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  • Installation Testers

    Company: Beha-Amprobe

    Offers two models that verify the safety of electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Has been developed to carry out the following safety measurements of electrical installations in accordance with EN 61557 and DIN VDE 0100: Insulation resistance, RCD tests, Low Ohm resistance, Earth ground resistance, Loop impedance, Phase sequence.

  • Hardness Testers

    Company: Dalian Taijia Technology

    Digital durometer for shore hardness testing pocket size model with integrated probe● Test scale: shore hardness● Standards: DIN53505, ASTMD2240, ISO7619, JISK7215● Parameters displayed: hardness result, average value, max. value● Measurement range:0-100HA(HD)(HC)● Measurement deviation:<1%H● Resolution: 0.1● Auto switch off● With RS232C interface● Operating conditions: 0℃ to 40℃● Power supply: 4x1.5V AAA (UM-4) battery● Battery indicator: low battery indicator● Dimensions: 162x65x38mm● Weight (not including probe):173g● Application:Shore A is designed to measure the penetration hardness of rubber, elastomers and other rubber like substances such as neoprene, silicone, and vinyl. It can also be used for soft plastics, felt, leather and similar materials.Shore D is designed for plastics, Formica, Epoxies and Plexiglass.shore C is designed for various foam and sponge.

  • xDSL Tester

    Company: Shandong Senter Electronic

    Test objects: ADSL; ADSL2; ADSL2+; READSL; VDSL2➢ Fast Copper tests with DMM (ACV, DCV, Loop and Insulation Resistance, Capacitance, Distance)➢ Support VLAN➢ Support Vectoring➢ Supports Modem emulation and simulating login to Internet➢ Supports ISP login (username / password) and IP Ping test (WAN PING Test, LAN PING Test)➢ Supports all multi-protocol, PPPoE / PPPoA (LLC or VC-MUX)➢ Connects to CO via allig ator clip or RJ11➢ Rechargeable Li-ion Battery➢ Beep and LEDs alarm indications (Lower Power, PPP, LAN,xDSL)➢ Data memory function➢ LCD display, Menu operation➢ Auto shut off if no any operation on keyboard➢ Compliant with all known DSLAMs➢ Software management➢ Simple, portable and money-savedFunctions➢ DSL Physical layer test➢ Modem Emulation (Replace the user Modem completely)➢ PPPoE Dialing (RFC1683,RFC2684,RFC2516)➢ PPPoA Dialing (RFC2364)➢ Telephone Function➢ DMM Test➢ Ping Function (WAN & LAN)➢ Data upload to computer and software management➢ Setup system parameter: backlight time, shut off automatically time without operation, press tone,➢ Revise PPPoE / PPPoA dial attribute, user name and password; restore factory value and so on.➢ Check dangerous voltage➢ Four grades service judge(Excellent, Good, Ok, Poor)Specifications

  • CT/PT Tester

    Company: Kvtester Electronics

    CT Analyzer automatically determines all relevant current transformer values and compares the results with the selected standard. The device evaluates the current transformer as per the IEC or IEEE standard within seconds with the push of a button.

  • Electrical Testers

    Company: Platinum Tools

    Stop guessing about live circuit issues! For the first time, you can detect the type of fault and locate the position of an electrical fault that causes intermittent or persistent circuit breaker trips, thus giving you the critical information needed to reduce call backs for circuit breaker trips.

  • SSTDR Tester

    Company: Platinum Tools

    Works on energized cables up to 60VFinds cable length or distance to fault from one end up to 3000 feetEasily measures cable distance on spoolAccuracy of 1% or betterCalibrates custom NVP values for any cableInternal memory for storing most used NVP valuesLarge backlit LCD displayBuilt-in tone generator for cable tracing & identificationLoop test for continuous testingDisplays length reading in feet or metersAuto-off to preserve battery life

  • VDV Testers

    Company: Platinum Tools

    Combines continuity testing, mapping, tone generator and length measurement functions into a single unit. Capable of identifying and mapping 19 locations at one time.


    Company: Hennecke Systems

    SpotLIGHT was de­signed to min­i­mize main­te­nance and to sig­nif­i­cantly re­duce down­time. The life­cy­cle of its con­tact­ing sys­tem is longer than that of stan­dard sys­tems cur­rently avail­able on the mar­ket, thus sub­stan­tially re­duc­ing TCO.

  • NX Hipot+ - Hipot Tester

    Company: Dynalab Test Systems

    * 50 to 1500VDC Hipot Testing * 50 to 1000VAC (optional) * Expandable to 1024 test points * 5Mohm to 1Gohm Insulation Resistance * Simple 4-button user interface * Tests for continuity and shorts * Tests a variety of components * Precision resistance measurements * Continuous high speed scanning for real time complete status information of harness assembly progress * Keyed security access and control * Built for rough industrial environments * 2 serial ports for connection to printers and scanners * Standalone operation * Uses a high capacity memory card * Available from 64 to 1024 test points * Networkable

  • Sigma MTS300 - In-Circuit Tester

    Company: Digitaltest GmbH

    The system is designed for high throughput; with up to 1,000 analog measurements per second it is one of the fastest test systems available on the market. Sigma test systems provide analog and digital In-Circuit Test capabilities, Vectorless Testing, Functional Test, Boundary Scan and On-Board Programming.

  • Squish - GUI Tester

    Company: Froglogic GmbH

    Testing the user interface of today's applications is a very complex and error-prone task. Automating this task is challenging, but approached correctly very rewarding. Squish is the leading cross-platform/cross-technology GUI test automation tool for functional GUI regression tests. Many companies in all kinds of industries all over the world use Squish to drastically cut down the time spent on GUI testing software releases while increasing the quality of their applications.

  • SST Series - Solenoid Testers

    Company: D&V Electronics LTD

    Designed to measure and check all critical solenoid parameters, it provides user with precise detection of weak or imbalanced coils, defective springs, assembly errors, and mechanical restrictions.

  • ALT-198 - Alternator Tester

    Company: D&V Electronics LTD

    • Re-engineered with a 300A Resistive load bank and 11kW motor, providing the best combination of test capacity and value • Automated validation testing for medium to high volume applications • Choice of 11kW, 15kW and 22kW Variable Speed motors • Choice of 450A or 600A Regenerative load bank for reduced power consumption and heat dissipation ( re-uses up to 96% of the alternator energy).

  • UltraCap Tester

    Company: Digatron Power Electronics

    The flexible high capacity test system (SCT) is designed for testing and grading of either single ultracapacitors or blocks of capacitors (parallel - serial). The system meets customers' specification in regards of voltage range, current range and number of circuits. The Ultracapacitor Test System, UCT, is designed for R&D and production lot testing of Ultracapacitors.

  • Voltage Testers

    Company: All-sun

    Non-Contact Voltage Tester uses non-contact voltage detection technology for the detection of voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets and wires. The tester provides accurate test readings for use at the job site, in the shop and at home. This tester features high-quality electronics and heavy-duty polycarbonate plastic resins for a state-of-the-art construction that is comprehensive, reliable and durable.