance.

  • 3025 - Scratch/Shear Tester

    Company: Elcometer Limited

    This portable instrument tests materials up to 12.7mm (½”) thick by 101mm (4”) square or round.The height of the scale beam is adjusted by the user to match the thickness of the sample. The tool, a conical diamond tip, is then placed on the sample and the instrument is activated by the user with the On/Off switch.The tip leaves a trace mark and the extent of this, in relation to the load used, indicates the degree of coating or material hardness. The turntable rotates at a constant 5rpm to ensure repeatability and reproducibility of tests. By changing the load on the tool, from 0 - 1000g (0 - 2.2lb), the sample’s scratch resistance can be evaluated.

  • ADTS206 - RVSM Testers

    Company: Barfield

    The ADTS206 is a rugged, lightweight three-channel air data test set. Designed with the accuracy and versatility required for fast and efficient flightline ground support, catering for three port 'smart probes' as well as two port pitot statics on all civil aircraft. The safety of aircraft systems during testing is paramount at all times and the design of the ADTS206 makes no concessions against quality, reliability, and accuracy. The ADTS206 incorporates all the best performance and protection features that are valued by users of Barfield air data test sets throughout the aviation industry. Use of the latest robust display and touch screen technologies provides unparalleled clarity and simplicity of use for both first time and experianced air data test set operators.

  • Safety Testers

    Company: PeakTech Prüf- Und

    This innovative combination meter for testing electrical installations according to VDE 0100 convinces by its technical performance in the high-end range.

  • DPS1000 - RVSM Testers

    Company: Barfield

    The DPS1000 is Barfield's latest fully automated, user-friendly RVSM compliant air data test set. Replacing the DPS350, the DPS1000 performs altimeter and static systems tests and inspections. Critical components used in the DPS1000 have a well established history of proven flight line accuracy including pumps, valves and static/altitude transducers.

  • DPS500 - RVSM Testers

    Company: Barfield

    The DPS501 is a rack mountable Dual Channel Controller ideal for use as a transfer standard for calibration and certification of altimeters, airspeed ind., Air Data Computers, VSI and other Pitot-Static components or as an integral part of an Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) system.

  • KT-2000RD - Resistance Tester

    Company: Kast Eng Co. LTD

    This equipment represents the wanted resistance value in digital figures and at the same time, is an ohmmeter which decides products to be bad in case of being out of the previously set range of H,L and to be good in case of being within the range. Moreover, because it is designed and manufactured on the basis of KAST's business experiences and know-hows accumulated through on-the-spot works for a long time, it is highly trustable, especially strong to noise and impulse that occur on the bad electric condition of on-the-spot or on the connection with any other equipments, and also is convenient for use. 

  • LW(5)00013 - Resistance Tester

    Company: Dongguan Longwei

    Resistance test range: LW-2511: (10µΩ—2K five shift)Test speed:6 times/fastTest accuracy:0.2%±2digits。comparison way:resistance value show。Sorting function:LOW,PASS,HIGHTwo types of judgment: resistance value compariisonPanel directly reset function Thermal touch keys, Sensitive operation

  • METRISO® 3000 - Resistance Tester

    Company: Wolfgang Warmbier

    Suitable for resistance point-to-point and resistance to ground measurementsIntegrated data logger with USB communication port for data transmission (50.000 test values). The supplied Report Generating Software ETC allows to generate a complete test reportA barcode scanner can be used in order to record measurement points before testing