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  • Telecom - Electronics - Insulation Testers

    Company: Chauvin Arnoux /

    Are compact, lightweight and simple to use, offering greater comfort for users:- Casing designed with 600V CAT IV safety and IP54 / IK04 protection for a comfortable grip in total safety with easy access to the TEST button, even when the user is wearing safety gloves- Magnetic stand for fixing the product on a metal surface so that users have their hands free when measuring and reading the result- Wide backlit screen with double digital display and logarithmic bargraph, secondary display showing the actual test voltage, the test current and the timer value, in addition to the value measured- Remote control with torch for error-free identification of the points of measurement, even in environments with poor lighting

  • Up to 5,000 V - Insulation Testers

    Company: Chauvin Arnoux /

    Makes industrial equipment inspection and maintenance testing particularly simple.

  • Up to 1,000 V - Insulation Testers

    Company: Chauvin Arnoux /

    It supports extreme site conditions and is an expert tool for qualitative insulation analysis:

  • Desktop Tester

    Company: Esmo AG

    Design as per customer specifications

  • Environmental Testers

    Company: Amprobe Test Tools

    Monitor and optimize light levels, reduce the energy burden of buildings by significantly increasing the efficiency of the lighting system with a light meter. Or check the moisture content of building materials for water damage or harmful mold growth, using a moisture meter.

  • TH140 - Hardness Tester

    Company: TIME GROUP

    Six Impact Devices are available for special applicationAutomatic identification of Impact devicesOn-Board memory holds 48-350 groups of dataSoftware to connect with PCUpper and lower limit and sound alarmLarge LCD with backlight, showing all functions and parametersPress HELP key can obtain operating tips in any displaying interfaceDirect display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS,HLConversion to tensile strength (U.T.S)For all metallic materialsTest at any angle, even upside downRemovable printer includedWide measuring rangeBattery low indication and sound alarm

  • TRL400 - Hardness Tester

    Company: TIME GROUP

    High-speed ,non-contact measurement, suitable for online detection of Ra value or the quality control of workpieceBuilt in high-sencitivity photoelectric sensor3.2 inches FTF-LCD display screen with a resolution of 320 240Apply DSP chips for data processing, enjoys the merits of high speed and low power consuptionBuilt-in high capacity lithium-ion battery and charge control circuitryCommunicate with PC though RS232 interface, achieve data upload and model parameters downloadAutomatic shut down64 groups of models is applied to facilitate indentifying the quality of workpiece, widly used in quality controlWith calibration software to rectify the measured value

  • ED-4770 - Combo Tester

    Company: ED CO. LTD

    *Function Generator : 100mHz~10MHz, 4 Digits LED-display, Internal Sweep Function*Frequency Counter : 0Hz~100MHz, 8 Digits LED-display*DMM : 4digits, AC 0.5%/DC 0.05% Basic Accuracy*DC Power Supply : 0~25V 1A Dual Output, 4 Digits LED-display

  • Grain Tester

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    1.grain moisture meter,white led side backlight.2.multipoint calibration,display average data,volume weight,moisture and tempgrain moisture metercharacteristic:fast and accurate. have ac and dc power. white led side backlight. multipoint calibration, error correction.calculate average data, test volume weight. automatic weighing and temperature compensating. data output and calibration parameters download update. low energy consumption. auto and manual power-off.technical parameter:measuring object: cereal, mai lei, vegetable seed, soybean, Vegetables seed, corn, feed,flour and so on nonmetallic granulated mattertest accurate: ≤± 0.5repeat accurate: ≤ 0.2test range: 3~35%test time: ≤ 10stemperature compensation: internally installed sensistor automatic compensationuse temperature: 0~40°cnet weight:830gpower resource: 9v dc power or no.5 batterydisplay: backlight lcd

  • Grain Tester

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    It is used in grain(wheat,rice,paddy rice...)hardness/ripeness tester.It adopt advanced measurement technology and applicate to ISO9001.

  • Flammability tester

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    When there is a fire around the products, should ensure that it will not to cause the spread of the fire, horizontal-vertical burning test simulates electronic products around the environment in the early condition, using the simulation technology to assess the fire risk. The test equipment apply to the electrical and electronic product components of household appliances, spare parts and components, such as: household appliances insulation shell, Panel switches, printed circuit boards and insulation materials and so on.

  • MPO Tester

    Company: Shanghai Joinwit

    MPO optical power meter and light source is Shanghai Jiahui JW3124 MPO MPO cable detection for the current development of special instruments. In recent years, with the rapid development of data centers, cloud computing, the demand for "multi-fiber push" (MPO) cables also show rapid growth. However, in the field testing process, the traditional single-channel power meter verification test time-consuming and less reliable.

  • GMS-9A/GMS-8B - Cell Tester

    Company: Zhuhai Gmee Solar

    Power Supply: 220VAC +10%, 50HzInput Power: 1.1KWSpectral Irradiance Distribution: IEC 60904-9, AAATesting Area: 160mm*160mmSpectrum: AM1.05Simulator Class ANon-uniformity of Irradiance +2%LTI: +1%StI: +0.5Light Pulse Duration: 10msLamp Lifetime: 300,000 flashes.RAnge of Light Intensity: 600-1250W/ adjustable.Voltage ranges: 0-7.5A/1.5A/3A/6A/12AData Collection: 2ms-8msMachine Dimension: 380mm*490mm*700mm

  • EL-1.4MS - Electroluminescent Tester

    Company: Zhuhai Gmee Solar

    Power Supply: 220VAC 10AApplicable Module Size: Max 6*12 Cells (156mm*156mm)Input Current: Max.10AInput Voltage: Max.60VResolution: 1360*1024CCD Type: SONY Cooling CCDExposure Time: 0-60s adjustableRelative Humidity: 20%-60%

  • IC8P - Capacity Tester

    Company: Intelligent Charging

    IC8A has all the same features same as the MB73+, MB73P+ & IC50A models. Being universal - like other members of the family - any cell combination can be catered for. It can support an (optional) external printer for hard copy of results, and the cell monitor for accurate cell charging and capacity testing plus cell balancing.