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  • R1200 - RFID TESTER

    Company: VI Service Network

    The R1200 RFID Tester is a conformance test and measurement solution for radio frequency identification (RFID) devices. It is the first instrument in the world with a built-in RFID protocol stack and real-time communications capability. The tester is based on NI Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Platform, including a 2.7 GHz upconverter, a 2.7 GHz downconverter, a 6 GHz RF powermeter, and an FPGA-based IF transceiver. With the capability of real-time vector RF signal generation and analysis, the tester can generate and analyze the RFID signal according to all RFID standards.

  • QT-7022 - Scorch Tester

    Company: Qualitest International

    The Scorch Tester - QT-7022 is mainly used for testing the sublimation and firmness of fiber goods. The Scorch Tester - QT-7022 has electric heated plates between which the specimen is placed for a fixed time period, after which it is taken out and compared with a grey scale to appraise grade of color dyeing sublimation-endurance. The Scorch Tester - QT-7022 compiles with ISO-105; DIN-54060 and other international standards.

  • Peel Testers

    Company: IMADA Incorporated

    Imada offers motorized peel testers in vertical or horizontal configurations.The motorized test stand, digital force gauge and peel fixture apply tension to a safety seals, tapes and laminates.Special attachments and fixtures facilitate 45°, 90°, 180°, ‘T’ and rotary peel tests.Motorized peel testers offer speed control and highest degree of repeatability with the ability to set a constant test speed and range of movement.All peel testers with digital force gauges have data output capability for analysis by optional data acquisition software.

  • GH Tester

    Company: GreenHat

    Automate testing of your SOA, BPM and other integration projects with GH Tester, at the heart of the Green Hat test automation suite. GH Tester can form a key part of your project lifecycle. It has an extensive range of enterprise standard capabilities, plus a wide range of over 70 protocols supported. Discover how testing with GH Tester simplifies the complex.

  • WS-POE-Tester

    Company: WiFi-Texas

    Voltage and Current Tester for Po. This PoE tester belongs in every tool kit – great for testing PoE camera, ip phone and wifi installations. Connect the source to your PoE switch or injector, connect the load to your Camera or Phone, wifi or other 802.3af/3at power device. The tester will display the power used, voltage available, current flowing.

  • Drop Testers

    Company: Trio-tech International

    Our AccuDrop Series of precision drop testers represents the ultimate dimension in product and package performance verification. With four models and payload capacities of 500 lbs. (227kg), our drop testers provide the ability to match the needs of global markets with a model to meet a wide range of product, facilities and budget constraints

  • PurePulse - ESD Tester

    Company: Grund Technical Solutions

    PurePulse is a flexible and efficient ESD tester. Its 2-pin style setup reduces tester parasitics, it captures waveform data, and can be automated to test thousands of pins. Our PurePulse system was designed from the ground up to be customized to meet your testing needs, take a look at the features below and schedule a demo with us to learn more.

  • 4E2-1 - (BART) Tester

    Company: Knopp Incorporated

    The Model 4E2-1 Tester is a voltage indicating safety device used by mass transit districts to detect the presence of voltage between the electrified third rail and the ground rail. This device may also be referred to by the name "BART Tester," as it was originally designed for the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit System.

  • Insulation Testers

    Company: Fluke

    Whether you work on motors, generators, cables, or switch gear, the Fluke Insulation Resistance Testers provide noise-free, reliable results. With advanced performance, the insulation tester line is designed to be safe, simple to use and gimmick-free. A perfect solution for troubleshooting, commissioning, and preventative maintenance applications.

  • CV300B - Diode Tester

    Company: Frothingham Electronics

    This Clamping Voltage Tester tests silicon Transient Voltage Surpressor (TVS) diodes, both uni-polar and bipolar. The waveform used for the main test is he 10/1000 waveform. The tester can also produce 8/20 and 6/70 exponetial waveforms, 8.3ms half sine and rectangle pulses.

  • Continuity Testers

    Company: Test Products

    Continuity testers from Test Products offer a cost-effective method for precision resistance and continuity testing.  Available in two form factors, a full size version with large LEDs and labels, as well as a small handheld version, our continuity testers are designed specifically with ease of use and durability in mind. 

  • Continuity Testers

    Company: Shanghai Beihan Electronics

    Continuity Tester with Torch Light Function• Optical and acoustical Continuity Tester• Torch Light function with continuous light• High current continuity test up to 200mA• External Voltage Protection• For testing cable connections,cable networks, glow lamps, fuses etc.

  • Compression Testers

    Company: IMADA Incorporated

    Dedicated compression testers offer low footprint test systems. Lever operated systems allows for quick and repeatable compression testing. The wheel operated system allows for more precision with hand wheel operation. The motorized compression tester allows for the most control and the highest degree of repeatability with the ability to set a constant test speed.

  • EC - Conductivity Tester

    Company: Dwyer Instruments

    Monitor conductivity levels quickly and easily with Series EC Conductivity Testers. These pocket-sized testers are ideal for conductivity measurement in the lab, industrial plant or out in the field. Series EC measures conductivity from 0 to 1990 microhms (µS) or 0 to 19.90 milliohms (mS).

  • Connection Testers

    Company: Banair

    The level of sophistication of the cable harness tester required will depend on the product type, failure modes and integrity required by the eventual customer. There are 3 main types of test that can be applied and this will determine which of our cable harness testers will be most suitable for your product.