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  • Slip Testers

    Company: Maschinenbau Haldenwang

    Seconds checking the axle geometryAnalog display of measured values ​​on an integrated scale in BPS-dial in m / km (connection to analog display)Display of measured values ​​and graphics on Farbbildschim in m / km (following screen displays)Depending Radablauf the test plate is displaced laterally and displays the deviation.When operating with A4 Printer Prints readings with graphic, date, timeDegree evaluationgalvanized version


    Company: Xceltron Technologies

    The MODEL OPT02002 is primarily designed to test a variety of photo-couplers' parameters and conversion times. It is able to test the AC or DC input and output side of NPN or Darlington transistor. You choose a 4 PIN or 6 PIN package for testing. The CTR parameter can be classified into 24 grades according to the settings.

  • 148 - pH Tester

    Company: Elcometer Limited

    The Elcometer 148 sensor has automatic temperature compensation, ensuring like-for-like measurements can be taken for meaningful comparison of the results.Simultaneously displays pH and temperatureMeasurement hold / freeze functionRecord maximum and minimum readings over a series of tests°C / °F user switchableWaterproof to IP57 and floats on waterAuto power off

  • Phase Testers

    Company: Hasegawa Electric

    Measurement on the voltage detection terminal and covered wireSafely used even for high-voltage bare wiresConsisting of the transmission and reception parts as well as the optical fiber wire connection those two parts

  • ZC-120A - PT Tester

    Company: Kvtester Electronics

    Product Features1. 80%-120% regulation error (ratio, phase-angle difference) ofnational standard point & any point test PT.2. 15%-150% any error (ratio, phase-angle difference)of national standard point & any point test PT.3. Test and display the upper &lower limiting load and any error (ratio, phase-angle difference) of national standard test PT.4. Test and display any two groups actual load standard percentage point and any percentage point error (ratio, phase-angle difference).5. Test ratio and polarity of the PT.6. 302*240 LCD, easy to connect wire and operate, convenient to carry.7. Can store and print all test results, convenient to users to review.Product ParametersRatio range:Full range measurement (electromagnetic type)±0.2%Error measurement range:6kV/100V、6kV/ kV/100/V10kV/100V、10kV/kV /100/VPower factor:0.0-0.8Limit error: ±0.05% see below table: Measurement errorRated voltageRatio (±%)Phase-angle difference(±′)80%0.052100%0.052120%0.052Stability0.052PT secondary load: 1VA-500VA ±2%Power supply: AC 220V ±10%/50Hz ±2%Temperature : 0℃-40℃Power consumption: 12W(static state)600W(working state)Weight: ≤10kgDimension: 415mmx328mmx165mm

  • HGQY-H - PT tester

    Company: Wuhan Huatian Electric

    This product is high precision, good stability, small in volume, light in weight

  • LOOP/RCD Testers

    Company: Bestone Industrial

    It can measure trip-out current, trip-out time, on-line voltage, loop resistance and frequency etc. It’s ideal tool for electrical inspection and repair.Comply with IEC/EN 61010-1 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV safety standards.Max common mode voltage: 600V AC RMS

  • Infrastructure Testers

    Company: Rohde & Schwarz GmbH

    covering all stages from research and development through manufacturing and integration and verification.

  • TW-2 - Injector tester

    Company: DeltaTech Electronics

    At present almost all petrol powered cars are equipped with the fuel injection system. One of the most important components of the injection system are injectors. The injection system allows accurate injection timing and controlling the amount. In order to perform this task properly, the injectors must be operational. Three types of damage to injectors can be observed:

  • 69127 - Low-Voltage Tester

    Company: Klein Tools

    Device for checking live 6-24V, AC or DC circuits.Tests for shorts in automotive and truck electrical systems, motor field coils, radio and low-voltage circuits, ground circuit of all lamps, wiring, fuses, etc.Bulb in handle glows when circuit is complete (bulb included).Pointed 3-3/4'' (95 mm) probe makes checking easier.Deluxe 3.5'' (89 mm) long handle with nylon top holds replaceable bulb.36'' (914 mm) test lead with alligator clip.Replacement bulb: Cat. No. 69130

  • DU-6218 - LCRZ Tester

    Company: Delta United Instrument

    Wide Measuring Range & High accuracy 0.1%Zeroing Offset FunctionProvided HI/LOW limit and BIN Sorting comparator function, to meet your needed.100 sets of memory, can be saved test parameter and comparator setting, easy to use.Cover up free, system firmware upgrade can be update via RS-232, easy to maintenanceEasy Test Condition Setting with Auto Parameter Selection & Auto Ranging Function High speed FADC, max. test speed up to 55 meas./sec, faster your automation equipment240*64 Graphic LCD display, can be read the reading clearly and easier.User friendly programmable interface, easy to useProvided RS-232C and Handler combinatorial interface option, to meet your needed

  • LCR Tester

    Company: PeakTech Prüf- Und

    Digital LCR meter with 4 ½ digit dual multifunction LCD-display. The dual display feature permits simultaneous measurements. Components can be measured in the series or parallel mode and the LCR-meter is auto or manual ranging.


    Company: Jinge Testing Machine

    It's used for testing the cracks index of various vamps and thin leathers. Grip the outer rim of the specimen then jack it upward from inner side with a steel ball in 12mm/min speed till the surface of specimen appears cracks. The rising height of above action is so-called cracking vale.

  • Leak Testers

    Company: Uson L.P.

    Leak testing is a process used to detect manufacturing defects which helps verify the integrity of products and improve consumer safety.

  • Length Tester

    Company: KILTER Electronic

    Range: 60m / 600m / 6km / 60km(197ft-197,000 ft)Resistance: 600mΩ -- 600ΩAccuracy: ±1.5% reading ±3 digits;Resolution:RES Mode 0.01mΩ Cap Mode 0.01mwire guage: 0~26 (ga).material:Al /CuAuto range;Backlight controlResistance & Capacitance measurementSelf- calibrating function;Use a standard cable or a known length cable to calibrate;Auto save the parameter of the cable;Applicable for any type and any size of cable;Transform resistance of wire and capacitance between two wires to length;4-wire vector measurement, high accuracy and resolution.Unit: m / km; ft.