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    R1200 - VI Service Network Co., Ltd

    The R1200 RFID Tester is a conformance test and measurement solution for radio frequency identification (RFID) devices. It is the first instrument in the world with a built-in RFID protocol stack and real-time communications capability. The tester is based on NI Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Platform, including a 2.7 GHz upconverter, a 2.7 GHz downconverter, a 6 GHz RF powermeter, and an FPGA-based IF transceiver. With the capability of real-time vector RF signal generation and analysis, the tester can generate and analyze the RFID signal according to all RFID standards.

  • WS-POE-Tester

    WiFi-Texas Inc

    Voltage and Current Tester for Po. This PoE tester belongs in every tool kit – great for testing PoE camera, ip phone and wifi installations. Connect the source to your PoE switch or injector, connect the load to your Camera or Phone, wifi or other 802.3af/3at power device. The tester will display the power used, voltage available, current flowing.

  • Voltage Testers


    Non-Contact Voltage Tester uses non-contact voltage detection technology for the detection of voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets and wires. The tester provides accurate test readings for use at the job site, in the shop and at home. This tester features high-quality electronics and heavy-duty polycarbonate plastic resins for a state-of-the-art construction that is comprehensive, reliable and durable.

  • Scorch Tester

    QT-7022 - Qualitest International Inc.

    The Scorch Tester - QT-7022 is mainly used for testing the sublimation and firmness of fiber goods. The Scorch Tester - QT-7022 has electric heated plates between which the specimen is placed for a fixed time period, after which it is taken out and compared with a grey scale to appraise grade of color dyeing sublimation-endurance. The Scorch Tester - QT-7022 compiles with ISO-105; DIN-54060 and other international standards.

  • Spring Testers

    IMADA, Incorporated

    Imada offers manual or motorized spring testers in vertical or horizontal configurations.Lever-operated manual systems enable rapid compression and tension spring testing.Wheel-operated manual systems enable slower, more precise movement with the hand wheel.Motorized compression testers offer the most control and highest degree of repeatability with the ability to set a constant test speed and range of movement.All spring testers can be configured with a digital force gauge with data output for analysis by data acquisition software. An optional digital distance meter to measure displacement is available.

  • Loop Tester

    LP2000 - Martindale Electric Co. Ltd

    Fast and accurate autoranging loop tester and is the lowest cost 16th Edition earth loop impedance tester with PSC available. It can carry out phase earth and phase neutral testing and it automatically displays PSCC readings. A wander lead for testing bonded metalwork is also supplied

  • DC Tester


    The DC Tester is a Voltage and Ampere breakout for measuring DC current from 0-26V at 3.2A Max (when used with the USB Tester OLED Backpack). The DC jacks make it easy to measure a wide variety of devices by placing it inline between your power supply and your project without splicing cables, just like the

  • DC Testers

    Korea Iyasaka Machinery Ind.Co.,Ltd

    Tester which can quickly and accurately measure electrical characteristics of the transistor and the FET. The system controller (personal computer) can control up to eight testers. Combination with high-speed handlers and wafer probing machines build up rationalized configuration of the production lines.

  • Decoder Testers

    Profi Decoder Tester - Electronic Solutions ULM GmbH & Co. KG

    The Profi Decoder tester makes it easy for you: simply connect the tester to your command station or the LokProgrammer. It enables you to test any decoder without exposing it to any external factors caused by the locomotive that may influence its performance.

  • Drop Testers

    TRIO-TECH International

    Our AccuDrop Series of precision drop testers represents the ultimate dimension in product and package performance verification. With four models and payload capacities of 500 lbs. (227kg), our drop testers provide the ability to match the needs of global markets with a model to meet a wide range of product, facilities and budget constraints

  • EEFI tester

    Bowden Bros Ltd.

    The Bowdens EEFI tester is designed as a portable primary injection tester that can apply turns around the C/T core, attached to an EFI, and inject a known current for a specified length of time to prove the correct operation of the EFI installation, both the C/T and the EFI itself.

  • Diode Tester

    CV300B - Frothingham Electronics Corporation

    This Clamping Voltage Tester tests silicon Transient Voltage Surpressor (TVS) diodes, both uni-polar and bipolar. The waveform used for the main test is he 10/1000 waveform. The tester can also produce 8/20 and 6/70 exponetial waveforms, 8.3ms half sine and rectangle pulses.

  • Compression Testers

    IMADA, Incorporated

    Dedicated compression testers offer low footprint test systems. Lever operated systems allows for quick and repeatable compression testing. The wheel operated system allows for more precision with hand wheel operation. The motorized compression tester allows for the most control and the highest degree of repeatability with the ability to set a constant test speed.

  • Conductivity Tester

    EC - Dwyer Instruments Inc.

    Monitor conductivity levels quickly and easily with Series EC Conductivity Testers. These pocket-sized testers are ideal for conductivity measurement in the lab, industrial plant or out in the field. Series EC measures conductivity from 0 to 1990 microhms (S) or 0 to 19.90 milliohms (mS).

  • Connection Testers


    The level of sophistication of the cable harness tester required will depend on the product type, failure modes and integrity required by the eventual customer. There are 3 main types of test that can be applied and this will determine which of our cable harness testers will be most suitable for your product.